Carrabba’s Italian Grill Menu Prices Update ❤️

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Menu Prices: Carrabba’s Italian Grill might appear to be a typical chain restaurant However, its distinctness is its superiority and family-oriented American-Italian food.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Menu Prices

It’s awash in Sicilian tastes, and chefs are required to travel to Italy to refresh their techniques and recipes. It makes a great spot to take your special someone or your entire family to.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Menu Prices


Dinner Menu

Small Plates
Meatballs & Ricotta $6.49
Grilled Asparagus With Prosciutto $6.49
Bruschette Scotty Thompson $5.79
Three-Cheese & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms $6.99


Caesar Salad (Chicken) $15.79
Caesar Salad (Shrimp) $17.79
Johnny Rocco Salad $18.79
Italian Salad (Chicken) $15.79
Italian Salad (Shrimp) $17.79
Side Salads (House) $4.99
Side Salads (Caesar) $4.99
Side Salads (Italian) $4.99


Calamari $12.49
Mozzarella Marinara $10.49
Shrimp Scampi $11.49
Calabrian Roasted Wings $12.49
Cozze In Bianco $12.49
Tomato Caprese With Fresh Burrata $10.49
Zucchini Fritte $10.49
Wood Fired Pizzas
Margherita Pizza $13.99
Pepperoni Pizza $14.49
Chicken Bryan Pizza $14.99
Carnevale Pizza $14.79
Chicken Bryan $20.49
Chicken Marsala $20.49
Chicken Parmesan $18.49
Tuscan-Grilled Chicken $16.79
Pollo Rosa Maria $20.79
Parmesan Chicken Arugula $18.49
Eggplant Parmesan $16.49
Veal Marsala $22.99


Sautéed Broccoli $3.99
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $3.99
Penne Pomodoro $3.99
Garlic & Rosemary Fries $4.99
Sautéed Spinach $4.99
Grilled Asparagus $6.49
Fettuccine Alfredo $6.49


Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup cup $4.99
Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup bowl $6.99
Minestrone cup $4.99
Minestrone bowl $6.99
Sausage & Lentil cup $4.99
Sausage & Lentil bowl $6.99


Linguine Pescatore $20.99
Fettuccine Carrabba $18.29
Lasagne $16.99
Linguine Positano(and basil) $12.99
Linguine Positano(Chicken) $15.99
Linguine Positano(Shrimp) $17.99
Fettuccine Weesie $19.99
Rigatoni Campagnolo $17.99
Lobster Ravioli $20.79
Mezzaluna $17.49
Spaghetti(Pomodoro sauce) $13.99
Spaghetti(Bolognese meat sauce
or Meatballs )
Steaks & Chops
Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin 6oz $17.29
Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin 9oz $20.69
Tuscan-Grilled Ribeye $26.79
Tuscan-Grilled Pork Chop One Chop $17.29
Tuscan-Grilled Pork Chop Two Chops $20.79


Spicy Sicilian Butter $3.80
Garlic Aioli $3.80
Marsala Sauce $3.80
Bryan Topping $3.80
Scampi Topping $3.80


Tomato Basil Salmon $21.99
Spiedino Di Mare $22.29
Tilapia Bellimbusto $17.99
Mahi Wulfe $22.29
Simply Grilled Mahi $19.29
The Johnny $24.49
Carrabba’s Italian Classics $22.29
Chicken Trio $25.29


Sparkling & Sweet

Riondo 6oz $9.29
Riondo bottle $37.00
Seven Daughters 6oz $9.59
Seven Daughters 9oz $13.99
Seven Daughters bottle $37.00
Saint M 6oz $9.99
Saint M 9oz $14.79
Saint M bottle $39.00

Italian Whites

Bonizio Bianco by Cecchi 6oz $7.49
Bonizio Bianco by Cecchi 9oz $10.99
Bonizio Bianco by Cecchi bottle
Coppola Rosso & Bianco 6oz $7.99
Coppola Rosso & Bianco 9oz $11.99
Coppola Rosso & Bianco bottle $32.00

Sauvignon Blanc

Coppola 6oz $9.99
Coppola 9oz $15.59
Coppola bottle $41.00
Villa Maria 6oz $10.99
Villa Maria 9oz $15.79
Villa Maria bottle $41.00


Tormaresca 6oz $9.59
Tormaresca 9oz $14.19
Tormaresca bottle $39.00
Kendall-Jackson 6oz $10.99
Kendall-Jackson 9oz $15.79
Kendall-Jackson bottle $41.00
Antica bottle $63.00


Mezzacorona 6oz $8.29
Mezzacorona 9oz $12.19
Mezzacorona bottle $35.00
Martini & Rossi Sparkling 6oz $8.79
Martini & Rossi Sparkling bottle $35.00

Pinot Noir

Coppola Votre Santé 6oz $8.29
Coppola Votre Santé 9oz $12.19
Coppola Votre Santé bottle $35.00
Elouan 6oz $12.69
Elouan 9oz $18.59
Elouan bottle $49.00

Interesting Reds

Apothic 6oz $9.59
Apothic 9oz $14.19
Apothic bottle $39.00
Aroma 6oz $11.19
Aroma 9oz $16.69
Aroma bottle $47.00
Stags’ Leap Winery bottle $63.00


Bogle 6oz $7.69
Bogle 9oz $11.49
Bogle bottle $33.00
Decoy by Duckhorn 6oz $10.99
Decoy by Duckhorn 9oz $15.79
Decoy by Duckhorn bottle $41.00

Italian Reds

Bonizio Rosso by Cecchi 6oz $7.49
Bonizio Rosso by Cecchi 9oz $10.99
Gabbiano 6oz $9.29
Gabbiano 9oz $13.69
Gabbiano bottle $37.00
Ducarosso 6oz $10.19
Ducarosso 9oz $14.79
Ducarosso bottle $43.00
Allegrini 6oz $10.19
Allegrini 9oz $14.79
Allegrini bottle $43.00
Pian di Nova 6oz $12.69
Pian di Nova 9oz $18.79
Pian di Nova bottle $49.00
Guado al Tasso bottle $55.00
Marchesi di Barolo bottle $73.00
Gaja Ca’ Marcanda Promis bottle $75.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

Beringer Founders’ Estate 6oz $7.69
Beringer Founders’ Estate 9oz $11.49
Beringer Founders’ Estate bottle $33.00
Dark Horse 6oz $9.59
Dark Horse 9oz $14.49
Dark Horse bottle $39.00
Josh Cellars 6oz $10.59
Josh Cellars 9oz $15.59
Josh Cellars bottle $41.00
J. Lohr ” Seven Oaks” 6oz $10.99
J. Lohr ” Seven Oaks” 9oz $15.79
J. Lohr ” Seven Oaks” bottle $41.00
Joel Gott “815” 6oz $11.49
Joel Gott “815” 9oz $16.99
Joel Gott “815” bottle $47.00
Sequoia Grove bottle $71.00


Blackberry 6oz $8.59
Blackberry 9oz $12.59
Blackberry pitcher $34.00
Peach 6oz $8.59
Peach 9oz $12.59
Peach pitcher $34.00
Classic Red 6oz $8.59
Classic Red 6oz $12.59
Classic Red pitcher $34.00

Lunch Specials

Endless Soup & Salad $7.99
Lunch Trio $9.99
Italian Sandwich Combo $11.99

Kids Menu

Grilled Chicken Breast $7.99
Chicken Fingers $7.99
Penne Mac & Cheese $6.99
Spaghetti and Meatball $7.99
Grilled Cheese $7.49
Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza $6.99
Cheese Ravioli $7.99
Bambini Sundae $3.99


Peppermint Frost Martini $8.99
Winterberry Kiss $7.99
Peppermint Hot Chocolate $3.99
Added h Baileys Irish Cream $3.00 Extra
Grouper Capperi $23.29
Rigatoni Al Forno $14.49
Rigatoni Al Forno(Chicken) $17.49
Rigatoni Al Forno(Sausage) $17.49
Classics Combination $13.49
Cinnamon Apple Crostata $9.49
Short Rib Marsala $26.49

About Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Carrabba’s Italian Grill prices are very reasonable considering the quality of casual dining. Bloomin’ Brands currently owns the chain of restaurants.

It serves classic Italian-American cuisine with modern touches. The chain has more than 230 restaurants, while its headquarters is in Tampa, Florida.

They are well-known for their excellent food and desserts. Many diners feel that they have a home-cooked taste. Some of these dishes were featured on prestigious cooking shows like Chicken Bryan, which features grilled chicken breasts, caprino cheese, and sundried tomato.

It offers a wide selection of Italian-American cuisine, including pasta, salads, and steaks. Carrabba’s success as a casual restaurant is based on its steaks.

You can also order appetizers and entrees as well as beverages for adults and kids. Restaurants are great for snacks and meals because of their relaxed atmosphere and quick service.

Below are the most recent prices for Carrabba’s Italian Grill.


Uncle-and-Nephew, Damian Mandola, and John “Johnny”, Charles Carrabba III are Texan boys of Sicilian heritage.

Their strong Italian heritage and interest in Creole food inspired them to open their first Houston restaurant.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill has over 200 locations in the US. They offer “Dine Rewards”, which are loyalty rewards, to their loyal customers.


Carrabba’s Italian Grill offers casual dining in a dimly lit interior of brick-and-wood. Some locations offer valet parking, while others enforce a dress code.

There are many options for soups and salads as well as grilled meats and traditional pizza and pasta.

Their portions are generous so you can find value even though they may be a little expensive.

All orders come with complimentary bread and dipping oil. Chicken Bryan is a popular choice. They offer customizable orders and under-600-calorie options.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Contact Information

Here is the Carrabba’s Italian Grill contact information if you wish to call the restaurant or visit them.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Address N/A
Carrabba’s Italian Grill Phone Number N/A
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Carrabba’s Italian Grill Information

To open a Carrabba’s Italian Grill franchise, you will need to pay a minimum of $50,000 in franchise fees and an investment of $50,000 for the business model and brand name.

Final Words

This article was about the Carrabba’s Italian Grill menu and prices. We also included information on their contact information and important links. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment section. Happy Eating…!

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FAQs On Carrabba’s Italian Grill Menu Prices


Q.1 Are Carrabba’s and Outback owned by the same company?

☑ Bloomin’ Brands Inc. – the company that owns Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – is closing 43 restaurants nationwide.

Q.2 Does Carrabba’s meat sauce have pork?

☑ Carrabba’s makes the classic dish fresh every day. The meat sauce is made with freshly prepared ingredients such as ground beef and pork and chopped onions, celery, and finely chopped carrots.

Q.3 What chain owns Carrabba’s?

☑ Carrabba’s Italian Grill, or simply Carrabba’s, is an American restaurant chain that serves Italian-American cuisine. It is operated by Flower’s Brands and is based in Tampa, Florida.

Q.4 What is Ardente topping at Carrabba’s?

☑ My dining companion chose one of their steaks topped with Ardente topping, which is blue Cheese, roasted tomato, and basil. He enjoyed the sauteed spinach. The veal piccata was a favorite of mine. It came with flour, lemon butter sauce, parsley, and capers.

Q.5 Is Carrabba’s fried zucchini vegan?

There are other vegan options that you can enjoy! Best Fried Zucchini Sticks.

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