Are you in search of the most recent and best Subway coupons? You’ve come to the right spot. From daily sandwich deals to coupons, Subway has become famous for its savings promotions and we’ve put together all the most effective coupons to give to you. The greatest thing about it? You can access the majority of them on your smartphone!

What are Subway’s specials right now?

Subway Coupons, Offers, Deals, Discounts

Subway offers a unique every day $6 Footlong Sub (or $3.99 per 6-inch). These daily and weekly offers are at every Subway restaurant in your vicinity. It is not necessary to show a coupon in order to get the following offers:

  • Monday – Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
    • On the bread, you pick you will get teriyaki chicken coated in sweet onion sauce. It is served with vegetables or cheese
  • Tuesday – Oven-roasted Chicken Sub
    • Subway’s signature roast chicken is the choice of vegetable sauce, cheese, and roasted chicken.
  • Wednesday – Turkey Breast Sub
    • On the bread you choose is a thinly-sliced cooked turkey breast, and topped with your choice of vegetable sauce, cheese, and
  • Thursday – Italian B.M.T.
    • Based on the bread you select you will receive Black Forest Ham, pepperoni salami, vegetables cheese, sauce, and pepperoni
  • Friday – Tuna Sub – Friday
  • Saturday – Black Forest Ham Sub
    • Serve thinly-sliced Black Forest Ham with your choice of bread, vegetables Cheese, sauce, and bread.
  • Sunday – Meatball Marinara Sub
    • Take a steaming hot sub, stuffed with marinara sauce and meatballs as well as your choice of cheese, bread, and vegetables



Visit the Subway Careers page to learn more about working at Subway.

What is the 50% off Subway code?

PROMO CODE: BOGO50. Valid in participating establishments for Subway app or online orders. 50% off the sub for less or equal value.
Is Subway still doing $5 footlongs?
Due to the financial strain on Subway franchisees and franchisees, Subway’s $5 footlongs were withdrawn at the end of 2012; in 2013, footlong subs were sold at a cost of $6. But, following an increase in Subway establishments to the very first time ever in the history of franchising, Subway brought back the $5 footlong price in 2017.