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If you have any other Jack in the Box coupons that you’d like to be able to share with the world, don’t hesitate to send us an email. We would be delighted to publish the coupons you have on our site to allow our customers to use them. 

We’d just like you to ensure that the coupons aren’t local as local coupons are not valid in any other area. If you send coupons to us, please be sure you scan the coupon or take a good quality photo of it so that others could print the coupon.

Jack in the Box Coupons

Latest Jack in the Box Coupons

Other Ways to Get Coupons

Visit Your Local Jack in the Box Restaurant

If you’re in search of coupons that aren’t available on our site You can go to any neighborhood Jack in the Box restaurant and request coupons from the cashier. There’s a good chance they will have them at the counter and are eager to offer coupons to you.

Remember that fast-food eateries prefer to sell their food at a discount, so they prefer to offer it for sale at a discounted price rather than not sell it in the first place. Don’t be afraid to request coupons.

Check Your Mail for Coupon Ads

Another method of obtaining coupons is to keep an eye on the ball and look over your mail.

The big fast-food chains usually offer coupons through postal mail every quarter. A lot of people throw these out without even looking.

We recommend keeping these coupons handy since you don’t know when you’re likely to go back to the restaurant.


Does Jack in the Box have any deals right now?

In the section called Deals, on the App you’ll find deals like 2 for just $5 Sourdough Burgers. 2 for $5 Breakfast Sandwiches.

Jack’s Meal Deals from $20 – selected from Chicken, Burgers, or Breakfast for four people.

Can you use expired Jack in the Box Coupons?

Q Do you know if Jack in the Box takes expired coupons? Answer: Most of the time, coupons that have expired aren’t valid for Jack in the Box. However, you can visit the official sites to confirm this, since some coupons could have an expiration date.

How do you get free fries from Jack in the Box?

Use the promo discount code “JACKPACK21.” It’s a little unclear, but it can give you something off the very first level of the app’s rewards. It includes a complimentary Jumbo Jack or a large quantity of Curly Fries when you make any other purchase.