Dutch Bros Secret Menu 2022

Dutch Bros Secret Menu 2022

Dutch Bros Secret Menu Let’s start by declaring the fact that Dutch Bros is completely underrated. The coffee shop is located in Grants Pass, Oregon, with personality, influence, and a massive menu. 

From traditional coffees to more unique drinks, Dutch Bros has a distinctive menu. However, as much as they love their food, will be aware that we’re here not to discuss Dutch Bros’ regular menu – we’re on a more hidden mission. 

Today, we’ll reveal to you the most recent secret menu of Dutch Bro packed with caffeine-infused delights that you’ll never buy from the competition.

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Dutch Bros Secret Menu Items in 2020

There’s a large group of people who are behind The Dutch Bros Secret Menu. If you’re looking for something that’s supposed to be secret, it’s actually quite known, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some of their drinks. 

If you’re ordering, don’t hesitate to mention the name of the drink exactly as it appears the barista is likely to be able to tell you what you’re talking about. If not, refer to this guide to inform the person at the counter what ingredients are present in the drink.

The majority of Secret Menu drinks at Dutch Bros Coffee are served hot, iced or blended. However, there are certain variations. For instance, if you purchase a Rebel Energy Drink, it is only available with ice or blended. 

In the world would ever want to drink a blue raspberry-flavored energy drink in 180 degrees in any case. The sizes of drinks available at Dutch Bros include 16 ounces of alcohol, 24 ounces, as well as 32 ounces.

As we mentioned, Dutch Bros does things their own way, and certain terms may be confusing if you’re not a frequent visitor to the cafe. Before we get into the Secret Menu options, let’s review some key terms that you’ll need to be aware of to be able to understand the menu.

Dutch Bros Coffee Secret Menu Tips

Americano This drink is made up of an espresso shot(s) and water. In general, a small drink will contain one shot, a medium has two shots, while a larger has three or four shots.

Breve is a variant on a Latte. Instead of mixing espresso with milk that has been steamed the beverage is made up of half and half steamed in a steamer and espresso.

Freeze A Freeze is a drink with coffee. It’s a Dutch Bros version of a Starbucks Frappuccino or a Dunkin Frozen Coffee.

Frost Frost Frost in the store of Dutch Bros has the consistency of a milkshake. It’s thick, creamy, and caffeine-free. It comes in flavors such as Almond Bar, Amaretto, Banana Bread, and Birthday Cake.

Rebel Many people ask, what is a rebel at Dutch Bros? This refreshing drink is Dutch Bro’s energy drink, and is mixed with other flavors to make interesting and unique tasting drinks. It is possible to purchase an iced rebel or blend.

They also offer chai lattes, cold brew lemonade, hot chocolate smoothies, soda, and tea, but you know what these are. Now that you know the hidden (and secret) tongue of Dutch Bros Secret Menu, we’ll take a look at the many drinks that customers can choose.

White Coffee Cookies Breve

Its White Coffee Cookie drink is perfect for people who need an energy boost but don’t enjoy the flavor of coffee that is pure. It is available chilled, blended, or hot. The Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drink was showcased on the Carson City Instagram page and is the perfect mix between the two café’s most loved drinks the White Coffee as well as Cookie Breve. Based on the Carson City location, the ingredients of White Coffee Cookie Breve are White Coffee Cookie Breve include Chocolate Macadamia Nut, White Chocolate, White Coffee, and Cream.

Chai Nog

Chai Nog

The Christmas season may be over However, the Chai Nog will fill you with all the warmth and joy you experience around the time of Christmas. Combining two traditional favorites This eggnog chai tea latte is a smooth drink with a hint of spice. It is served hot or cold, or even as Freeze. It’s delightful when served with a touch of caramel sauce.

Do you want to make this drink the ultimate triple threat? Try adding a shot of espresso to create a dirty Chai Nog.

Unicorn Blood

It’s something about identifying something with the term “unicorn” that draws people just like a moth at an open flame. The menu’s secret ingredient isn’t going to make you the unicorn or something or similar but it will make you feel excited inside. That’s the only thing you can get from a drink that costs $7. Simply order the Rebel energy drink made with the syrup of almond and strawberry, as well as White Chocolate Sauce.

Cotton Candy Frost

It requires a certain type of person to drink an entire 20 pounds. drink that is reminiscent of liquid cotton candy. If you’re one of them, then congratulations. The frozen drink is akin to the sweet dessert you would order (or perhaps even) at the fair , by mixing blue and white chocolate raspberry flavors. It’s just as the real thing, it’s extremely sweet, so get ready for your taste palate.

Ocean Water Rebel

The Ocean Water Rebel is one of the most sought-after drinks that is on the menu that is kept secret. Blue Raspberry coconut, blueberry as well as lime flavors are mingled in conjunction using Rebel Energy drink in order to make the perfect drink to enjoy any time of the year. It can be ordered a drink as an Iced drink or a Frost. (And yes, the stunning blue color is sure to make you want to take a trip to the Caribbean ASAP.)

The Cure

The Cure to What? A hangover. A night of insomnia. A breakup. What you really need. It’s a handcrafted beverage is a delicious blend of cinnamon and chocolate and topped off with espresso. It’s warm, smooth, and caffeine-infused – exactly what you’ll need to conquer an exhausting day ahead. It can be ordered blended, iced or hot (just request hot cocoa in place of chocolate milk).

Caramel Cinnamon Roll

We’d love to eat a Caramel Cinnamon Roll, but drinking one is nice also. Anyone who wants to drown out the smell of coffee ought to take a look at this amazing caramel drink, composed from a mixture of white chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel flavors. There’s no limit to this concoction and you can buy it in the form of Frost, Mocha, Latte Breve, Freeze Chai, and Hot Cocoa.

Bob Marley

Many customers also refer to this drink as Bob which is short for “Bob” and you can be sure that this is the most well-known drink from the secret menu for Dutch Bros customers and staff. From its famous name to its delicious flavor this is a hidden menu item you’d be mad not to explore. Bob Marley Bob Marley drink is an amazingly delicious combination consisting of Chocolate Mocha, Banana, and Coconut You can enjoy this in anything you drink cold to blended, iced, the breve, or chai. If you’re looking to make it a little more interesting try substituting the chocolate mocha with darker chocolate flavors.

Beware of spoilers: you might find this drink in the regular food menu of your neighborhood Dutch Bros. It has become so popular it’s been able to make its way onto the menus of underground places.

Molten Lava Mocha

If you’re looking for something different from a Cotton Candy Frost, the Molten Lava Mocha might just be right for you. It blends two flavors that are mature of cinnamon and chocolate to create an incredibly rich and bold combination. Like always, you can enjoy this beverage chilled hot, cold or even frozen. There’s no way to lose!

Strawberry-Topped French Toast

French Toast is a famous drink served at Dutch Bros, but the Secret Menu took it to the next level, which is what every good Secret Menus tend to do. The menu starts with French Toast Base – white chocolate, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and is topped off by strawberry sauce (or added if you’d prefer a more general taste).

If you’re not a huge fan of strawberries You can make your French Toast drink any way you like by substituting the strawberry sauce for a darker blueberry, chocolate, or banana version. It can also be served as the Frost, Mocha, Latte Breve, Freeze Chai as well as Hot Cocoa.

Keto Drinks

Many of our readers are on the ketogenic diet. So we were delighted to discover that there’s a couple of keto espresso drinks available on The Secret Menu. One of them is Iced Keto-Cano Sugar-Free Cookie, which is an americano made featuring cream and sugar-free white chocolate and sugar-free macadamia chocolate. The sweet and creamy flavor makes a great contrast with the bold espresso.

The other drink that is keto-friendly can be found in The Sugar-Free Dream Weaver, which is also a drink that starts with an iced americano as a base. It is made up of cream sugar-free white chocolate and hazelnuts made of sugar-free.

Sunset Burst Italian Soda

Dutch Bros Secret Menu 2021Our Dutch Bros ‘ Secret Menu concludes by offering the Sunset burst Italian soda which is a refreshing, bubbly drink made of coconut and passionfruit and drizzled with blue raspberries. If it’s not the summer season in your area you’ll definitely be like it when you drink this refreshing exotic drink.

Dirty Caterpillar

The name isn’t exactly giving you clues do they? This Dirty Caterpillar tastes a lot better than it appears (seriously is there any reason to need to drink something associated with fuzzy bugs?). This menu item is a liquid version of your favorite fall-themed drink. With caramel and green apple flavors, it will transport you straight to the month of October.

White S’mores and Coffee

Like similar to White Coffee Cookie Breve, this drink inspired by S’mores is a smorgasbord of caffeine and sugar. It is a perfect way to capture that familiar, warm flavor of S’mores. It combines the familiar taste of S’more and the pure pleasure of coffee. For ordering one, request a breve that contains macadamia nuts, chocolate dark chocolate, white chocolate, and cinnamon brown sugar.

From the breves from breves to Italian sodas to Italian Frosts or Freezes The menu on the underground is filled with delicious and delicious Dutch Bros drinks you’d never have the chance to discover on the menu. In contrast to other restaurants, Dutch Bros’ list of drinks that are secret is constantly expanding and evolving. Do you have a Dutch Bros Secret Menu drink that’s not on our website? Please leave a comment below We’re always seeking innovative and original drinks to add to our list.

Also, look over the Starbucks Secret Menu as well as the Secret Menu of Dunkin’ to find additional coffee-related ideas.

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