KFC Triple Down – What Is It and How Do You Order One? – Fast Food Menu Prices

In terms of shocking value, the KFC Double Down is up in the top spot, close to the donut sandwiches they serve. The two concoctions are made of unwholesome ingredients. One is made with two chicken patties cooked in oil that are used as buns the other with two donuts securing the insides that comprise the sandwich. 

But what would you say if I said that these weren’t among the worst (or the best?) created by KFC? What is the KFC Secret Menu is a hilarious take on the absurd to the next level by introducing the double-sided however triple down.

If you’ve been here for long enough, you’ll be aware that the secret menu items aren’t always easily accessible. Some items , like KFC’s Hot Pocket Bowl are nearly impossible to locate some are so popular that they could be included on the menu. 

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the maze. This is everything we have learned about this giant of a sandwich as well as how to find one.

Photo taken by Mike Mozart under license CC BY 2.0 – Double Down Imaged

How to Order the Triple Down

It’s not difficult to imagine that it’s the Triple Down. Triple Down is just a larger variation from the Double Down. Instead of sandwiching two pieces chicken that has been fried it is a Triple Down is stacked with three pieces, and has layers of bacon and cheese inside. 

Certain variations include “Colonel’s Special Sauce” too. It’s possible to purchase it by name. Most employees will know what it is due to the similarity to the traditional Double Down. 

If they don’t, explain that it’s an alternative Double Down with three pieces of chicken fried instead of two pieces. To make it a little healthier you could ask for cooked chicken instead of fried or a mix of both.


Where is the KFC Secret Menu?

If you’re intrigued by KFC’s Triple Down, you’re probably interested in the other items on KFC’s Secret Menu, too. There have been claims that you can get access to the list of items that are underground within KFC’s app KFC app by pressing an image of Colonel Sanders image when you check out however, that’s not the reality. To find out everything in the list go to the KFC Secret Menu page.

What happened to the KFC Double Down?

Double Down Double Down has been on and off the KFC menu for a few months. It’s not being discontinued at the moment, but there’s a good chance that KFC might bring it back one day. 

You can try to get it at your favorite restaurant, even if it’s not advertised. Like its cousin, the Triple Down, KFC should contain all the ingredients needed to make the Double Down at any time since they utilize the same ingredients in other meals.

Triple Down Triple Down may very well be the most unhealthy fast food item we’ve encountered, but if you do try it you’ll want to be the first to learn! For a more affordable alternative, take a look at KFC’s latest Chicken Sandwich.

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