Food Size Price

Wood Grill Buffet Menu Breakfast Buffet

Children 5 & Under: Free With An Adult Purchase $0.00
Children (6-10) $3.49
Adults $6.99
Seniors: (55 & up) $6.49

Wood Grill Buffet Menu Lunch Buffet

Children 5 & Under: Free With An Adult Purchase (Monday-Friday) $0.00
Children (6-10) (Monday-Friday) $4.99
Adults (Monday-Friday) $9.99
Seniors: (55 & up) (Monday-Friday) $9.49
Children 5 & Under: Free With An Adult Purchase (Saturday-Sunday) $0.00
Children (6-10) (Saturday-Sunday) $7.29
Adults (Saturday-Sunday) $14.49
Seniors: (55 & up) (Saturday-Sunday) $13.99

Wood Grill Buffet Menu Dinner Buffet

Children 5 & Under: Free With An Adult Purchase $0.00
Children (6-10) $7.29
Adults $14.49
Seniors: (55 & up) $13.99


Wood Grill Buffet was created in 1997. Wood Grill Buffet was born in 1997, as a result of a union of Western Szzlin’s profitable buffet concept, high-end service, and a well-known name that is franchised.

The aim is to create an all-inclusive restaurant offering the finest buffet. The year before Western Sizzlin’s Wood-Grille Buffet opened in Charlottesville,

Virginia. Its popularity is so great that it’s one of the top establishments within the Restaurant chain restaurant. It is an indication of the popularity of this concept. The company is now operating its headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia.

What it’s famous for

Wood Grill Buffet is a restaurant chain with awards that is famous for its delicious home-cooked buffet featuring homemade dishes, the country produces, meat carving stations, fresh vegetables from their gardens fresh bread, as well as amazing desserts.

Food served at buffet tables is prepared every day – or at most, as fresh as is possible to ensure the freshness and taste of the food items are preserved so that the food is enjoyed by customers.

Why Eat Here

When you first step into this restaurant you’ll feel amazed by the chic but tranquil ambiance, where casual conversations can be held (i.e. there’s no shouting within the background noise ).

Most of those eating are individuals or pairs, but there are families present, which suggests that there’s a range in the number of diners.

The counter staff is skilled in making sure that the food selections are well-stocked in responding to inquiries, refilling drinks, as well as taking care of table clearing, much others. It is evident that their friendly and warm attitude makes for an enjoyable dining experience in contrast to fast-food chains.

The carving stations offer the most extensive variety of meats available with various cuts. There is a wide variety of meats that range from medium-rare to perfectly cooked, with the majority of cuts of meat that are smaller and resulting in less food waste.

Grilled foods are also offered at tables. They are served with cooked meals and a buffet of salads and desserts. You can enjoy the whole-meat meal along with an assortment of vegetables or opt for an energizing meal with more veggies and less meat and at minimum, choose healthier options such as grilling chicken that is skinless.

In actuality, it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a great dinner at a reasonable price. It should be easy to access the restaurant with no reservation as well.

About Wood Grill Buffet

The western sizzlings wood grill Buffet continues to draw rave reviews for its delicious food and beverages. The restaurant has come up with its own way of cooking meats, resulting in distinct flavor profiles that retain the taste of familiar. The steaks served here are most well-known due to their tender textures and tasty flavors.

Wood Grill’s Wood Grill Buffet prices are pretty typical when it comes to buffet pricing. It is possible to spend approximately 15 or less per person for eating at the Wood Grill Buffet.

In reality, the restaurant is known for offering more choices of meat than the majority of its rivals and we’re inclined to believe it. The meats offered include steaks in all cuts, as well as BBQ ribs, in addition to slow-cooked pot roast. There are other chicken dishes like the well-known chicken fried and homemade salad, in addition to the seafood dishes and butter-fried shrimp. The loaves of bread baked fresh are also a must to try.

It’s a family-friendly buffet restaurant, so expect large groups of families and guests to eat their food. The cool and calm waiters, thankfully ensure that the food flows smoothly and everyone is eating well.

Below are the most recent Wood Grill Buffet menu prices.