Love humor and junk food? Send us your guest post!

guest post So, you’ve decided you’d like to consider FFMP as a place to put your (currently) guest post that is homeless. It’s a smart choice and we’re happy that you’re here. At FFMP we really enjoy working with all kinds of people with a love of fast food.

If you’re gifted for writing that is exceptional and you are seeking a venue that has a large audience who would like to soak in the glory of your writing talent You’re in the right place. It’s essentially an open mic in these parts.

We must warn you, however – there are a few things to be aware of prior to you beginning the writing. Be assured, this isn’t that is too significant. It’s just a few good guest post guidelines. If you’ve ever previously written guest posts then you’ll know what’s in store.

The remainder of this page is designed to provide answers to any questions you have regarding the kind of content we’re searching for, as well as in the process of submitting it.

Please note that While we are grateful for your guest post submissions greatly Unfortunately we are unable to assure an answer to your inquiry because of the number that we are asked to respond to. But be assured that should we request it we’ll contact you as quickly as we are able.

Love humor and junk food Send us your guest post.

The Bare Minimum that You Have to Meet 

guest post guidelines FFMP

As guest posts start in the form of guest posts We review their originality and authenticity point of view. This isn’t the case If you’ve decided to use the easy way out, or you’re scraping awesome content from the web.

Once we’ve got this out of the way, What can do you have to write about?

We’re open to publishing anything that our readers would like to read about and that includes the best listicles or menus, general pieces on fast food, or even recipe ideas!

We also search for certain aspects in the articles we release. These include:

  • Writing of high-quality, with original ideas as well as written by the individual that is submitting it (IE that there are no business-related submissions)
  • Content that mirrors the style of writing and tone of FFMP We believe in ourselves as a very enjoyable bunch So this shouldn’t pose a problem.
  • A minimum of 1000 words
  • Written in US English
  • A bio of the author is included in the application – we would like to know more about you.
  • The content is the property of FFMP (which means that you cannot republish it in any other place) and our team has the right to alter the content in any way we think appropriate.

Remember that we cannot warrant that we will include all external links in the information you provide us. We might remove some or replace them with others. It’s entirely at our discretion.

Different Content Types We Accept

guest post food

As I mentioned earlier there are many formats of content that can be used by us. Here’s a brief introduction to each of them:


Menus are the heart of FFMP They are part of our name! We don’t have the resources to precisely cover the Menus at fast-food restaurants across the 50 states, so… here’s the place where you can help. If you send us an item on the menu, we won’t require much. Just plain information – prices and products generally.

The process for submitting menus is some different procedures in comparison to other content we will accept. You must submit a menu here.

Best listicles

In our lists, we like to produce (and search for) the very best of the best compilations of all types and types of quick food. Consider a “top ten most awesome chicken sandwiches” like that. In this case, it is important to have a good understanding of the fast food you eat before you begin writing your list since you must be devoted to the topic that is at the time.

You can find some examples of the best lists here:

  • Best Fast Food Sides
  • Best Chain Restaurant Steak Dinner in the US
  • 11 Copycat Salad Dressings You Can Copy taken from Your Favorite Restaurants


Do you have a fantastic recipe in your kitchen that could be mistaken for a BigMac? Do you know how to cook the most delicious curly fries? Our goal is to invite fast food in our homes and to encourage people to attempt to cook it at home. We prefer the recipes we offer to be simple and simple to prepare, but we’re also open to more complex masterpieces – so long as they’re as tasty.

You can look at some recipes in this article:

Copycat Longhorn Parmesan-Crusted Chicken/Steak Recipe

The Cheesecake Factory’s Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Copycat Big Mac Sauce Recipe

General articles on fast food

We would love to read any original and well-researched general article regarding fast food too. It could be related to nutrition, a bizarre burger that has just been out, or an amazing illustration from overseas. This is among our most creative areas, and it does not have any guidelines to follow aside from trying your best.

You can look at the examples of such content here:

8 Essential Tips For Eating Healthy Fast Food

Does a Burger King Dollar Menu Exist?

15 Cheap Fast Food Options

Some Big No-Nos

Here are some things that aren’t going to work for us:

  • Anything we’ve discussed previously. You’re welcome to do us a favor and search our website to see whether your idea is unique to us.
  • Anything that is offensive or contains inaccurate information.
  • Anything that is excessively marketing for your business or company is not of anything to do with our field of work.
  • We don’t accept any payments, nor do we make payments for guest posts.

How to Submit FFMP Guest Post

Once you are done with the prep work and have scribbled down your pitch, you can submit it to or use the user contact us page. Here are some suggestions on how your email to us must be:

  • The subject line should read “Guest Post: [Working Title of Post]”
  • Your pitch or post that you have written is in a Google Doc with editing permissions enabled for “anyone with the link”
  • If you’ve included images, ensure that they’re compressed, given appropriate credit, and then inserted into the Google Doc
  • The email should also contain an author’s bio and headshot

Then you’re finished. In the event that your proposal is closely aligned with our guidelines and is in line with our content, we’ll be in contact to notify you when we’ll be able to make the pitch live. This process can be up to 10-days, therefore be patient with us.