Foreign Fast Food Chains in the US

Foreign Fast Food Chains in the US

Foreign Fast Food Chains Many people say that fast-food restaurants are responsible for their meals and lunches or even breakfast prior to working. For many, fast food chains are an essential part of their busy schedule because they offer the possibility of having an energizing meal in a hurry. They reduce the hassle of making a meal at home, and when you consider their prices, they’re sufficient to fit into the budget of a typical day.

Despite the health risks that fast food chains can cause because of their cooking techniques they seem to have some charm exhibited by fast-food chains that keep their customers returning to eat more. This is so much appeal that even chain restaurants in the US are seeing an increase in popularity in the number of adventurous foodies.

Although it is known that the US is among the leading suppliers of international chains of food like KFC as well as McDonald’s to mention just a few, however, there are many other well-known fast-food foreign chains that are located in the US which are rapidly gaining the attention of American customers with their delicious dishes that blend various flavors, as well as the cultural traditions of the nation they come from.

Here are some of the fast-food foreign chains that are available in the US that you should test for a brand new fast-food dining experience that might even leave a lasting and positively lasting impression on your palate:

Foreign Fast Food Chains in the US

Pollo Campero

For those who would want to try out Latin American dishes, Pollo Campero is the place to be. They offer flavorful Latin American dishes and although founded back in 1971, it has made progress by being able to make a mark on the US market. The first-ever Pollo Campero was founded in Guatemala and in the US, its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

They have locations in New Jersey, Shanghai, El Salvador, and Spain as well. It is also referred to as Pollo Granjero by the people in Guatemala where it is originally from. Similar restaurants to Pollo Campero that operate locally include Pollo Tropical and El Pollo Loco.


It is a Filipino fast-food chain that is considered to be a major across the Philippines. Because there are lots of Filipino employees across America, US, Jollibee has been offering them a taste of the meals they crave from their stores, such as their signature “Chicken Joy.”

They are well-known for their juice chicken recipes and also for kids too. The company is officially called The Jollibee Food corporation or JFC and has 94 branches spread across Canada and in the US, Brunei, Qatar, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong among others. They serve breakfast along with satisfying dinner and lunch menus. In the Philippines, it is regarded as the most powerful rival to the US brands, including McDonald’s as well as KFC.


If you are looking for healthy foods, those who are fans of healthy food items should think about visiting Freshii. Freshii store. The name is a clue they take pride in offering healthy and fresh food particularly for those who like to consume healthy food.

The menu includes freshly made burritos, wraps, and soups frozen yogurts, and salads, making their menu an ideal option for healthy snacks to take away to work. Freshii is a Canadian quick-service chain that has locations across the world, with 20 locations in the US all by itself. 

The chain also has outlets within Austria as well as in the United Arab Emirates. The relatively new fast-food chain started in 2005. It has since established an international reputation and has seen steady growth by expanding its locations internationally.

Nando’s Peri-Peri

More commonly referred to as just “Nando’s,” Nando’s Peri-Peri is a Portuguese dining place, more like a casual restaurant than a fast-food chain that was founded back in 1987 by Mozambican-Portuguese people It has an international presence of having over a thousand stores in more than 30 countries. 

The restaurant is a specialist in chicken dishes that range from hot, spicy medium hot, herb-based chicken recipes, as well as the distinctive Peri Peri marinade. They are renowned for their large portion sizes that make eating chicken a full-filling dinner that is able to be enjoyed with two people! “Peri peri” is actually a type of African chili, also known as the bird’s eye chili, which is used as the primary flavoring for their chicken dishes that are spicy

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

To experience the authentic taste of Chinese-Mongolian cuisine The Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is among the international fast-food chains in the US that give customers a glimpse of what they can be expecting. Established in 1999, the restaurant serves delicious hot pot food.

They have locations across China, Taiwan, Japan, and also in western regions like the US as well as in the United Kingdom, and Canada, and Canada. They’re a top choice for those who want delicious takeaway meals at home, or for those who work late.


The company’s beginning date dates up to the year 1981 Giraffas was able to expand from being solely located in Brazil to extending its reach to America. US market. In Brazil, the fast-food chain operates more than 358 locations and is able to satisfy the appetites of burger lovers of those who travel internationally.

The company began expanding in the year 1991 and has since made its presence known in different areas like Paraguay and Miami as well as other cities. The orders, like most fast food establishments, are processed at the counters, but the final meals are served on plates that are open. They are known for their hamburgers with an egg fried on the top, along with their black beans and rice meal.

Instead of sticking with your typical fast-food restaurants instead, why not get the experience of international menu items created by fast-food chains from other countries?

There are also American-owned fast-food restaurants that serve international cuisine but it’s a different feeling to know that you’re about to taste something new, as well as menu options that people have been enjoying by people from another country for a long time before you tried. Check these out and see what improvements they can bring for your quick food-eating habits!

Manchu Wok

Oh, Canada! We truly love all the sugar maple syrups, hockey batters, and hilarious comedians who have been through our borders. What is the reason you have to bring over Manchu Wok?

If you’re not aware of the stale Chinese food chain it’s really Panda Express on steroids, but with a lot greater Jose Canseco getting knocked out by a Barstool Sports intern (via Sporting News) than hitting home runs in the Bash Brother days. 

Although the chain does have diverse menus, more does not necessarily mean better, and the vast steam tables are bound to disappoint, no matter which you decide to pick. According to Yelp customer, Faye A. writes, “This place was awful. Maybe the only reason why my husband and I ate our food [here] was that we were tired and hungry.” Shareen S. on her review with one-star comments “Staff is great but the food here is really terrible.”

Overall, Manchu Wok’s food is evidently repurposed to make a quick profit, and without much attention to texture or taste. There is a myriad of Chinese alternatives within America. The U.S. also happens to provide decent menu items, such as the mentioned Panda Express and its menu. It’s better to go to the Panda Express instead of Manchu Wok and we’re sad to say so.

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