Papa John’s is open on the subject of the taste of their pizzas improving throughout the years, however, we’re not quite so excited about their prices soaring to new levels. 

It’s good news for consumers that Papa John’s is a big fan of coupons, promotions online, and discounts which means you don’t need to be concerned about spending a fortune whenever you’re craving pizza. We’ve identified the best Papa John’s coupons and offers for you to check out below. Enjoy!

Papa John's Coupons

Papa John’s Deals

Reading through newspapers and magazines is an outdated practice at Papa John’s. The majority of their coupons and offers are accessible on the internet, through their mobile application or via text or email message.

Here are a few of the most well-known Papa John’s pizza coupons going around the nation at the moment Be aware that each coupon code is only valid at the participating locations.

Pizza Deals

  • Large BBQ Pizzas for $12 each (online deal)
  • Buy One Pizza, Get One Free. Enter the coupon code XBBOGO
  • Pan Pizza (Up To 5 toppings) For $9.99 Use the code PANP10
  • 50% off pizza when you use coupon code FRIDAY DEAL
  • All Large Or Pan Pizza (2 Topping) For $9.99 Make use of the code PZZ999
  • Take a Pizza Order Any Pizza (5 Toppers) Take One for Free Enter the coupon code F10W40
  • 2 large pizzas with 3 toppings For $9.99 each Make use of the promo coupon code PRESEASON
  • Large 7-Topping Pizza Costs $9.99 Take advantage of the coupon code CREATE
  • $9.99 Large Pizzas Get the discount code 999EWM
  • 33% off regular-priced menu items by entering the promo code AAA33
  • XL 2-topping pizza at $10 Use promo coupon code: XLPIZZA
  • It is possible to buy two large, one-topping pizzas for $15.54 Make use of the promo coupon code 777CA
  • Medium Two-Topping Pizza with Garlic Knots for $10.99 (no promo code required)

Coupons for Cheese Sticks

The Papa John’s Cheese Sticks is one of their most-loved menu items, and the cheese stick coupon is popular. At present, there are several deals on offer which your local restaurant may provide:

  • A large three-topping pizza that includes cheese sticks, dessert, and two breadsticks at $21.99 (no coupons is required)
  • Include cheese sticks in your meal for only $6 (no coupon code needed)
  • Free cheese sticks for purchases of at least $15 (no coupon code needed)

Wing Coupons

What is it about Wing coupons? There’s currently a Wing promotion running: Add wings to your dinner for just $7 (no coupon code is required)

Breadstick Coupons

Breadsticks are a popular food item at Papa John’s and are a favorite for customers to have with pizza. In participating locations you will find the following breadstick coupons:

  • Large three-topping pizza that includes desserts, cheese sticks, and two breadsticks large priced at $21.99 (no coupon codes needed)
  • Include breadsticks in your dinner for just $6 (no coupon code is required)

Be aware that these Papa John’s coupons can only be valid at participating locations. To enter a promotion code:

  1. Add the items you wish to purchase into your cart.
  2. When you are ready to check out your shopping cart, click the icon located in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your coupon code into the “Enter Coupon Code” field then click “Apply.”
  4. For the final step of your order Click on the orange “Check out” button and you’re good to go.

If you type in the coupon code for Papa John’s and the discount has not been applied to your purchase, it is a sign that the promo code is not being accepted by the restaurant you are currently at.

Digital Coupons

Installing the mobile app of Papa John’s is another option to get lower prices for online purchases. To get these offers and enjoy discounts on your purchase Download this app from Papa John’s. Then, you can browse through the promotions available through the app and you’ll find more than 25 coupons. If you purchase online, the coupons won’t just save you cash, but also reduce the time you could have spent searching for restaurants nearby. To get the coupons to click on the “Deals” section from Papa John’s Pizza’s website. Papa John’s Pizza website, and you’ll be able to find different offers to select from.

Coupons for Text and Email

Another method to receive special Papa John’s coupon codes is to subscribe to their texts and notifications. For sign-up, just send the text “START” at 47272. You will receive about six promotional messages per month. You can cancel at any point by replying to “STOP.” Are you looking for an instant text coupon? Send DEALS to 47272 and Papa John’s will respond immediately with a coupon.

Alongside the coupons in text format, you will also be notified of deals and promotions via emails. Once you have signed on the internet you should expect to get between four and six coupons per month. Additionally, you can opt out at any time in the event that you do not want to receive these coupons.

Other ways to get Papa John’s Coupons

If you’re having trouble success finding a great bargain, you could always talk to a Papa John’s team member on every visit. They will often have coupons printed on paper or are aware of specials that are currently being offered to make you money. 

Also, browse through your mail for coupons from restaurants. Restaurants with large numbers of customers like Papa John’s usually mail out coupons every quarter which means you’ve been throwing them away without realizing that coupons were that were hidden within other junk mail.

Go to Papa John’s Careers page to find out more about the opportunities at Papa John’s.


How many coupon codes are currently listed for Papa John’s right now?

Currently, there are 16 Papa John’s coupon codes.

Are there any new customers coupons at Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is offering special discounts for customers who are new to the company. There are currently 16 Papa John’s discount coupons available.