Wicked Spoon Menu Prices – 2022

Wicked Spoon Buffet 2022

Wicked Spoon Menu Price: Apart from entertainment and casinos, among the most sought-after destinations within Vegas is the food courts. It’s true that this is exaggerated However, but there’s serious buffet admiration in Vegas and a top pick is The Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan located on the Las Vegas Strip.

There is a Wicked Spoon Buffet. Wicked Spoon Buffet is ranked as one of the top buffet dining experiences you could get in Vegas. This is a huge statement considering that Vegas is a hotspot the buffet lovers all over the globe. In a city where culinary excellence is the norm Buffets need to offer something unique to stand out.

More than just a little extra special is precisely the kind of food you’ll discover in The Wicked Spoon in Las Vegas. 

The Cosmopolitan’s take on buffet food is chef-created unique food items that range from simple and refreshing to downright delicious and includes a variety of international regional, seasonal, and regional food options that will leave you giggling to your heart’s content.

The Wicked Spoon Cosmopolitan is highly recommended. Let’s discover the reason.

Wicked Spoon Menu Prices

Wicked Spoon Las Vegas Buffet Menu

The atmosphere is great as are the drinks However, ultimately it’s focused on the food. It’s the Wicked Spoon Buffet inside the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is known for its unique seasonal menus and original, well-crafted dishes. 

The typical buffet choices provide you with a table filled with fried chicken and mashed potatoes, however, this isn’t the case.

Okay, you can enjoy the fried chicken, potatoes mashed, and other familiar food items, but prepare to have them at top quality and a step above what you’re used to. The Wicked Spoon serves breakfast as well as a lunch menu. You can expect to get hungry while we take the time to look over every.

Wicked Spoon Breakfast Buffet Menu 

It starts with breakfast, which isn’t the usual assortment of eggs and pastries. There are several food stations being set up, such as breakfast-inspired cold bars, a breakfast station, and grill stations an international station, and an Asian station and desserts. Desserts are served for breakfast. This is the minimum it takes to get us aboard.

The cold bar offers delicious breakfast options such as seasonal fruits, Nutella toast, smoked salmon dishes, cheese plates oatmeal, the chia seed pudding. 

There are also lesser-known breakfast dishes such as beef carpaccio or tomatoes basil soup. This is the place you must visit If you’re looking for an easy breakfast that’s not too scrumptious.

Breakfast-themed stations feature classics with eggs at the center of attention. Eggs scrambled in fluffy scrambled egg whites, frittatas are accompanied by applewood-smoked bacon, crisp, and fresh salad.

At this point, your choices increase in decadence. Breakfast is served with eggs breakfast as well as the lemon-blueberry French toast, shrimp and grits, and a Gochujjang braised egg.

Wicked Spoon Lunch Buffet

A lunch menu is what you’re in search of after sleeping in until late and beginning to show some signs of life following the long night in Vegas.

There are a few leftovers from breakfast, and it’s an ideal place to look for delicious brunch options. On the cold bar there are some delicacies included, such as tuna Crudo with a grapefruit reduction, and beef tataki made with citrus ginger ponzu, and dehydrated duck eggs.

If you’re looking to indulge in a more lavish meal there are a variety of options available, such as bones marrow the snow crab legs, or slow-roasted prime rib which is served on the table at which you can carve. It’s really more like a large buffet dinner than it is a lunch.

There are also delicious sides, including the infamous mac and cheese poblano creamed corn and traditional salads. It is also important to make space for desserts which include a variety of desserts, gelatos, pastries, the creme brulee, strawberry lychee mousse cake, white Bourbon chocolaty bread pudding…there’s more however we’re adding more weight by writing this.

Bottomless Beverages

Food isn’t the only highlight in The Wicked Spoon. Adults of legal drinking age may add the option of a bottomless drink to the buffet. You can choose from champagne, bloody Marys, and bottomless mimosas along with Bud Light Draft packages.

Really, though. Imagine a lazy brunch on a Sunday or a lazy Saturday afternoon, excellent companions, as well as a platter packed with your favorites. Servers make sure the glasses of mimosas, Champagne, Bloody Marys, or drafts will never be empty. It’s almost like the perfect experience, doesn’t it?

Bottomless beverages are $21 per person, but there’s a restriction. Bottomless beverages are restricted to two hours. It’s not a good idea to drink too much when you visit the brunch bar or dessert station.

If a bar with no bottomless drinks at the table isn’t your style You can also enjoy a comprehensive assortment of wine, cocktails beer, special brunch drinks. Juices, soda, as well as tea or coffee are included in the buffet.

Wicked Spoon Cost

What’s the cost of all this food? It’s a bargain. Wicked Spoon is priced comparable to other Vegas buffets, and especially ones that are found in large Las Vegas resorts. The cost of the buffet is contingent on the time of day you go.

The breakfast buffet has brunch choices, the cost per adult is $35. The lunch buffet is also inclusive of some brunch options and costs the price of $45 for each person. The unlimited drink package is available to add to any of the adult menus for just $21 per person. We guarantee that you will have no issues getting the value you pay for by the variety of delicious food items.

Kids aged 5-10 years old can indulge in the buffet for less. Breakfast is available to children for $19, while the lunch buffet is $22.50.

If you have kids less than five years old children, they are able to enjoy the experience at no cost as long as they have a responsible adult in the room with them.

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