Dairy Queen Secret Menu 2021

Dairy Queen Secret Menu 2021

Dairy Queen Secret Menu Of all the hidden menus we’ve seen and reviewed, this Dairy Queen Secret Menu is the most well-known. It has a variety of sweets that customers have created and also desserts that used to be on the menus for a short period of time.

From shakes to blizzards, and food products, there’s something for everyone who can take pleasure in. If the local DQ stocks the ingredients for the confections, it’s likely they’ll create it. It’s just an issue of whether they’re willing to break the rules. Being polite and asking nicely will help.

There are those who argue that there isn’t a “real” Dairy Queen Secret Menu because you can alter your order in any way you like in the end.

Instead, there are some delicious creations by customers that everybody is aware of… at least until the present which is. Explore the latest blizzard flavor, along with other throwbacks you might have heard of before.

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Be aware when you place your order items that Secret Menu treats are only available at participating locations that have the proper ingredients available.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot ChocolateIn the winter, Dairy Queen often adds hot chocolate-flavored blizzards to the menu. For instance, they launched this Peppermint Hot Cocoa Blizzard at the end of 2019, and before that, they’ve made the Oreo Hot Cocoa Blizzard. Based on these imaginative creations they created the Secret Menu Frozen Hot Chocolate was made. It’s a creamy, thick beverage that tastes exactly as it is described.

Mocha Latte Blizzard

If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ll certainly be a fan of the Mocha Latte Secret Menu Blizzard. It’s a blend of coffee syrup, dark chocolate syrup, and chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream. Essentially, it’s just a frozen latte.

Brownie Batter Blizzard

It is believed that the Brownie Batter Blizzard is one of the most well-known Dairy Queen menu items in the history of Dairy Queen. It is not a creation of the customer however, we think of it as a Secret Menu treasure because it is not listed in the regular menu. 

The delicious treat is made with an underlying vanilla soft serve, which is blended with brownie batter. Brownie chunks are then incorporated into the snow. But, as this recipe isn’t on the standard menu there may not be brownie batter mixes available. In this instance, you can choose chocolate ice cream or brownie pieces.

Banana Split Blizzard

The Banana Split Blizzard is another threat that has graced the DQ Blizzard’s menu in the past. But since it is no longer a regular menu item, it’s made its way onto the Dairy Queen Secret Menu.

Midnight Truffle Blizzard

This is among the most well-known Secret Menu items because it was a favorite among fans when it was available on the regular menu. After the offer that was limited-time was removed from the menu, people looked everywhere to find out what exactly was in this snowstorm. 

The answer is here the Midnight Truffle Blizzard contains a base of soft serve vanilla mixed with dark chocolate Fudge. Bits of truffles are added, too.

Chocolate Chip Blizzard

Dairy Queen Secret Menu

If you’re looking for iconic comfort food then go for The Chocolate Chip Blizzard. The treat is made that is made of vanilla ice cream that is topped with chocolate pieces that are blended into the. It is important to note that the chocolate pieces aren’t chocolate chips. They are chocolate chunks made of chocolate dip used to make chocolate-dipped cones.

S’mores Blizzard

This item is not part of the Dairy Queen Blizzards that originated on the Secret Menu. It’s been on the regular menu prior to that but it was never an item that is available on the menu permanently. But that shouldn’t deter anyone from trying to get it, which is the reason we’ve included it on our list. S’mores Blizzard S’mores Blizzard is a blend of marshmallows, marshmallows, vanilla soft serve hot Fudge (chilled), and Graham crackers.

Rootbeer Float

If you’re craving one of Dairy queen’s most popular treats, you should go for this Rootbeer Ice Float. It’s no secret the ingredients however it’s an item that is among the best popular Dairy Queen Secret Menu items.

The Peanut Butter Shake and Jelly Shake

Bring back memories of your childhood through your childhood memories with the Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake. The Dairy Queen Secret Menu item is created by mixing an ice cream shake made of peanut butter along with strawberries toppings.

Hawaiian Blizzard

The Hawaiian Blizzard has discontinued from DQ some time ago, however, you can get it at a variety of locations! The item on the menu is a basic blend of soft-serve vanilla and coconut, pineapple, and banana.

Mint Oreo Blizzard

If you’ve not had the pleasure of tasting the Oreo Blizzard at Dairy Queen it is likely that you are under the rock. It’s one of the most popular desserts they offer and will remain on the menu for a while. If you’re a lover of it, you should try it with the Mint Oreo Blizzard, which simply substitutes vanilla ice cream with mint.

Coffee Blizzard

If you’re a lover of coffee then you must taste this creamy, rich snow. It’s a combination of DQ’s coffee syrup as well as Vanilla soft serve. It’s a stunning combination. Remember that there’s no caffeine in this drink however it tastes as much of that cold (and added sweetness!) version of your favorite cup of coffee!

To make it a more delicious snack, substitute for the vanilla flavor of ice cream in exchange for an Oreo snowflake. It’s not a mistake.

Marshmallow Creme Sundae

Do you remember that marshmallow-like sauce from DQ? If you’re looking to eat it with a spoonful, you’ll finally be able to. You can make a Marshmallow Creme – a vanilla soft serve sundae that is topped with a generous serving of marshmallow crème.

Cheesy Fries

DQ French fries taste tasty However, there’s an easy method to elevate them to a new standard. You can ask for Cheesy Fries that combine the queso normally served in a pretzel stick, cheese shredded, and a plate of fries. If you’re unsure about this, think about ordering fries with a cup of queso to dip them into.

Bonus: You can also purchase Chili Cheese fries.

Grilled Cheese

Truth is, it is possible to order grill cheese at almost any fast food establishment regardless of whether it’s not listed on the menu. We felt that we had a responsibility to feature it here. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of ordering food at DQ and you’ve heard of it, they serve the addition of sweet Texas Toast, which just happens to make the most delicious grill cheese.

Peanut Buster Parfait

Dairy Queen Peanut Buster ParfaitOrdering the perfect parfait might perhaps not be the primary thing that comes to mind when you visit Dairy Queen however, this traditional option is can’t chance option when you’re in the need of the perfect dessert. This Peanut Buster Parfait has graced the Dairy Queen menu for a while, but it’s been removed from the majority of places. However, it is still possible to purchase it since all three components are offered at all locations – the vanilla soft drink, hot Fudge along with crunchy peanuts.

Bonus: Vanilla Blizzard

If you think that a Vanilla Blizzard sounds a bit boring, you’re right. Although you are able to order the Vanilla Blizzard all on its own, we’ve added it since it’s the starting point to making any kind of blizzard that you like. 

If you choose to order through the Secret Menu or the Secret Menu, the DQ worker might not know exactly what you’re talking to them about. If that’s the situation, all you need to do is purchase the Vanilla Blizzard and request all the ingredients that need to be included such as marshmallows chocolate chips, chocolate chips, hot Fudge, and Oreo pieces.

For more information about DQ specials and discounts, visit the Dairy Queen Happy Hour page.

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