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Yoshinoya Menu provides Japanese food tastes with different flavours and variations. It is a fast-food chain that was established around 1899, in Japan and is now in operation worldwide particularly in Asia as well as within the United States. 

The restaurant opened in the United States in 1973 and currently operates an outlet in California that offers the same great food and service. They strive to maintain the authentic flavour of Japanese foods, serving the freshest ingredients. It is possible to enjoy delicious food and drinks with your loved ones.

yoshinoya menu prices



Habanero Sauce $0.59
Hanabi Hot Sauce $0.59
Orange Sauce $0.59
Sweet and Sour Sauce $0.59
Sweet Soy Glaze Sauce $0.59
Teriyaki Sauce $0.59

Picked for you

 Combo Bowl $10.70
 Combo XL Bowl $12.00

The Hanabi Hot Meal for 2

We’re Coming in Hot With The Hanabi Hot Meal for 2! Includes Your Choice of Regular Size Hanabi Hot Chicken or Gyudon Beef, 2 Bottled Drinks and 4 Spring Rolls.
 The Hanabi Hot Meal Deal for 2 $28.79

Kids Meals

 Kid Gyudon Beef $6.64
 Kid Original Beef $6.67
 Kid Teriyaki Chicken $6.66
 Kid Orange Chicken $6.66


 Clam Chowder $3.01

Side Orders

 Gyudon Beef Only $6.37
 Hanabi Gyudon Beef Only $6.37
 Hanabi Hot Chicken Only $6.37
 Original Beef Only $6.39
 Steak Only $7.80
 Sweet Chili Shrimp Only $7.81
 Orange Chicken Only $6.37
 Teriyaki Chicken Only $6.37
 Habanero Chicken Only $6.37
 Grilled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon $7.88
 White Rice Only $2.76
Udon Noodles Only $3.87
 Brown Rice Only $2.69
 Vegetables Only $2.76
 Coleslaw Only $2.76
 Teriyaki Sauce Only $0.92


 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.29
 Flan $3.01
 Cheesecake $3.01
 Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.18


 Aquafina-20oz Bottle $3.28
 Apple Juice $3.36
Dole Strawberry Lemonade $3.36
Pepsi $3.36
Diet Pepsi $3.36
Sierra Mist $3.36

Introduction of Yoshinoya Menu

YoshinThe history of the restaurant dates back to the year 1899 and Tokyo, Japan, when the first branch of the chain was opened. Today, the restaurant is one of the top global players in the fast service F&B industry.

oya is a Japanese restaurant chain that serves fast food. it is the second-largest chain of restaurants serving beef bowls. It was founded in 1899 in Japan. Its menu is filled with delicious and low-cost food items.

The authentic broth is spiced by a secret recipe made of spices and herbs and when combined with onions sweet, it’s served on the top of a plate filled with fluffy Japanese rice to provide a nutritious and delicious dish for people who fish and fishermen mongers to taste.

Yoshinoya Contact Information

Yoshinoya Corporate Office Address: 19th Floor Centerpoint Bldg., Julia Vargas corner Garnet Street. Ortigas Business Center

Yoshinoya Corporate Office Phone Number: 310.527.6060

Yoshinoya Corporate Office Fax Number: 310-527-6050

To contact the team of Yoshinoya you can fill the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Instagram Account: instagram.com/yoshinoya_america/

Facebook Page: facebook.com/yoshinoya/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/yoshinoya/

for more information visit our site 


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Important Links

Official Website yoshinoyaamerica.com/
Career yoshinoyaamerica.com/careers/
Locations yoshinoyaamerica.com/locations/
Bowler Club yoshinoyaamerica.com/bowlerclub/
Order Online yoshinoyaamerica.com/orderonline/

Yoshinoya Menu Prices Near Me


We are of the opinion that Yoshinoya Yoshinoya is an excellent restaurant for food to go to if you are a fan of Asian Japanese-style food. The restaurant serves high-quality fast food, as well as other complete food menus. Vegans and vegetarians will find the food they want on the food menu. Therefore, plan your trip to the restaurant and relish the delicious food.


Q.Is Yoshinoya healthy to eat?

Ans. Similar to many fast food places, the majority of the dishes on the menu at Yoshinoya contain a lot of sodium. You’ll be able to reduce sodium intake by ordering chicken and vegetables as compared to other menu items, but you’ll still get a significant quantity. You’re still able to dine at Yoshinoya however it’s prudent to make healthier choices.

Q. How good is Yoshinoya?

Ans. Yoshinoya makes as good a beef bowl as any other Japanese restaurant that I’ve been to that actually serves it (not many do). The beef has a good slightly vinegary, soy flavour and is fairly tender and quite thin, add the tendon and there’s quite a bit of texture to the beef.

Q. What does Yoshinoya mean in English?

Ans. Etymology. The kanji 吉 (Yoshi) means “luck” in Japanese, the kanji 野 (no) means “field”, and the kanji 家 (ya) means “house”. The founder of the company, Eikichi Matsuda (松田栄吉), was from the former town of Yoshino (吉野町) in Osaka Prefecture, and a belief predominates that Yoshino is the origin of the name.

Q. Does Yoshinoya sell pork?

Ans. Four pork bowls ordered in about 4 minutes arrived. It is like a pork bowl alone. In addition, it is 350 yen including tax. In a pork bowl, pork and onions simmered with sweet sauce are mixed before offering, and white sesame seeds are sprinkled on the top

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