Dunkin’ Donuts Secret Menu 2021

Dunkin’ Donuts Secret Menu 2021

Dunkin’ Donuts Secret Menu If you’re like most of us, there’s an essential drink that you have when you visit Dunkin’ Donuts. However, after you’ve asked you for the same boring, iced tea Maybe you’re looking to explore something different.

We’ve got a wide selection for you to select from the Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu but let’s first look at the basics of this menu before diving into it.

Restaurants such as Starbucks frequently make us aware that they have no secret menu available This same principle applies to Dunkin Donuts, as well as any other coffee place in general.

The reason for this is that most orders are made to order which means that it’s not like customers require a secret menu in order to make a request that is unique. But, this doesn’t mean that the Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu isn’t useful to use for anything. Quite contrary to what it is, in fact.

For most of us, creating unique drinks that are perfect with the right swirls and flavor shots can be very difficult. With The Secret Menu, you don’t have to be thinking about it. It can serve as an example to guide you to discover the best and most distinct flavor combinations that are available in Dunkin’.

Dunkin' Donuts Secret Menu 2021

If you decide to order a Dunkin’ Donuts Secret Menu drink, bear in mind that not every Dunkin’ staff will be aware of what you’re talking about by Captain Crunch Coolata or Nutella Surprise.

It’s a secretive language that younger employees might not be aware of however don’t worry about it. The great thing about Dunkin’s secret menu is you stand a 99% probability of getting the drink you choose In theory, at the very least.

If the person does not know the flavor you’re looking for the only thing you need to do is give them the ingredients and they’ll be able to prepare it for you, provided it’s a flavor that is limited in time and isn’t available anymore.

It’s your choice to make your purchase in the manner you’re most comfortable, whether it’s you’re asking to order your favorite Secret Menu item or explaining the ingredients used in each dish.

We’re just thinking it’s is more fun to request the possibility of a Nutella Surprise.

Captain Crunch Coolatta

If you are living under a rock, you can enjoy a Coolatta is a drink that is frozen at Dunkin’, however, it’s not often made with caffeine in it.

There are just three Coolatta flavors available on the Dunkin’ menu (currently Vanilla Bean, Blue Raspberry as well as Strawberry Coolatta) This means that Secret Menu is a great opportunity to increase the number of Coolatta flavors and try out new flavor swirls and shots.

The secret menu Captain Crunch Coolatta starts with a Strawberry Coolatta base and is made with raspberry and blueberry flavor shots, as well as a little cream.

Toasted French Vanilla Iced Coffee

If you’re unable to decide between refreshing iced coffee as well as a cozy hot one choose one of the Toasted French Vanilla Iced Coffee. It’ll provide you with the familiar feelings of drinking a hot drink from a mug or having a bonfire in the evening, but you won’t need to be worried whether you’ll burn your palate. You can request iced coffee with French vanilla and toasted almonds, as well as the milk you prefer (we prefer soy or almond).

Coco Berry Iced Coffee

Dunkin Donuts blueberry flavor shots are among the lesser-known additions to the menu. You’ll be amazed by how appropriate blueberry is in conjunction with coffee. The Coco Berry Secret Menu drink is an illustration of this.

You can request the Mocha Iced Coffee with a shot of blueberry. It’s like a blueberry muffin. It is possible to can order this hot but it’s best when iced.

If you’re in search of alternatives to dairy This drink tastes fantastic with almond milk and.

Peaches and Cream Coolatta

One of the most effective ways to survive a long, cold winter? Find this refreshing drink. It’s sweet, creamy, and fruity, all with the consistency of a milkshake. For Peaches and Cream Coolatta, go to the Peaches as well as the Cream Coolatta you can order a Vanilla Bean Coolatta, and request 3 peach shots. Simple as that!


Dunkin Donuts’ Secret Menu is all about sweet drinks that are sugary and this Snickers drink is no different. You can recreate the liquid version of your favorite chocolate bar with a cup of coffee (hot blended, hot or chilled!) with hazelnut and salted caramel additions (one from each). You can even add some whipped topping or chocolate drizzle to top it off while you’re enjoying the same time.

Birthday Cake Coolatta

There are a lot of Coolatta Secret Menu Drinks and that’s no coincidental thing. They’re among the easiest drinks to personalize and create with since they generally start with a blank page which, we’re talking about the vanilla bean Coolatta.

It’s the Birthday Cake Coolatta is one of the most well-known Secret Menu drinks (and one of the easiest to purchase) Made from only two items on the menu. Request a Vanilla Bean Coolatta, topped with a hazelnut swirl and you’ll have an amazing birthday treat.

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

You’re probably able to guess what to do to order this Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu item. Just ask for a hot chocolate that has a raspberry flavor. The sweet and rich flavors perfectly complement each other and, if you truly would like to go crazy, request a Raspberry Dirty Hot Chocolate.

Almond Joy

If you’re an Almond Joy fan, you need to take a look at the Dunkin Donuts secret menu drink. It is made up of almonds that have been toasted to give it a delicious flavor, and two shots of coconut and one shot of mocha.

Spoiler alert: If this drink sounds familiar to your this is because it was not created from the Secret Menu. Almond Joy is a drink that was released as a limited-time offer. Almond Joy drink came out in a limited-time promotion in the year 2016. It’s not officially a component within the Dunkin’ Donuts lineup anymore however, you can still purchase it at any time of the year.

Cotton Candy Coolatta

Another classic Dunkin Donuts drinks are Cotton Candy Coolatta, which was included on the menu for a while. Those who love sugar, they can choose to purchase this drink any time from the Secret Menu. It is the Blue Raspberry Coolatta base with watermelon and sour apple flavor.

Nutella Surprise

Don’t be surprised if you burst the bubble of yours, however, there’s nothing particularly new in Nutella Surprise. Nutella Surprise. It’s just coded to add two Mocha Swirls as well as one Hazelnut Shot to the drink you like.

However, it is one of the most amazing things ever to come from the Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu as it makes every beverage on the menu taste as sweet.

This secret is pretty known within the Dunkin’ Donuts community. So if you request an iced coffee that comes with Nutella Surprise and a splash of almond milk, the person who serves it will know exactly the details.

Dirty Hot Chocolate

A lot of coffee drinkers don’t order hot cocoa since it’s not a preferred drink of choice. But, if you ask for a Dirty Hot Chocolate from Dunkin’ it will give you the best of both worlds since this drink comes with espresso. It’s possible to recognize this slang from the drink of the same name. Dirty Chai, which is an espresso latte with chai Another drink that you can’t make a mistake ordering.

Eggnog Latte

For those who are skeptical about eggnog’s alleged nutty flavor, you’ll be happy to know it’s not the case. Eggnog Latte on the Dunkin Secret Menu doesn’t have eggnog! It’s a drink that combines Vanilla Chai and caramel swirl to create a smooth, cozy drink that’s great to enjoy any time of the year.

Hazelnut Mocha Iced Coffee

This is a great version of that of Nutella Surprise, minus the almond milk. This Hazelnut Mocha Iced Coffee is an original recipe created by Dunkin’ that Dunkin’ promoted a couple of years back on their blog, however, they didn’t officially release it in the menu.

Because there’s no fancy label that makes it easier to place an order. Just make a request for your favorite cup of coffee, whether it’s hot or iced or frozen. Then, you can get a mocha swirl and a shot of hazelnut flavor. This is the perfect beverage for autumn when you’re looking to experience something different from the Pumpkin Spice for only a few minutes.

English Toffee Hot Chocolate

Maybe you’re not into coffee. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a warm, comfortable drink this autumn. A hot English Toffee Chocolate is a great choice for anyone who loves sweets. You’ll enjoy the rich and rich taste (yes it’s exactly the same amount as a Heath Candy Bar) You can alter the sweetness to suit your taste.

You can place an order by name or request it to be salted caramel hot chocolate that comes with French vanilla and almond flavoring shots. If you’re looking for something extra sweet you can ask for additional flavor!

Coconut Mint Hot Chocolate

Mint and coconut may perhaps not be the very first things you imagine when you are looking for the perfect hot chocolate drink, but believe us when we say that this combination is famous. It’s refreshing and relaxing and everything hot chocolate is meant to do and much more.

Each flavor combination isn’t overwhelming but you are able to enjoy the smooth chocolate. In actuality, this is a different hidden menu item that Dunkin’ wrote about in their blog back in the year 2018 and you’ll know that it’s the best of both worlds. Simply ask for hot chocolate with mint and coconut flavor shots.

Upside-down Iced Caramel Macchiato

It’s true that the hidden menu drink sounds much more appealing as it is. Listen to us out. The upside-down Iced Caramel Macchiato is the same like a normal caramel macchiato, however, its ingredients are mixed together instead of being layered.

Do you know that feeling when you sip a glass of your beverage and feel bitter and creamy and sour simultaneously? If you choose macchiato in this manner, it takes away the hassle of stirring the drink. Some people think it’s brilliant Some say it’s lazy, while others think it’s genius. We’ll let you decide.

Pina Colada Coolata

If you’re trying to prolong summer This drink is to drink. The mind drifts back to the sunshine days and freedom from responsibilities as you sip this fruity mix.

There are several different recipes available on the internet for Pina Colada Coolata, but this is the only one that you need. You can simply make a Pineapple Coolatta and then add the coconut creme Pie flavor swirl.

Additional Dunkin’ Donuts Tips and Hacks

If you’re not used to ordering from Dunkin’, the terminology can be confusing, particularly when you’re trying to navigate through the Secret Menu. We’ll go over some of the basic concepts to get you started.

What’s the whirlwind at Dunkin Donuts?

To begin, a swirl is a flavoring made of cream that adds flavor such as Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mocha, Winter White Chocolate as well as Buttery Toffee Nut. You can add swirls to any drink to alter it and make it more delicious.

What is the method Dunkin Donuts does to flavor shots?

A flavor shot On the other hand is not as heavy as swirls. According to Dunkin’ Donuts’ website, a flavor shot is “unsweetened and sugar-free.” The available flavors include French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Coconut and seasonal flavors.

Be aware that you are able to customize the flavor of your Secret Menu drink, just like with every other order from Dunkin’ Donuts. We’ll not judge you for taking a different route.

You are welcome to swap the flavor shot for another or substitute regular milk with oatmeal milk (coming very soon, by the way). If you have a favorite underground drink that is available at Dunkin Donuts that we didn’t mention in our list, please let us know via your comments so that we can include it! We are always interested in hearing about innovative and original drinks our customers are making.

To find out more about discounts for the franchise of coffee shops take a look at the Dunkin’ Happy Hour Page.

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