McDVoice Survey – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

McDonald’s Survey Details

McDonald’s Survey: Take complete the McDVoice Survey ( to receive a cash-saving coupon (see the receipt for specifics) that you can redeem the next time you visit McDonald’s! Previous purchase required. The receipt must be current and the survey invitation. This receipt will be valid 7 days from the date of the purchase. Coupons are valid for 30 consecutive days.

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Survey Reward Free discount coupon (varies, see receipt)
Time To Complete 3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For 7 Days
Coupon Valid For 30 Days

Survey Tips & Tricks

➡️ Make sure you write the confirmation code on the receipt to activate your coupon

➡️ You don’t have a survey invitation? Simply go to the place and purchase an alcoholic drink, then save the receipt. Poof, you have now an official survey invitation

➡️ There is a limitation of 5 per month for each person in this deal. However, I’ve heard from a variety of sources that they aren’t actively enforcing this policy. This is why I would suggest doing it at least a few times to see if the rule is effective for you.

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If you’re already a McDonald’s frequent customer and you want to increase your possibility of winning a prize or a free meal or an offer on your next purchase. In that case, you can easily do that by participating in the ongoing McDVoice customer feedback online survey here

In any city or country around the globe, You are likely to find any of more than 40,000 eateries across 121 countries globally.

There’s no one else to blame for ordering your McDonald’s favourite meal. In fact, 90 million people in the world consume food at McDonald’s!

The famous chain of fast-food restaurants is the second-largest worldwide, second only to Subway.

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What is the McDVoice survey?

With the ever-growing number of restaurants in nearly every country on earth, McDonald’s management McDonald’s is determined to ensure a consistent customer experience and complete satisfaction through its menu, service facilities, menus, and other elements that make McDonald’s McDonald chain unique and a favourite of millions of customers.

This is why the company has set up an online survey 

The goal of this survey aims to collect valuable feedback from customers on their general opinion about McDonald’s as well as their thoughts on the food served and menus offered regarding the service, the efficiency and friendliness of employees as well as their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the cleanliness of the facility as well as the ambience in McDonald’s restaurant.

This information is important to managing this massive chain of restaurants. It assists in resolving any problems or issues, enhances the quality of food and services and ensures that customers are content with the McDonald’s experience.

To reward your time take to fill out the McDVoice online McDVoice survey McDonald’s will give you a prize such as a free hamburger, muffin, a menu item or a reward such as a discount or free meal the next time you visit McDonald’s restaurant.

The prize you are awarded is contingent upon the McDVoice survey timeframe. The current rewards for being an online participant in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey conditions for service.

What you need to take part in the McDVoice customer survey

➡️ A valid receipt from an order made at any of McDonald’s outlets or restaurants from the last 7 days, with the 26-digit survey code or not.

➡️ Internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or another internet-connected device to access the survey website at

➡️ You must be 15 years old to be able to participate in McDVoice. McDVoice survey.

➡️ You must be a citizen within The US as well as the District of Columbia.

➡️ You need to know English or Spanish since the survey is only available in the two languages.

➡️  You are able to participate in as many as 5 surveys per month, regardless of how often you dine at McDonald’s.

➡️ You can claim your reward within seven days after you have completed McDVoice. McDVoice survey.

Here is a step-by-step guide for completing the McDVoice survey

In order to win a prize such as a meal or a discount at McDonald’s, you have to complete the customer satisfaction survey at

The process is simple and doesn’t have any complex or confusing questions. Therefore, the survey should take less than five minutes to complete. You will then be qualified for a cash reward.

Below are the procedures, in-depth that will enhance your experience when you take part in the online survey conducted by McDonald’s simpler:

➡️ Make your receipt which must be the most recent seven days, and look for the 26-digit survey code.

➡️ Check your internet connection, open an internet browser, and go to the official McDonald’s survey site at

➡️ Begin by entering the 26-digit survey code on the receipt.

➡️ Once the code has been validated and the survey is completed, you are able to continue taking part in the survey online.

➡️ If you are unable to find the survey number on your receipt, simply click the button at the end of the page that reads “If you don’t have a 26-digit survey code, click here”. Then you’ll be directed to a different page where you’ll need to input the information from your receipt, which includes the store’s name, KS number along with dates and times of your visit, the amount of the order and the amount that was spent. Do not worry, the information you need is all there and is on your latest receipt. There is also an instruction guide that will show you where to find the required information.

➡️ Once you’re ready when you are ready, you will be directed to the survey. It will ask you a few basic questions about your experience on that last trip to McDonald’s. Make sure to be as honest as you can when answering questions about how good the food was, cost, the service offered as well as the conduct of the staff along with the overall cleanliness and hygiene at the restaurant. You must complete all the questions on the questionnaire in order to successfully complete the survey.

➡️ Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be issued a confirmation number, that you can utilize to redeem an unrestricted meal or discount at any future McDonald’s appointment within seven days.

➡️ The best method to make sure you’re able to utilize your discount or claim the reward you’ve earned is to write the validation number that is on the reverse of the receipt and take it along with you.

➡️ When you next make a purchase at McDonald’s just present the receipt along with the confirmation code and present it to the salesperson who serves the customer, and you’ll be awarded a discount or reward.

➡️ Be aware that you can take only five surveys per month. Additionally, you must be a US or District of Columbia resident 15 years old or more to take part in the McDVoice survey, and also to be eligible for the prizes that are offered.

➡️ If you encounter issues with your technology or when filling out your online survey, be sure to check the connection to your computer. If the issue continues and you need help, you can call the knowledgeable McDonald’s customer service line at 1-800-244-6227. The number is accessible all week long from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. CST.

What are the objectives of the McDVoice survey?

As the second largest and perhaps the most well-known fast-food restaurant chain in the world McDonald’s management McDonald’s will ensure that the customers who are served on a regular basis are satisfied with their meals, the prices as well as the service staff’s attitude to the quality of service, cleanliness, and the overall experience for customers.

The primary goals of the McDVoice survey of customer satisfaction are to gather objective and truthful feedback from customers to continually enhance the customer experience and to solve any issues or concerns with regards to the food, conduct of the employees, the cleanliness services offered in each of the McDonald’s outlets across the USA.

The ongoing online customer survey allows for:

➡️ Hearing first-hand feedback from customers on the quality of food, costs, cleanliness, the attitude of the staff and the level of service offered in each McDonald’s restaurant.

➡️ A better assessment of the workers of the giant fast food.

➡️ New ideas are being developed on methods to increase the satisfaction of customers.

➡️ Find the most effective solution to any issues or concerns that customers might face with McDonald’s.

Because the McDVoice survey seeks to collect accurate information that can help improve your experience and all the customers who choose to consume food at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants, it is vital that you make an effort to remain as truthful as you can.

Even if you’re unhappy with the latest experience you had at McDonald’s Don’t be shy to acknowledge it when you answer the questions on the survey. But don’t worry, you’ll still receive a verification number to redeem a discount or reward regardless of whether you decide to write negative feedback!

Other ways to contact McDonald’s customer service

Even even if you don’t have any receipts from the past or don’t desire to participate in the McDVoice survey You can still provide your thoughts to McDonald’s through the various channels of communication available to customers.

The online Contact us page

Visit McDonald’s website for contact and select the appropriate option from their Feedback or Inquiry menu. There is a choice of selecting Restaurant feedback general inquiry, Mobile app feedback, and trademark permission.

If you select the Restaurant feedback option, you will be asked to visit the restaurant you’re referring to by choosing the location you are in or typing in an address. After that, you must enter the name of your patron, US address, phone and email. When you’ve submitted your feedback, you’ll be issued a verification number, and the customer support team will contact you within a short time.

When you choose an option called General to inquire you can select from diverse general subjects, including promotions, games and marketing menu items, nutrition information, social responsibilities and contributions, among other subjects. You will be required to enter your name and provide valid contact details.

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Final words

The McDVoice online survey takes just a few seconds to complete. Your honest and insightful feedback can help McDonald’s offer more delicious food and beverages and a more pleasant experience with friendly, more accommodating employees and clean and tidy facilities. This ensures that your trip to any of the McDonald’s outlets or orders you place online or in a drive-through is an enjoyable experience.

The most appealing part is that you’ll be rewarded for giving honest feedback on the McDVoice survey by way of a discount, an unrestricted meal, or a reward when you return to McDonald’s or when you place an order at McDonald’s.

So, make sure you keep your receipt next time you eat a delicious McDonald’s meal and go to the survey.

You’ll be issued a verification coupon code when you’re completed, and along with an original receipt, you’ll be able to go straight to the nearest McDonald’s location to collect your reward!

You can participate in up to five surveys every month. If you’re a frequent user you could save quite a lot of cash by becoming an active participant in McDVoice. McDVoice survey!

You can register your receipt number or other details today, to claim that tasty reward that you’ll receive within the next seven days! 


Q. Where do I enter Mcdonald’s survey code?

Ans. To start with the McDVOICE Survey, visit the official website. As soon as you visit the website, you can select the desired language. Select your language and enter the “survey code” from your McDonald’s receipt. If you do not find the survey code on your receipt, enter the store number, visit date, and time.

Q. What do you get with McDonald’s survey?

Ans. To redeem your time complete the McDVoice survey online McDVoice questionnaire, McDonald’s will give you an incentive, such as a free hamburger or muffin, a specially-prepared food item or meal or an incentive such as a discounted or free meal on your next visit to McDonald’s restaurant.

Q. How long is the Mcdonald’s survey code?

Ans. To begin, please enter the 26-digit Survey Code located in the middle of your receipt.

Q. Can you use the survey code on McDonald’s app?

Ans. McDonald’s offers exclusive coupons when you fill out surveys about customer satisfaction. When your McDonald’s receipt has the 26-digit survey code you can input it here to get your coupon.

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