Review: Burger King Tacos: Olé? or Oh-No?

Burger King Tacos

Burger King Tacos is a well-known brand for its juicy hamburgers across the globe however it doesn’t stop the company from launching Crispy Tacos for the 3rd time. From 2002 to 2003, Burger King unveiled their Crispy Tacos, tailgating on the huge success of Jack-in-the Box’s tacos made of beef.

It was withdrawn due to lack of excitement among customers, the company released its tacos again across the country between 2009 and 2010, hoping for a more positive response from its patrons. The tacos were again a hit, but the item was taken off the menu after about a year. The third time’s the chance to win, right? Let’s see.

Burger King Tacos

The Fast Food Taco Game

It might seem like an unintentional choice to play on Tex-Mex menu items However, it’s the truth. If Jack in the Box can make it happen, why shouldn’t Burger King, the self-proclaimed king of burgers follow suit? This is the third version from Burger King’s Crispy Tacos but without any significant improvement. certain fans believe Burger King is only attempting to revive a popular menu item. Sometimes, we’re grateful for the fact that things don’t change.

With giants such as Taco Bell and Jack in the Box in the taco market, Burger King wants to provide its customers with popular tacos that are fast food. But, Taco Bell serves more than 2 billion tacos every year, while Jack in the Box serves more than 554 million tacos each year. Because Burger King only releases their tacos once every couple of years for a short period of time and it’s not easy for them to stay ahead of the pack.

How to Order Burger King Crispy Tacos

There’s no Tex-Mex menu available at Burger King, so you’ll discover there the Crispy Tacos mentioned in their “Chicken & More” menu section. Every order is one taco for $1 therefore you’ll need to purchase a minimum of two, even in the case of snacks.

The most notable difference in Burger King’s Crispy Tacos is in their appearance, which appears to be different depending on the place of purchase. While some taco shells are thinner, others are more robust. Some contain hot wilted salad with a pressed-in interior, while others have large pieces of lettuce. A few are eaten with cheddar cheese, while others come with a melty piece of American cheese. In terms of the meat, it’s typically a thick paste as well as an oily one.

A Crispy Taco Snack

Tacos from Burger King is more of a snack product rather instead of the main menu item. They’re small and plain, with not many toppings or vegetables to give them a fresher taste. Deep-fried and easy to prepare, they are closer in appearance and flavor to a mini version of Jack in the Box tacos (even although Jack in the Box offers two beef tacos at the same cost as one sold at Burger King).

Burger King advertises the taco as it is a “crispy, crunchy tortilla filled with delicious, seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese, and lettuce, all topped with just the right amount of our savory taco sauce.” It wasn’t the only thing I had to say.

1. Taste and Texture [3/5]

Every Crispy Taco is deep-fried and served hot from a paper shell. The shell is soft and hard depending on the place the filling is put inside. When I opened the shell I could discern that the soft area inside the shell is due to oily ground beef placed inside the shell. The outside of the meat is quite hard, much like an overcooked tortilla chip. The meat itself was not salted, and it certainly did not taste as good as its cooking oil.

The meat inside isn’t at all what the picture suggests. I was expecting to taste the ground beef, which is seasoned with the Tex-Mex blend of spices however, it’s more of a grounded beef that’s similar in texture to refried beans seasoned with taco seasoning. It’s more like an ointment as opposed to a bite of ground beef and the greasy texture is so strong that it forms a thin layer of oil on your tongue.

If you bite from the outside corner of the tortilla you’ll see a crisp shell with no flavor or toppings. To get to the taco’s meat, you can take a bite from the middle of the taco. Or begin at the corners, and then work your way toward the center. Although the texture isn’t the kind I would call premium Taco meat is, however, the flavor and texture blend well.

There’s an alleged sauce in this Crispy Taco, however, I was unable to distinguish a distinct Sauce from meat.

Crispy Taco Crispy Taco includes chunky pieces of iceberg lettuce, similar to what that found in Burger King’s Whopper but they aren’t shredded and placed on top, as the image suggests. If the lettuce is inserted in the taco way too early after being removed from the fryer, it will become soft, wilted, and warm. This can take away the tastes and freshness that every taco craves.

The cheese that is shredded is good when it’s melted on the meat, however, when it’s placed over leaves, the cheese simply isn’t able to be removed because the taco is then pressed tightly and then fried. Cheddar cheese is better served in the Crispy Taco as opposed to slices of American cheese, which some restaurants make use of.

2. Are they healthy? [2/5]

With 170 calories The Crispy Taco is one of the lighter options on the menu which Burger King offers. For its size, it’s packed with saturated fats and sodium. If you’re ordering more than one, it could quickly add up There aren’t a lot of vegetables to balance the heaviness in the meat as well as the fat. The taco is made using a fryer. It’s used for foods that contain milk and wheat, which is why it’s important to be aware of this to anyone who has dietary restrictions or food allergies.

3. Are they worth it? [3/5]

If you’re looking for an easy-to-eat taco that costs less than one dollar it’s a good option. This isn’t a genuine Mexican taco (which isn’t consumed by serving American and cheddar cheese) it’s an inferior American-style taco or Tex-Mex. If you’re in the mood for Mexican food at the moment This is a perfect choice.

I’d classify the Crispy Taco as more of a snack product that’s as satisfying as small fry. If you’re hungry, I’d suggest having more than one order because it’s nearly as large as my hand and filled with more grease from the edges than the toppings. For a dollar, the price isn’t bad at all.

Final Verdict

I don’t think that the aim of this taco is to be compared to authentic Mexican tacos. Once I’ve gotten past that, I’m able to enjoy its fast-food Tex-Mex feel. But I find it difficult buying a taco from Burger King. There is no sauce to add flavor and the portion is tiny and the presentation is unsatisfactory. If you’re unable to locate the perfect Tex-Mex restaurant then Burger King is your only choice to satisfy your hunger then the Crispy Taco will do the job. To be truthful, I’d probably not be eating the same thing for the next time.

Crispy Tacos Nutrition Information

Calories 170

Fat 9g

Saturated Fat 3g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 10mg

Sodium 360mg

Carbohydrates 19g

Fiber 2g

Sugar 1g

Protein 5g

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It.

Have you tried Burger King’s Crispy Tacos during its limited-time release? What were your thoughts? Have you noticed any difference in the past? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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