Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark Review 2022

Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark Review

Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark sandwiches are difficult to beat, particularly in terms of speed and quality. distribution. I’ve never created huge sub sandwiches in under five minutes. But that’s something is something that the Jimmy John team is definitely mastering.

One of the most powerful subs available is known as Gargantuan. It’s massive as you’d think from the name. Imagine an item that’s bigger than the one you’re picturing. It’s actually twice the size. Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark is an incredibly large sandwich. You must eat it at the very minimum.

like Noah brought two copies of every species into the Ark Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark Sub brings two of each animal onto a 12-inch French bread loaf, topped with provolone cheese, as well as all the other fixings. Let’s dig into it.

History and Inspiration

The previous title for the largest Sub at the Jimmy John’s Restaurant was massive. Jim John’s Noah’s Ark is all about pushing the boundaries. What amount of meat and veggies can be put into this French bread loaf?

It’s two kids from each! Every single meat item Jimmy John offers is carefully put into the bun. I’m not sure how they can achieve this feat so efficiently. This particular item is offered on Jimmy John’s secret menu however, it’s not described as “secret” as Noah’s Ark and flooding.

Types of Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark

The thing that’s fascinating with Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark is that it’s an adaptation of another popular sub , the Gargantuan that I’ve mentioned previously, and is constructed from salami turkey, capicola roast beef onion provolone tomato, mayonnaise, and oil, as well as oregano as well as basil.

“The” Noah’s Ark sub is identical in that it’s got two times the components. It is possible to modify the sandwich by adding more vegetables but I’m not sure whether you’ll be able to finish the sandwich, or even take it in.

Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark Review

Noah’s Ark Noah’s Ark is the largest sandwich you can find in Jimmy John’s and is delicious. Get a couple of napkins and start warming your jaws as this will be a messy but amazing experience.

1. Taste and Texture [3/5]

At first, Noah’s Ark seems a bit intimidating. It’s massive and heavy, and the amount of meat it contains is almost impossible. I was amazed when I first looked at it as if was inconceivable that I could devour the entire thing. It’s true that I could only eat a fraction of the food, but it was a total food in a coma.

With the huge amount of meat used in the recipe, it was necessary to be balanced by the vegetables as well as dressings. The tomatoes and onions were both fresh and crisp. The dressings gave a distinct flavoring element. Vinegar and oil, in addition to the basil and oregano, aid in bringing out the Italian taste of the meats and also prevented my mouth from drying out.

It is important to keep in mind it is that it is the French bread loaf that has to achieve the perfect balance between soft and firm and sturdy enough to keep everything together, yet soft enough to be able to slide into the mouth. It’s not an enjoyable experience, and I was glad that I could have it for myself so that nobody else was able to witness me struggling with the larger portions. It’s too to heavy for the meat for me.

2. Are they working? [2/5]

Controlling the number of ingredients as well as the size of the portion is crucial to choosing the best sandwich for your requirements. But, odds are in your favor when eating Noah’s Ark the huge sandwich loaded with all the ingredients that are readily available. You can imagine that it’s not the best selection in the food menu.

A large portion of items on the menu at Jimmy John’s contain a lot of sodium. So, it is important to select carefully if your intention is to cut down on your sodium intake. consumed. Bread made from whole grains is a good substitute in place of French bread. This provides 5g of fiber per dinner. Take note that this is also a source of 20 grams of carbohydrates, five grams of fat. It also contains 100 calories plus.

Sub sandwiches are usually healthier as compared to a club sandwich. However, should you want an alternative that is healthier I’d suggest something similar to the Slims and also the Unwich, which can be described as a sandwich made out of lettuce leaves rather than bread. You can also visit Jimmy John’s website and utilize their nutritional calculator, which gives you precise nutritional information while you prepare the sandwich.

3. Is it worth it? [3/5]

The freshness and quality are the main reasons to try this. sandwich, but I prefer smaller portions of meat and vegetables in the sandwiches I make. If you’re a huge meat-lover and this sandwich is for you, it’s an excellent choice that will satisfy your cravings. This meat cut by hand every day. And, because of the variety of kinds of meats that it’s a wonderful mix of tastes.

The sub is large and can be consumed in two meals or shared with a friend. While it may seem expensive when compared to sandwiches such as Subways Five Footlongs for $5 however, the price for the size of a sub is not too expensive.

Final Verdict

I’ve used it once time and am not certain if I’ll ever buy it once more. It’s an enormous amount of meat which I’d never finish in one sitting, however, should you be a lover of meat slices – and I do say “really” love sliced meat this is the meal for you.

Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark Nutrition Facts

  • Calories – 1130
  • Total Fat – 55g
  • Saturated Fat – 15g
  • Cholesterol – 180mg
  • Sodium – 3530mg
  • Total Carbohydrates – 83g
  • Dietary Fiber – 5g
  • Protein – 72g

Jimmy John’s Noah’s Ark Pricing

Around $10 It’s the Noah’s Ark is more expensive than the average sub, but it is reasonable for its dimensions. The best feature is that any extras you’d like to purchase are completely included This makes it quite an affordable purchase.

Do you agree?

Did you have a chance to have the pleasure of trying the well-known Noah’s Ark at Jimmy John’s? Do you find it a little over-the-top, or is it an ideal place for those who are meat lovers? 

What do you think about it compared to meaty subs from similar fast-food chains such as Subway as well as Capriottis? We’d be interested to hear your experiences with these subs in the comments area below.

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