Philz Coffee Menu Prices Jaber invented Philz Coffee in 1978. Philz Coffee is available in many locations across all of the United States. The focus is on the history of Philz Coffee.

The prices for the menus at the cafe are reasonable. Visitors are treated with a high level of customer care and can be the only ones to choose.

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Food Size & Price

Philz Coffee Menu Darker Blends

Great Outdoors $18.00
Aromatic Arabic $18.00
Ether $18.00
Jacob’s Wonderbar $18.00
Jacob’s Wonderbar (4lb Bag, Whole Bean Only) $18.00
Julie’s Ultimate $18.00
Tantalizing Turkish $18.00
Ecstatic $18.00

Philz Coffee Menu Medium Blends

Tesora $18.00
Greater Alarm $18.00
Tesora (4lb Bag, Whole Bean Only) $72.00
Philtered Soul (4lb Bag) $72.00
Philharmonic $18.00
Philtered Soul $18.00
Silken Splendor $18.00

Philz Coffee Menu Lighter Blends

Ambrosia Coffee Of God $18.00
Dancing Water $18.00
New Manhattan $18.00

Philz Coffee Menu Decaf

Decaf Colombia Darker Roast $18.00
Decaf Ethiopia Lighter Roast $18.00
Decaf House Medium Blend $18.00

Philz Coffee Menu Single Origin

Hazlenut $18.00

Philz Coffee Menu Philz Picks

Great Outdoors $18.00
Tesora $18.00
Dancing Water $18.00
Jacob’s Wonderbar $18.00
Philtered Soul $18.00
Silken Splendor $18.00
Stainless Steel Yeti Traveler $34.99
Ecstatic $18.00
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Philz Coffee FAQ

When does Philz Coffee open?

Philz Coffee is open Monday to Sunday at 7:00 a.m. Their website can be used to verify their hours based on your location.

When does Philz Coffee close at night?

Philz Coffee closes at 2:00 p.m. on Monday and Sunday.

Who is Philz Coffee owned?

Jacob, a 29-year old son of Philz Coffee, now owns Philz Coffee.

Does Philz Coffee serve lattes?

Philz Coffee does NOT offer lattes. Philz Coffee is a specialty in single-cup, pour-over coffee drinks.

What is the cost of a cup of Philz Coffee?

One cup of Philz Coffee costs $18.00

Which Philz Coffee contains the most caffeine?

Keep in mind that light coffee contains the most caffeine. There are many Philz Coffee blends available.

  • Light blends
  • Medium blends
  • Dark blends