Yoshinoya Menu Prices 2022

Yoshinoya Menu Prices

Yoshinoya’s menu prices: Do think of yourself as Japanese and have moved to America within the last year? If not, you’re probably not enjoying your traditional Japanese food. You’ve been searching for traditional restaurants that serve the best traditional Japanese food ends at Yoshinoya restaurant.

Yoshinoya is famous by its bowls of beef. Their menu comprises a range of kinds of bowls, such as barbecue chicken, beef, vegetables, or barbecue-grilled BBQ steak. There are kids’ meals, snacks as well as desserts, side dishes, and drinks.

Yoshinoya Menu Prices 2021

Combo Bowls

Combo Bowl $7.99

Large Bowls

Large Original Beef $7.79
Large Original Beef with Veggie $7.79
Large Teriyaki Chicken $7.79
Large Grilled BBQ Beef $7.79
Large Orange Chicken $7.79
Large Habanero Chicken $7.79
Large Boneless Wings $7.79
Large Sweet Chili Shrimp $9.04

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Regular Bowls

Regular Original Beef $6.79
Regular Original Beef with Veggie $6.79
Regular Teriyaki Chicken $6.79
Regular Orange Chicken $6.79
Regular Habanero Chicken $6.79
Regular Boneless Wings $6.79
Regular Grilled Tilapia $6.79
Regular Grilled BBQ Beef $6.79
Regular Sweet Chili Shrimp $7.79
Regular Mixed Vegetables $4.99

Kids Meal

Kid Original Beef $4.99
Kid Teriyaki Chicken $4.99
Kid Orange Chicken $4.99
Kid Grilled BBQ Beef $4.99


Appetizers 2 4
Veggie Spring Rolls $1.69 $3.09
Appetizers 4 6
Boneless Wings $4.29 $5.29
Cham Powder $2.25

Side Orders

Original Beef Only $4.99
Grilled BBQ Beef Only $4.99
Sweet Chili Shrimp Only $5.99
Orange Chicken Only $4.99
Teriyaki Chicken Only $4.99
Habanero Chicken Only $4.99
Grilled Tilapia Only $4.99
White Rice Only $2.09
Not So Fried Rice $2.69
Brown Rice Only $2.09
Vegetables Only $2.09
Coleslaw Only $2.09
Potatoes Only $2.09
Teriyaki Sauce Only $0.65


Flan $2.25
Cheesecake $2.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.85
Donut Dippers $2.25


Bottled Water $2.79
Apple Juice $2.79
Orange Juice $2.79
Pepsi $2.79
Diet Pepsi $2.79
Sierra Mist $2.79


Soy Sauce $0.00
Ginger $0.00
Red Pepper $0.00
Sriracha Sauce $0.00

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Yoshinoya Hours

Yoshinoya restaurant has a drive-thru as well as delivery options for customers ordering food online. They also have the option of dining, but they may have different services for patrons.

In order to place an order, and to enjoy the distinctive flavor of the food it is essential that the timings for opening and closing of the restaurant are provided. When referring the restaurant to anyone that is working at home or in a workplace, they can place an order and adhere to meals in a busy schedule.

Yoshinoya Operating hours

Monday               9.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Tuesday               9.00 AM Morning – 11.00 PM

Wednesday         9.00 AM Morning – 11.00 PM

Thursday             9.00 AM Morning – 11.00 PM

Friday                  9.00 AM Morning – 12.00 AM

Saturday              9.00 AM Morning – 12.00 AM

Sunday                 9.00 AM Morning – 11.00 PM

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