Del Taco Secret Menu

Del Taco Secret Menu

Del Taco Secret Menu Del Taco is a West Coast restaurant that serves Mexican fast food items ranging from tacos to burritos to quesadillas, bur, and nachos. Del Taco has earned quite a cult following over the decades, and its loyal customers know the tricks to make use of when making a purchase on the menu. Actually, patrons have created their own recipes that are so tasty that they were incorporated into The Del Taco’s secret menu and we’ve provided all the secrets to give our readers today.

Spoiler alert: you’ll be seeing lots of crinkle-cut fries where you’d never imagined they’d go.

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Del Taco Secret Menu Items in 2020

Del Taco Secret MenuThe majority of Del Taco’s secret menu products have been in use for a while, and many employees know what you’re talking to when you purchase one of the Stoner Burrito (yes it’s real!). But, it shouldn’t be required from Del Taco employees to know the exact ingredients that go into these items, so you can use this list as a reference to explain the order to them. Based on our feedback that they’ll make these recipes more often than they should.

Stoner Burrito

The Stoner Burrito is an iconic hidden menu item. In the past, it has been discussed in such a way that it might be included as part of the menu. The Del Taco Stoner Burrito is stuffed with cheese, beans, and crinkle-cut fries. It is the dish is then drizzled within red sauce, and secret sauce. If you’re not a fan of beans, don’t worry about it you’re not alone. Del Taco has plenty of alternatives that are perfect to eat when you’re feeling cravings. It is possible to request chicken or any other meat, and more.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake

If you’re looking for a fast-food restaurant, Del Taco has tons of options for desserts which include delicious milkshakes. However, their selection of flavors is limited to vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, so people came up with the great idea of spicing it up slightly. Since the restaurant also serves Chocolate chip cookies, make sure to request one that is mixed with a chocolate shake. It’s similar to a blizzard from DQ and it’s even more delicious.

Bun Taco

It is believed that the Bun Taco is one of the menu items on the secret menu that was previously available found on menus like the normal Del Taco menu, but it was actually a century ago, and nobody actually knew about it until Del Taco returned to it for its 50th birthday. After it was released again in 2014 it was announced that the Bun Taco made it onto the temporary Throwback Menu. What exactly does this Bun Taco, anyway? It’s basically a Del Taco in the form of the shape of a hamburger. You can skip the crispy shell and replace it with a bun.

Orange Vanilla Milkshake

The shake was also part of the Throwback Menu that came out in the summer of 2014. In the early days of Del Taco in the business, its Orange Shake was wildly popular and people are looking to find one, even though it’s no longer offered. It’s basically the milkshake version of a dreamily which could be replicated in a similar manner by mixing a vanilla shake with orange Fanta.

It’s not been on the menu for years However, the fast-food chains seem to be focused on the return of classics from the past So keep an eye on the future.

Combo Cup

It’s a Combo. Combo Cup is basically a walking taco, but it’s not in the Fritos bag. Instead, you’ll receive the cup with layers of Del Taco’s famous beans and beef, and topped with red sauce and cheddar cheese. To top it off the tortilla chips you can crush and then mix with it, or use to scoop out the ingredients.

Breakfast Taco

A restaurant that has”tacos “taco” in it, the menu on the street doesn’t contain anything to be concerned with tacos. It’s a lot like that of the Breakfast Toasted Wrap, but instead of a soft tortilla breakfast tacos are served in a hard shell. Breakfast Taco is in a crispy shell. Try it with the basis of hash browns, and scrambled eggs with cheese, and salsa to top it off.

Cheese Burrito

Does Del Taco have a whole menu of burritos on their website which is why we require another one? If you’re unsure then you’ve probably never tried The Cheese Burrito before. Its simple ingredients are what make it among the top recipes that you can find on the Secret Menu. It is made with Del Taco’s famous red sauce and cheese, topped with an incredibly thick layer of sour cream.

Go Bold

We’re now on to the most enjoyable part of The Secret Menu. If you’re thinking about what the meaning behind “go bold” means, you’ve probably never visited a Del Taco before. It’s the secret phrase to turn any old food item into a delicious fast-food feast packed with crinkle-cut fries as well as a special sauce. The boldness of the Del Cheeseburger slightly more filling and makes any quesadilla is more full.

According to our colleagues at FoodBeast they say that some of the most delicious items to experiment with are:

  • Cheesy Quesadilla
  • Chicken Soft Taco
  • Double Del Cheeseburger
  • Crispy Shrimp Taco
  • Vanilla Milkshake (skip the sauce in this one, however)

The risk of going bold can cost you 50 cents more, although prices could differ. It’s one of the most popular secrets of Del Taco, so most staff will know the subject matter whenever you attempt to purchase it.

The Green Bean Machine

It’s not a green bean machine. Green Bean Machine does not include green beans despite its name. It’s a tasty breakfast burrito made of scrambled eggs and beans, cheddar cheese along with Del Taco’s green sauce. It’s pretty easy to find because most restaurants will carry the ingredients needed for The Green Bean Machine, even when it’s not officially available on the menu.

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