McDonald’s Daily Double Cheeseburger Review 2022

McDonald’s Daily Double Cheeseburger Review

McDonald’s constantly introduces new variants of menu items to keep it interesting and encourage customers to try something a bit different. It is possible it’s Daily Double Cheeseburger looks similar to the McDouble. 

daily Double Cheeseburger appears like the McDouble which has almost identical ingredients and a similar name however, it has a distinct twist: lettuce tomato, slivered onion, and mayonnaise in place of mustard, ketchup, and pickles. If you’re interested in an alternative to your McDonald’s favorites, take an eye on their secret menu.

McDonald's Daily Double Cheeseburger Review

History of the Daily Double

Daily Double Daily Double is an Extra Value Menu item that was included on a few McDonald’s menus in 2012 and 2011. Although this burger is an alteration of McDouble, it is a variation of McDouble, McDonald’s introduced it as a brand new burger that has the focus on freshness and premium quality to attract increase the number of customers who visit the restaurant. 

It’s available now in McDonald’s outlets all over the US as well as internationally. The hamburger is also more expensive than the comparable McDouble. Let’s check whether the taste and quality of this cheeseburger are worth the price.

Daily Double Pricing

Daily Double is priced at $1.99. Daily Double is priced at $1.99 Which makes it a bargain cheeseburger priced under $2. The Daily Double isn’t likely to be on the menu, however, it is likely to be available by May 31st, 2020.

Daily Double Cheeseburger Review

Daily Double Daily Double consists of two 100% beef patties nicely seasoned, and slices of melted American cheese in between. It’s finished off with shredded iceberg as well as slivered onions and mayonnaise, and a delicious tomato slice. Sesame seeds are light toasty and are priced at less than $2. Its value is like other McValue menu items.

1. Taste and Texture [3/5]

It’s the Daily Double Cheeseburger is similar in size and toppings the McDouble in addition, the food ingredients are also similar. The difference is that this cheeseburger has mayo instead of ketchup or mustard as well as onions that are fresh, not the tiny pieces of onion pieces I typically scrape off other hamburgers. 

With no pickles, I’m missing some of the crunch tart sour taste however, all the toppings on this cheeseburger are fresh, and the freshness remains.

You can also get this burger and pickles at no cost if you enjoy them as much I do. They are cooked well and spiced, succulent, and not dry. 

I like to have my American cheese to be melting and since this burger is built using just one slice of American cheese sandwiched between two patties of beef I find this to be a good choice for me. I like mayonnaise however I often add ketchup or mustard. It’s that trifecta taste of condiments that I enjoy.

2. Nutrition Facts – Is It Healthy? [2/5]

If you’re looking at the nutrition and nutrition for The Daily Double Cheeseburger, compared to the McDouble it’s not that bad. It’s more calorific and 5 grams more fat, whereas carbs and protein are the same. 

You may be shocked to discover this Daily Double is lower in sodium, with 810 mg. It could be because of the absence of pickles and making use of fresh onions. McDouble contains reconstituted onions that aren’t as tasty and fresh as the fresh onions that are used in The Daily Double.

  • 490 Calories
  • 30 g Fat
  • 32 g Carbs
  • 810 mg Sodium
  • 22 g Protein

3. Are they worth it? [4/5]

McDouble costs around $1.39 So, some might be asking what the reason is for why you’d think that your Daily Double is just upwards of $2. Freshness is a factor but, to my mind, it’s still a good bargain for a large fast-food hamburger. 

I prefer the burger with lettuce that is shredded with slices of tomato with mayonnaise, fresh, crunchy onions to give it that crisp taste I love. Additionally, you can add pickles for absolutely free, and it’s my most favorite aspect.

Final Verdict

Like other menu items that are on the value side, It’s dependent on your personal preferences as to what burger you want to choose and how to prepare it. 

You can choose to order The Daily Double with mayo and veggies, or you can order the Daily Double with veggies and mayonnaise, or choose the McDouble and include a few extra condiments at a similar price, with the exception of some cents. I prefer ordering my meals quickly and without effort and so when I need an easy, full-sized burger this is an excellent option and I can add pickles.

What do you think you think the Daily Double Cheeseburger compares with other McValue menu items? Should it be kept available or should it become a slick choice to pass on? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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