Top 10 Fastest Drive-Through Restaurants in America

Top 10 Fastest Drive-Through Restaurants

Top 10 Fastest Drive-Through Restaurants: Fast food is all about convenience. You know the feeling: you get stuck in a drive-thru line at your favorite fast food joint expecting quick service and end up waiting longer than if you went inside. We’ve been there. 

Brands are beginning to pay more attention to customers’ increased demands for convenience. Many studies have been conducted to evaluate the performance of popular drive-throughs. The DriveThru Performance Study has identified the 10 fastest drive-thru restaurants in America. Each line’s average wait time has been included.

Top 10 Fastest Drive-Through Restaurants in America

1. Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is another fast-food joint that can rival Burger King in terms of drive-through times. It is one of the most efficient drive-thru restaurants in the country. Because of their simple menu, many claims that it helps reduce drive-through times.

Before you visit a drive-thru, take a look at Raising Cane’s menu.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a company that focuses on employee training. This ensures that no matter how complex a menu item may be, speed is always of paramount importance.

Before you visit Dunkin Donuts, take a look at their menu.

3. Burger King

Burger King is the fastest drive-thru in America. It beat other chains by several minutes of waiting time. This is due to modern technologies such as digital menu boards and an optimized employee workflow.

Before you visit Burger King, take a look at the menu.

4. Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton’s is a newer company when it comes down to driving through the fastest drives in America. However, analysts note that they are on the rise when optimizing digital ordering. They’re not bad-looking.

You can see that the fastest drive-throughs will keep you waiting between 2 and 3 minutes. This is a record-breaking time!

Before you visit Tim Hortons, take a look at the Tim Hortons menu.

5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell says it uses “standardized design” for all its drive-throughs and systems that “lend itself to speed and consistency regardless of which restaurant you visit.”

Before you visit Taco Bell, take a look at their menu.

6. KFC


KFC does not disclose how they manage to keep their drive-through times fast, but we can assume that they have the experience to teach employees how to value speed and efficiency as well as the most recent digital ordering technologies.

Before you visit KFC, take a look at the menu.

7. McDonald’s

McDonald’s continues to improve its digital drive-thru ordering experience. According to Vice President of Global Operations Jim Fox, this increases speed and order capacity, resulting in a faster drive-thru experience.

Before you visit McDonald’s drive-thru, take a look at the McDonald’s menu.

8. Arby’s

John Bowie, Arby’s COO, mentions that the secret to Arby’s success as a fast drive-thru is in its “Fast Crafted”, position. This is based on the belief that a great sandwich, a big smile and get all the things in the bag won’t slow you down. Arby’s embraces technology that makes their drive-thru system more efficient and is always open to new technologies.

Before you go, check out Arby’s menu.

9. Chick-Fil A

Chick-Fil has preparation to thank because it is one of the fastest drive-through restaurants. They test drive-through store designs using real vehicle mockups in order to ensure optimal speediness before opening the store.

Before you visit Chick-Fil-A, take a look at the Chick-Fil-A menu.

10. Carl’s Junior

Carl’s Junior’s philosophy is to decrease wait times at drive-thru. This refers to the time that employees take to complete an order. Carl’s strives to have a quick reaction time, meaning that customers can place orders as soon as possible.

Before you visit your next drive-thru, make sure to check Carl’s Junior Menu.

Fast-food chains are improving their customer service by offering digital ordering and multiple-lane drive-throughs. These are some of the most surprising facts about drive-thru fast-food chains before you rush to order your next Big Mac.

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