Texas Roadhouse Careers

Texas Roadhouse is one of the most well-known American chain restaurants across the world. If you’re looking to work in a fast-paced and exciting environment that provides plenty of opportunities to grow, Texas Roadhouse may be the right option for you. 

At the end of this career guide, you’ll have a good understanding of Texas Roadhouse job descriptions, benefits, and salary. It will also show you the best way to submit an application for jobs courses or prepare to attend an interview at the restaurant. Have fun job hunting!

Texas Roadhouse Careers

Texas Roadhouse Jobs

Texas Roadhouse is constantly hiring for positions such as cooks and servers to help keep their establishments running smoothly. You may have previous experience in the industry of restaurant or are considering taking a class new things there’s an opportunity that is suitable for you.


As host/hostess at Texas Roadhouse, you will be the first face guests will see when they arrive. They will welcome guests and guide guests to their tables and hand out menus. You’ll also answer orders by phone and for carryout and answer any questions regarding the menu and make reservations. 

If you’re not performing these tasks, the hosts are expected to assist cooks and servers by taking food from tables, cleaning tables, and preparing dishes.


The serving staff of Texas Roadhouse is the main customer’s point of contact. They greet customers after they’ve been seated at their tables, serve their orders, and then serve their food once it’s been cooked. Servers should be knowledgeable about what’s on the Texas Roadhouse menu and be capable of answering any questions that guests may have regarding the food.

Texas Roadhouse looks for candidates with relaxed, outgoing, and pleasant personalities, and individuals with prior experience in serving. Servers need to be excellent communicators and possess excellent customer service capabilities. Serving is usually an hourly job that offers the chance to progress into a management position.


If you’ve been to a Texas Roadhouse You’ve probably noticed how good the bread tastes that’s served before the food is served. Bakers are in charge of the kitchen and make the bread to ensure it’s always fresh. If you’ve got previous baking prior experience, are an easy learner and have previously worked in a restaurant previously, this might be the job for you. Expect to earn a weekly salary and also enjoy additional benefits, including discounts on food, chances for promotions, and time off.


A Busser working at Texas Roadhouse Also known as a Server assistant is responsible for helping servers clean and reset tables and assisting customers. The position has usually filled the gaps in other areas of the restaurant and it is essential that applicants are flexible and eager to take on new challenges. 

Texas Roadhouse looks for Bussers who are able to function in a fast-paced environment and who are pleasant and dedicated. Benefits offered by the position include flexible working schedules, discounts on food, and the chance to advance within the organization.

Line Cook

Do you have experience in cooking or dining out? The Line Cook at Texas Roadhouse cooks in the kitchen to cook ingredients, prepare customer orders, and make sure that the kitchen is tidy and well-stocked throughout the day. Line Cooks must be able to work with other staff members and effectively communicate, as well as follow the directions. 

There are protocols and recipes that every Texas Roadhouse cook must learn and follow, however, it’s helpful to already have experience in the kitchen of a restaurant. Line cooks have the flexibility of their schedules as well as discounts on food, among other benefits.


Texas Roadhouse is known for its famous cocktails! Bartenders are responsible for making cocktails and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to patrons. They supervise and take orders for the various tables at the bar and serve customers at the counter. They earn a salary per hour, with the possibility of tips.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Managers are responsible for the day-to-day activities at Texas Roadhouse. In charge of all restaurant employees, Restaurant Managers assign tasks and train new employees, conducting interviews. They also design schedules for employees, make sure all safety and food safety guidelines are followed, take inventory, and set targets to improve the profitability of the establishment. 

Texas Roadhouse looks for candidates who have worked in restaurants (management experience is an advantage). They also seek those with problem-solving abilities with people who are friendly and outgoing and the capacity to collaborate with others. Restaurant managers usually deal with upset customers when complaints grow.

How To Get A Job At Texas Roadhouse

If you’ve had prior experience in the restaurant industry and have previous restaurant experience, you stand a good chance of landing an opening in Texas Roadhouse. Due to the number of franchises, there are and the constant search for qualified employees to join to their existing team. In this section of our careers guide, we’ll guide you through the process of finding vacant positions in Texas Roadhouse.

Texas Roadhouse Job Opening

Locating Texas Roadhouse job openings is easy. Go to their careers page through the website and complete the form that is labeled search form. 

You can choose between the brands that are part of the Texas Roadhouse family – Texas Roadhouse, Jaggers, and Bubba’s 33. Select the job category that’s you are interested in such as hourly, International Jobs, Support Center, or Manager. Be aware that Hourly job opportunities include hosts, servers bussers, bartenders cooks, bakers, and other cooks. Then, choose your home state or city and you will get a list of all the jobs available in your region.

Texas Roadhouse Jobs Near Me

Another method to locate Texas Roadhouse jobs near you is to go to the nearest restaurant and request to talk to a hiring manager. A lot of restaurants are looking for new staff members This is an excellent opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applications of the course. Additionally, you could get offered a job that isn’t yet posted courses.

To stay informed of the latest job openings in your local area and to stay informed, submit a form on their career page (bright yellow part). If there’s a job that fits your preferences, Texas Roadhouse will send you an email to be the first to learn about it.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Texas Roadhouse?

You must be at least 16 years old to be employed in Texas Roadhouse. There are positions available for 16-year-olds such as busser, host, and dishwasher. Other job positions require at least 18 years old.

Texas Roadhouse Online Job Application

To locate the courses job application, visit the careers page, then search for jobs close to you. When you have found a position in the list that interests you, click the title of the job to be taken to the job description page. 

There, you’ll discover an application for the Texas Roadhouse online application, which you can access by clicking the “Apply Now” “Apply Now” button. After selecting Get Started, you will complete your name, birth date, and pin number that will allow you to cancel and reopen your application at any time you’d like.

How Much Does Texas Roadhouse Pay?

Texas Roadhouse pays employees based on their work and their experience. A lot of employees are paid on an hourly basis for their jobs, such as servers hosts, servers, and bartenders who are also able to receive tips. While wages and salaries are different, here’s an overview at the typical salary for the most important positions for the employees at Texas Roadhouse:

Host -$8/hour

Server $3/hour plus tips

Baker -$10/hour

Busser -$10/hour

Line Cook -$12/hour

Bartender -$15/hour

Restaurant Manager – $38k+/year

How Much Does Texas Roadhouse Pay 16-year-olds?

Texas Roadhouse pays 16-year-olds an average of $8.50 per hour, however, the amount is contingent on the employee’s position. Teens are typically hired as bussers and hosts roles until they reach 18 and may be considered for jobs such as baker or server.

Other Benefits

Texas Roadhouse offers perks and benefits to part-time and full-time employees. Benefit packages differ based on the job you perform Some of the benefits include:

  • Flexibible schedules
  • Specially priced food and beverages
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Andy’s Outreach Program
  • Health benefits

Texas Roadhouse Interview Questions

Are you preparing for an interview at Roadhouse? You must be capable of addressing the following subjects:

  • Your restaurant experience
  • Your work history
  • How do you work as a team or on your own
  • How do you manage conflict?
  • Your understanding of the customer experience
  • What personalities do you are most comfortable working with?


How much do they pay at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse, Inc Jobs by Hourly Rate
Job Title Range Average
Server Range:$3 – $15 Average:$6
Restaurant Host/Hostess Range:$7 – $10 Average:$8
Prep Cook Range:$10 – $15 Average:$12
Baker Range:$9 – $15 Average:$11

Does Texas Roadhouse host make tips?

Hosts are not eligible for tips unless they make to-dos. As a hostess, we are eligible for tips in the form of tip share. That means a certain percentage of servers’ tips are given to us.

Is it hard to get hired at Texas Roadhouse?

Candidates for servers, hosts, and cooks usually are required to go through the fairly simple process of hiring in Texas Roadhouse. Candidates meet with hiring staff who typically take the form of the district manager or supervisor in one-on-one meetings.