Subway Careers

Subway Careers A visit to Subway for lunch might satisfy your hunger, However, have you thought about what it’s working at Subway? Subway is always seeking fresh team members, including sandwich makers to cooks, managers as well as corporate positions. If you’re curious about ways to start your career with Subway we’ll take you through the options available including how to apply courses procedure for applying, as well as suggestions to help you succeed.

Subway Careers

Subway Jobs

If you get an employment opportunity at Subway you’ll be able to enjoy benefits like decent salaries along with flexibility and working with a highly motivated team. No matter if you’re searching for your first job and/or you’ve got a lot of experience in management, Subway has open positions all year. If you go to Subway’s My Subway(r) careers page you’ll see that posts are categorized according to role and requirements are clearly laid out.

Part-Time Jobs

One of the jobs available part-time available at Subway is as a sandwich chef. This position is responsible for making food and also ensuring all the hygiene and safety standards for food. They are expected to welcome guests and serve them in the restaurant. To provide excellent service they should demonstrate in-depth knowledge about the food menu. They also assist at the cash register and also perform other tasks that can have been assigned by managers or managers. One of the benefits they get is discounts on meals and flexible working times.

Prep cooks, as well as cooks, can be employed on an hourly basis. The employee is expected to keep excellent relations with customers, be speedy efficient, reliable, and possess excellent work ethics. Another part-time job one can find at Subway is to be a delivery driver. It is contingent on the shift. delivery drivers must be on hand to complete deliveries of food and communicate with customers.

Manager Job Description

Subway managers are supervisors who are able to recruit staff and then train them. They could designate roles for employees working in different areas. They are accountable for the overall direction and supervision of the dining establishment. Other responsibilities they are responsible for include overseeing the staff to ensure that food is cooked as well as ensuring that security and safety standards are met as well as taking care of the inventory and control systems for money as well as establishing local marketing initiatives and keeping the restaurant’s records for the business.

The manager’s position is among the most challenging positions at Subway that requires prior experience and knowledge of the business. If they’re not available they are replaced by an assistant manager who performs their job.

Corporate Careers

Subway offers a variety of job opportunities within their office. Some of the positions which are open are accountants and monetary compliance specialists legal assistants international resource materials experts franchise business consultants SEO directors as well as leasing assistance.

To see the full list of jobs in the corporate sector that are open on their website, go to their Subway Careers page on their website.

How To Get a Job At Subway

If the idea of working at Subway is what has caught your attention now is the time to discover what positions are open at your closest location. If there’s a job open that you’re aware of, you’ll need to be sure you have the right experience to perform the task with the proper personal characteristics, interests, and abilities. Only then can you think about applying for the position.

Jobs Near Me – Now Hiring!

It is also possible to visit the website of Subway for jobs that are available in your area. Select “SEE LOCAL JOBS” to navigate on to the “My Subway Career” website which will provide the job openings and the duties that will be assigned to you in the event that you are employed.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Subway?

In order to work at Subway, it is necessary to meet the minimum age limit in the state you reside in which is usually between 15 and sixteen years of age. In the majority of states, you’ll need to be granted a work permit at the age of 16 before being legally eligible to be employed. If you want to be an employee at Subway it is necessary to be at least 18 years old. of age.

Subway Online Job Application

Even even though you could apply to the Subway store closest to your location the most convenient method to apply is courses. You can find the option to apply for courses on their website ( Start by choosing the country you want be applying for work. Then, locate locations by entering your address or state, city, and zip code. It is easier to enter an exact store number or the complete address. If there’s an opening for a job, you can begin with the process of applying.

Are you having issues with the procedure? Contact the Subway branch which is hiring to assist. People looking for specific positions which are not advertised courses can go to the nearest Subway store location and talk to managers. This lets them collect more details about the job that they’re interested in and determine whether it is open or not.

How Much Does Subway Pay?

The most thrilling thing about securing an exciting new job is the pay which is why you should anticipate receiving it as a Subway employee? What employees are paid depends upon the description of their job, whether either on a full-time or part-time basis, the amount of experience they possess, and the place of the shop. Some average incomes include:

Foodservice worker — $8.06 for an hour

Sandwich maker — $9.39 for an hour

Cook – $8.07 each hour

Foodservice worker $8.94 an hour

Restaurant manager — $11.28 each hour

Assistant manager for restaurants — $9.70 an hour

Store manager — $11.39 an hour

Cashier — $8.19 an hour

Customer Service Representative $9.28 for an hour

BSL Customer Service Assistant — $13.96 an hour

If you’re a young person seeking an internship, you could be thinking how much Subway pays teenagers? The pay you receive is determined by your previous experiences and the length of time you’ve worked for Subway, 16-year-olds generally get paid according to the guidelines mentioned above.

Other Benefits

The employees who hold various positions at Subway can enjoy a variety of advantages. They include:


Food/Meal Discounts

Paid time off and holidays and vacations

Drinks for free

Meals on duty


Help with tuition

Interview Process at Subway

It is possible that you will be invited to an interview with Subway after you’ve submitted your courses application for employment. Based on the responses of applicants who have been to their interviews, it should be around an hour and you’ll get an array of questions. On the day of the interview, it is recommended to dress in the most simple way possible. It is possible that you will be employed that same day.