Papa John’s Debuts A Pizza Sandwhich called the Papadia 2021

Papa John’s unleashed their all-new pizza sandwiches, called “Papadia Sandwiches“. Papa John’s Papadia Sandwich is a thin-crust pizza, which is folded and has toppings inside. The Papadia is available for $6.00 (prices can vary based on where you are).

Papa John's Papadia

According to a news release, the SVP Products Innovations at Papa John’s Paul Fabre said, “The Papadia is based on the piadina, which is an Italian flatbread sandwich that is folded and served in Northern Italy. It’s a combination of the Papa John’s crust that people love and fresh toppings, creating the perfect blend of both as it’s both pizza and sandwich.”

Papa John’s Sandwiches may be purchased in four different varieties. They include:

  • The Italian pizza sandwich is filled with Alfredo sauce and spicy Italian salami, sausage, mozzarella cheese, banana peppers, and more and along with pizza sauce.
  • Philly Cheesesteak Philly Cheesesteak This Papadia is filled with pieces of Philly steak and onions, as well as green peppers mozzarella cheese, and Philly sauce. It’s which is served alongside garlic sauce.
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza sandwiches are filled with bacon, grilled chicken onion, mozzarella cheese, and the tangy BBQ sauce. It’s serving alongside BBQ sauce.
  • Meatball and Pepperoni Meatball Papadia is packed with meatballs with an ominous flavor with pizza sauce, pepperoni mozzarella cheese, and Italian seasoning. It is and served with pizza sauce.

Customers can go to their Papa John’s website for more details regarding Papadia. In addition, you can browse through a listing of pizza coupon codes from Papa John’s as in other promotions by visiting this Papa John’s Coupons page.


What is in a Papa John’s Papadia pizza?

Italian Papadia
Flatbread sandwich made in the style of Alfredo sauce cheese Italian Salami, banana, and sausage. With pizza sauce as a dip.

What are the flavors of Papa John’s papadias?

The four kinds include Italian, Philly Cheesesteak, Grilled BBQ Chicken & Bacon and Meatball Pepperoni and they include a dip sauce and pepperoncini.

What is the price of Papa John’s papadias?

Papa John’s Papadia Sandwich is a thin-crust pizza, which is folded and has toppings in the middle. The Papadia is available for purchase at $6.00 (prices may vary based on where you are).

Is the Papadia good?

It was a good choice. Double Cheeseburger Papadia was also pretty excellent. You’ll get that taste of a burger that you can enjoy the zesty sauce that makes it, as well as the tartness that comes from the pickles. It’s topped with melted cheese and served with a flatbread, it’s delicious!

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