Olive Garden Careers

Olive Garden Careers It’s possible that you love eating Olive Garden’s breadsticks that are endless and salads But have you thought about the work environment for the Italian restaurant? In Olive Garden, jobs differ according to your experience and areas of expertise. Servers to hostesses/hosts to dishwashers, bussers, and cooks, to management and any other career in the corporate world there’s everything you need within Olive Garden. If you’re seeking new work with Olive Garden, we’ll walk you through the open positions including applications, interviews, and application forms.

Olive Garden Careers

Olive Garden Jobs and Careers


An Oliver Garden server is responsible for providing the requirements of the guests of the restaurant. They must be familiar with what’s on the Olive Garden menu and able to answer any questions guests have regarding the beverages and food. Typically, Olive Garden servers greet guests, serve their meals and serve food and take care of the payment at the end of every meal. It is typically an occasional job.


The host/hostess or host is the person who greets patrons when they arrive at the restaurant. The host will direct customers into their dining areas, offer them menus, and will take reservations via phone. The host is also accountable for assisting in the preparation of food orders for takeaway. It’s a part-time position.


Olive Garden management has several tasks, including hiring and firing employees as well as keeping track of sales that are made at the restaurant, as well as overseeing other employees. The management team of Olive Garden works full-time.


Dishwashers at Olive Garden ensures that the restaurant is clean and well-sanitized dishes, kitchen utensils, and silverware at all time. They also can assist in other kitchen tasks when needed.


The busser is responsible for clearing tables, putting tables in place, and taking the dishwashing liquids for the washing machine. The busser at Olive Garden, bussers are part-time employees.

Prep Cook

Prep cooks are employees on a part-time basis who prepare the food with the help of cutting, cutting, and washing the vegetables. The prep cook performs the basics of cooking, such as boiling foods and reducing sauces, making the dishes for sampling, and making sure your kitchen remains tidy and organized by sanitizing surfaces and clearing the trash out.


Bartenders also work part-time. They make non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks for bar customers. The bartender can also take orders of customers who sit in the bar and also order takeaway orders.

Olive Garden Corporate Careers

In Olive Garden, there are corporate jobs across various departments available for applicants when you have the qualifications required. A few of these careers include accounting, marketing communications, information technology procurement, supply chain as well as human resources, law, and finance.

How To Get a Job at Olive Garden

In Olive Garden, there are various roles you can take on to help achieve your goals regardless of your abilities. Below is an example of how you can find and find jobs for Olive Garden, as well as the process of applying.

Olive Garden Careers Job Opening

When there is an opening for a job for the eatery, it’s typically listed through the Olive Garden website. If there’s a job that you are interested in, ensure that you’re prepared with the proper background so you are capable of performing the task. It is also recommended to make sure you’re satisfied with the salary offered by the position before you fill your application.

Olive Garden Careers and Jobs Near Me

To locate Olive Garden job openings in your local area, go to the search jobs section on the site.

Find a job on the list which matches your experience and qualifications to the company that is hiring. The jobs available for Olive Garden are divided into various categories, including franchises, supply chain, and corporate. If you register on the website of Olive Garden, you will have the possibility of receiving notifications whenever there’s an opening in your region.

Olive Garden Online Job Application

Applying for Olive Garden jobs courses is the most popular and convenient method. However, it is also possible to apply by submitting a paper application. It is possible to find courses applications by going to their careers page and then selecting the position that interests you, and it will take you to a page that lists the specific requirements for the job including the required skills and experience required.

Once you have confirmed that you have the required qualifications After confirming that you meet the requirements, click “Apply for this job.” To proceed in the application process, you will need to create an account.

If the opportunity for employment you are interested in isn’t accessible online You can go to the closest Olive Garden and communicate with the manager hiring you. Speak to the manager about your abilities and why you believe you’re the ideal candidate for the job. If the manager is convinced that you are able to meet the criteria and completely, you could get the job, without having to submit your courses application.

What Does Olive Garden Pay?

Olive Garden’s pay varies from one employee to another and is based on the job title in the company, their experience, and seniority experiences. Below is a breakdown of Olive Garden’s median pay according to job title:

Server $14.77 per hour

Dishwasher $12.41 per hour

Prep cook $12.87 per hour

General manager : $61,615 per annum

Line cooks $13.06 per hour

Host/hostess : $11.04 per hour

Bartender — $14.79 per hour

Manager – $42,226 per annum

Olive Garden Benefits and Perks

  • Pay-outs for bonuses (yearly as well as monthly)
  • Health insurance
  • Parental leave
  • Life insurance
  • Discounts on food
  • Free drinks
  • 401(K) plan
  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid holidays
  • Discounts on meals and food

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Olive Garden?

You must be at 16 for a position as a host or busser for the Olive Garden. The minimum age is 18 years old or older to be able to be employed in other positions due to the heavy machinery and sales of alcohol.

How Much are 16-year-olds Paid at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden pays 16-year-olds depending on their work responsibilities and their experience. Since many teenagers who are in their teens don’t have a lot of experience in the industry of restaurants They are usually paid at the lower end of the spectrum.

Interview Process at Olive Garden

In the course of an interview in the Olive Garden, expect to be asked about your previous employment experiences such as reliability, availability strengths, and weaknesses.

Dress business casual or professional for your interview. You should get a response to the Olive Garden representative within one to two weeks after the interview to let you know if they’ve got the job. In the majority of cases, interviewers are required to attend onsite. These types of meetings are most popular in which candidates are required to be present in person in front of the interviewers.