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CoreLife Eatery is a pickup restaurant, focusing primarily on healthy food choices and stressing the importance of healthy eating as well as running sustainably.

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Their vision of altering the fast food industry that is dominated by Processed food, with food that is healthy and fresh is worthy of being mentioned. Their menu is entirely dominated by Green bowls and broths that are protein-rich.

If you’re seeking something healthy or following a diet plan, working out to lose some muscle mass, CoreLife Eatery is the location to be.

CoreLife Eatery Menu Prices

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About CoreLife Eatery

Our lives are so busy that it’s simpler and quicker to throw food items in the microwave oven, sit for a short time, and then eat the food placed on the plate. However, this convenience comes at some cost – the items aren’t quite as healthy organic (i.e. that there are no additives or preservatives) and tasty as whole food.

Also, the nutrients present in whole food particularly raw foods are superior to those found that are found in processed foods by about a mile and an hour and a half.

That’s what CoreLife Eatery’s founders CoreLife Eatery want to change by introducing customers to healthy food items. Look at the menu and you’ll see that CoreLife Eatery is able to fulfill its promises to create a restaurant chain that can give customers a more empowered mindset to live a healthy and active life. CoreLife Eatery prices are reasonable.

CoreLife Eatery prices are reasonable as well, which means eating healthy meals throughout the day without the stress of making it feasible.


In May of 2015, CoreLife Eatery started as Core Restaurant, which was founded in the hands of Larry Wilson, Todd Mansfield as well as John, Lisa, and Megan Caveny. The co-founders have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they applied to the company and the business. Wilson has a restaurant business that has numerous Hoopla! frozen yogurts and Moe’s Southwest Grill franchises to his name. Mansfield is a nutritionist and Cavenys were cafe owners as well. The very first Core restaurant located in North Syracuse, in fact, was Cavenys which was the previous Jo-Li-Me cafe.

The co-founders recently rebranded Core to CoreLife Eatery. CoreLife Eatery to reflect its new focus on improving the overall health of the community through a mix of fitness, diet, and lifestyle programs. In addition to the North Syracuse original location, the chain also has outlets that are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania; American Fork, Utah; and Amherst, New York, among others.

What They’re Famous For

CoreLife Eatery emphasizes the use of natural ingredients free of GMO trans-fats and sweeteners as well as artificial colorants, additives, and preservatives. The focus on whole food implies that only natural, organic as well as fresh, are utilized in salads, grain-based bowls, and even drinks.

The menu includes a diverse variety of grains, greens, and bone broths. These are offered in an established menu as well as as a build-your-own option. The broths can also be purchased in a variety of sizes, and are also included in a children’s menu. They can be served in a cafeteria way.

The drinks menu is also a reflection of the CoreLife Eatery’s emphasis on the whole food aspect. So, the drinks offered include lemonades, extract juices, and green teas that are available in hot as well as cold varieties.

CoreLife Eatery doesn’t stop with offering customers options to enjoy a balanced diet made of whole food items, either. CoreLife Eatery also organizes fitness-focused events including Pilates as well as yoga sessions as well as health education for schools, among other

Why Eat Here

Its CoreLife Eatery menu is impressive with regard to the sheer number of choices available and their health quality. The trick is choosing the food item that can satisfy your appetite, meet your nutritional requirements and satisfy your appetite. However, since food comes in ample portions and is made from healthy components, this shouldn’t pose difficult to find the right food.

Begin by eating Start with Green Bowls, a selection of salads that feature dark greens, vegetables, and a homemade dressing. A majority of these salads can be made for vegetarians too including the Sriracha ginger-roasted Tofu that includes shredded kale, baby broccoli, spinach as well as sprouts, carrots, and roasted organic tofu that has Sriracha sauce.

The Mediterranean salad includes chops of romaine and shredded Kale organic tomatoes, chicken, and a parmesan crisp. Chicken Cobb has avocado, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, and hard-boiled eggs in the mix. If you are a meat lover it is the Steak, Bacon & Bleu Cheese salad, with its bacon, and steak that is grass-fed chopped romaine, mesclun mix is an excellent option.

The Grains Bowls feature whole grains such as quinoa, along with a variety of vegetables, and a selection of dressing. For example, the Watermelon Feta Chicken, for instance, is made up of baby spinach, quinoa green leaf salad, Jicama cucumber, and pickled red onions. scallions, salt, and chicken as well as watermelon. If this sounds like an odd mix to you, then test it out and be amazed by its flavor of it.

Other options are Spicy Thai Chicken, Rice Noodle, Tuna Poke as well as Southwest Grilled Chicken, and Purple Rice. The grains bowls are served with a dressing of your choice including Thai cashew dressing and miso sesame ginger dressing and lime jalapeno-jalapeno vinegar.

The broth bowls have a refreshing taste, particularly on chilly evenings. The Coconut Curry Chicken Soup has the slight spice of the spicy sesame sprouts peppers and coconut curry broth, with just the right amount of rice noodles. Other options are The Grilled Chicken Tortilla as well as its Chicken and Rice Noodle, and Tomato and Basil.

Rice Bowls Rice Bowls are for people who prefer something a bit heavier but nevertheless healthy. The ingredients are laid out on a bed which is usually purple which makes it an entire dinner on its own like it is in The Ranch Flank Steak and Spicy Chicken.

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FAQs On CoreLife Eatery

[1] What is purple rice CoreLife?

Filled with proteins and whole grains, warming rice bowls are filling, delicious, and tasty food items! They will fill you up without adding weight and have unique tastes. They’re also low in calories and contain low fat! BBQ Ranch Chicken.

[2] How healthy is core life?

CoreLife Eatery was rated “Excellent” in beverages, fruits, and vegetables, as well as saturated fat. It was rated “Very Good” in whole grains as well as sodium. Consumer Reports said of CoreLife, “They’re replete with a diverse array of grains, vegetables, and legumes. Some include chicken, tuna, as well as grass-fed beef.

[3] Does core life have smoothies?

Smoothies. Plant-based Smoothies in 16 and 24-oz sizes! For those who need an Energy Boost!

[4] How does CoreLife work?

CoreLife is a physician-led program that includes nutrition, medical and fitness as well as behavioral health services to help those suffering from weight gain. Our specialists are highly knowledgeable about obesity-related diseases as well as the challenges that accompany diseases.

[5] What is Novant CoreLife?

CoreLife, the nation’s most renowned healthcare provider specializing in the treatment of diseases and obesity caused by obesity along with Novant Health, a four-state connected network of outpatient clinics, physician clinics, and hospitals, today announced that they are launching the world’s largest wellness and weight-management program …

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