Texas Roadhouse Sells Ready-To-Grill Steaks

Texas Roadhouse Sells Ready-To-Grill Steaks

Restaurants everywhere are stepping up to help serve their communities with takeout and delivery deals, but Texas Roadhouse is taking it a step further. The franchise recently announced that they will be selling ready-to-grill steaks to customers that want to grill at home. The reason? Grocery stores all over the country are struggling to keep a meat supply, so Texas Roadhouse wants to help ensure families can get their favorite cuts, including ribeye, strips, sirloin, and filet.

Texas Roadhouse Sells Ready-To-Grill Steaks

According to an announcement, Travis Doster, Texas Roadhouse vice president of communications at Texas Roadhouse said that “The decision to offer steaks was based upon demand from customers. Restaurants make up a significant portion of our food supply and we’re doing what we can to fill in the shortages.”

To order your steak that is ready to grill from Texas Roadhouse contact the restaurant in your area.

You can also place an order through the Texas Roadhouse’s Curbside To-Go service. Simply place your order online the server will deliver food to your vehicle at the time of your arrival. Alongside their usual menu, the restaurant offers new Family Value Packs designed to provide food for the entire family. Family packs include food for four persons and include four meals with 4 sides, large salad as well as rolls, and Honey Cinnamon Butter. Each pack costs $39.99.

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Is Texas Roadhouse still selling ready-to-grill steaks?

Texas Roadhouse is now offering our famous fresh cuts of steak that you can go home with and prepare. Call your favorite Texas Roadhouse phone number to inquire about what’s on sale and then place your order! To make an order, guests can contact the nearest Texas Roadhouse location.

Can you buy uncooked steaks from Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse is offering a variety of fresh-cut steaks including Ribeye, Strips, Sirloin, and Filet. To place an order, guests are encouraged to call the restaurant.

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