Chuy’s Menu And Prices [ Updated ] ❤️

Chuy’s is known for its most delicious Tex-Mex food as well as its funky interior. Each dining area of this restaurant features the Elvis shrine. 

Some of the most delicious dishes served in this restaurant are tacos Fajitas Chuychanga and enchilada, as well as customized enchiladas, etc. Chuy’s menu is full of dishes that are bursting with Tex-Mex tastes and delicious. Here’s the complete price of Chuy’s menu.

Chuy’s menu features enchiladas Fajitas, crispy and soft tacos “Big As Yo’ Face” burrito queso, enchiladas, and other options. There are soups and salads such as tortilla soup, Mexican Cobb salad, and taco salad. 

chuy’s menu with prices

The house specialties are the chicken Flautas, Chuychangas, and steak burritos. You can enjoy creamy jalapenos and chili con queso in addition to the sides. Dr. Pepper, iced tea, sprite, and so on with beverages. Get mouthwatering Tex-Mex food here for less than $30.


Popular Items

 Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom $13.61
 Catering Mexi-Cobb Salad $11.18
 Mexi-Cobb Salad $12.78
 Steak Burrito $14.72
 Queso $9.28
 Tres Leches Cake $7.32
 #2 The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo $12.86
 #1 Comida Deluxe $12.49

High Tide Sandwiches

 Killer Tri-Tip Sandwich $10.39


Per person.
 Nacho Bar $11.01
 Peace, Love & Enchiladas $12.77

Soup & Salads

 Taco Salad $10.92
 Tortilla Soup $5.84


 Baja Sticks $9.76
 Hot Shrimp $11.25
 Hot Wings $11.91
 Bean Dip $4.41


 Queso Compuesto $8.57
 Nachos $8.60
 Panchos $11.22
 Guacamole $8.63
 Special Nachos $9.91
 Quesadillas $10.59
 Appetizer Plate $12.04
 Deluxe Quesadillas $10.20


Gallon Tea $9.87

Family Meal Kits

 Fajita Kit $77.33
 Peace, Love, and Enchiladas Kit $69.58
 Kick It Up a Nacho Kit – Take Happy Hour Home! $38.22

Salads & Soups

 Grilled Chicken Salad $10.81
 Dinner Salad $5.61
Large Dinner Salad $5.81
 Cup Tortilla Soup $5.29
 Tex-Mex Salad Combination $10.46
All Tex-Mex Salad Combos $10.27

Catering Packages

Catering packages are for 10+ people. Please other menus for smaller orders. Includes chips & salsa. Make any package Deluxe by adding Queso & Creamy Jalapeno for an additional charge per person.
 Fajita Bar – The Big Daddio $17.13
 Fajita Bar – The Mamacita $13.85
 Catering Peace, Love & Enchiladas $10.75
 Catering Taco Salad $10.75
 Catering Chiquito Burrito $8.98
 Catering Nacho Bar $9.43


4oz. Salsa Fresca $1.59
8 oz. Creamy Jalapeño $4.63
Mexican Rice $2.25
Chile Con Queso $7.91
4 oz. Creamy Jalapeno $2.32
4oz. Creamy Jalapeño $2.12
Dozen Tortillas $4.56
4oz. Queso $4.08
8 oz. Boom-Boom $7.80
Refried Beans $2.00
Tortillas $1.87
4 oz. Boom-Boom $4.62
4oz. Boom-Boom $4.08
Boom-Boom $5.14
8 oz. Salsa Fresca $3.57
Salsa Fresca $2.19
Side Avocado Slices $1.59
Side of Sour Cream $2.03
Creamy Jalapeño $2.74
4 oz. Salsa Fresca $1.79
One Scoop Guacamole $2.36
Side Mixed Cheese $1.06
Side of Mixed Cheese $1.25
8 oz. Queso $7.80
1/2 Dozen Tortillas $1.95
4 oz. Queso $4.62
Sour Cream $2.49
Side Pico de Gallo $0.80
Add a Scoop of Guac $2.74
Side of Pico de Gallo $1.10
Add a Scoop of Sour Cream $1.07
Add Avocado Slices $2.74
À La Carte Enchilada $6.02


A homemade, 12″ flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans and cheese. Served with your choice of sauce and rice.
 Bean & Cheese $11.46
Bean & Cheese Burrito $11.62
 Seasoned Ground Beef $11.77
Seasoned Ground Sirloin Burrito $12.23
Seasoned Ground Sirloin $11.90
 Fajita Beef $13.96
 Fresh, Oven-Roasted Chicken $12.79
Fajita Chicken $13.96
 Fajita Beef Burrito $16.36
Fajita Chicken Burrito $16.36
 Roasted Chicken Burrito $15.44
Seasoned Ground Beef Burrito $13.88

House Specialties

Served with your choice of rice & beans.
 Cheese Relleno $10.91
 Fresh Oven-roasted Chicken & Cheese Relleno $11.01
Comida Deluxe $15.96
 Shrimp & Cheese Relleno $11.23
 Southwestern Enchilada $11.16
The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo $16.19
 Chile Rellenos $11.05
 Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken $11.79
 Taco and Enchilada Combo $13.68


Served with your choice of rice & beans.
 Soft Tacos $11.41
 Tacos Al Carbon $13.08
 Crispy Tacos $11.91
 Baja Tacos $11.50
 Baja Shrimp Tacos $16.07

Tex-Mex Classics

 Taco & Enchilada $9.96
 Chuychanga $14.24
 Relleno & Enchilada $10.86
 Chicken Flautas $12.42
 Chalupa & Enchilada $10.22
 Enchilada, Taco & Chalupa $11.65
 Chuy’s Lite Plate $7.84
 Chicken Combo $9.27
 Vegetarian Combo $10.22


Marinated for 24 hours in our signature blend of Shiner Bock beer, serrano peppers, lime juice, and secret spices. Grilled with onions and peppers and served with handmade flour tortillas, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, Mexican rice & refried beans.
 Beef Fajitas $18.74
 Chicken Fajitas $17.74
 Combo Fajitas $18.43


Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom (Enchiladas) $15.75
 Classic Tex-Mex $10.37
 Custom Enchiladas $12.42
 Veggie Enchilada $9.51
Veggie $10.77
 Deluxe Chicken $11.28
 Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas $14.50
Southwestern $11.34
 Tex-Mex Enchiladas $15.12
 Veggie Enchiladas $13.65
 Stacked Enchiladas $10.58


Served with your choice of rice & beans.
#3 Taco & Enchilada $10.01
#4 Relleno & Enchilada $10.84
#5 Chalupa & Enchilada $10.30
#6 Enchilada, Taco & Chalupa $11.62
 #7 Veggie Combo $10.39

Kids Menu

All kids’ meals come with a drink.
 Kid Cheese Burger $6.27
 Kid Cheeseburger $7.07
 Kid Cheese Dallas $5.94
 Mini Kid Burrito $6.74
 Kid Enchilada $6.66
 Kid Chicken Nuggets $5.94
 Mini Crispy Tacos $5.94


 Tres Leches $12.96
 Chuy Chuy Churro Bites $8.15

Lite Combos

#8 Chuy’s Lite Plate $7.85
#9 Chicken Combo $10.81
#9 Chicken Lite Combo $9.14


 Mini Burrito $7.95
 Enchilada $7.98
 Cheeseburger $7.68
 Chicken Tenders $7.96
 Cheese Quesadillas $8.31
 Kid Tacos $8.27


Tea $3.42
Soft Drinks $3.40
Soft Drink $3.52


 Dessert Sopapillas $4.68
 Flan $5.11


Iced Tea $3.83
Gallon Iced Tea $9.38
Coca-Cola $3.83
Sprite $3.83
Dr. Pepper $3.80
Diet coke $3.77
Lemonade $3.83
IBC Root Beer $3.80
Gallon Lemonade $9.31

About Chuy’s

Its affordable prices are one reason it is growing in popularity in the United States. Nearly 80 restaurants are part of the chain, which includes casual dining locations in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, and other states. John Zapp and Mike Young opened the first Chuy’s Restaurant.

Chuy’s restaurants were and are well-known for their delicious Tex-Mex food. This is not surprising considering that the original restaurant was in Austin, Texas, the center of Tex-Mex culture. These restaurants are well-known for their quirky decor and friendly atmosphere, as well as their fresh and natural food.

This chain is known for its classic Tex-Mex cuisine, but with modern interpretations to fit the tastes of its customers. Along with other menu items like quesadillas and nachos – the culinary inspirations behind these dishes come from many different places, including their home countries and family recipes. They are also well-known for hosting special events such as the Green Chile Festival.

Chuy’s Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Check out the nutritional value of the food items in the menu table by clicking on the link in the above table.

Chuy’s Contact Information 

Chuy’s Head Office Address: 1623 Toomey Road
Austin, Texas 78704

Chuy’s Phone:  512-473-2783

Chuy’s Fax:   512-473-8684

You can leave a message or your feedback for Chuy’s by filling out the contact form on Chuy’s website.

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[1] What’s the best thing to eat at Chuy’s?

If you happen to be living near Chuy’s place Here are some tips that you should try:

  • Fajita Chicken Burrito smothered in their Signature Queso Sauce.
  • Chips & Queso (and Salsa as well, of course)
  • A component from their Signature Guac that has basically everything.

[2] Do you get free chips at Chuy’s?

Free chips and salsa bar, enough said – Chuy’s.

[3] Do you get free chips and salsa at Chuy’s?

You can find chips, salsa, and ground sirloin at the shop, which is open from 4 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday. All of this is served in the trunk of a classic vehicle and for a FREE

[4] What can a diabetic eat at Chuy’s?

Diabetics rejoice! Chuy’s is well-known for serving delicious food in large portions. You can still enjoy Tex Mex if you order half of your enchiladas. Take it easy with the chips …)

[5] Who owns Chuy’s?

John Zapp and Mike Young, the founders of, had a vision for a fun and hip Tex-Mex restaurant serving authentic and fresh food in a relaxed atmosphere.

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