Captain D’s Rolls Out Double Dozen Shrimp

Captain D’s Rolls Out Double Dozen Shrimp

Captain D’s is showcasing a new menu item to celebrate Seafood Season, the Double Dozen Shrimp meal, which is a huge dish that comes with 24 fried shrimp, the two side dishes, and some hush puppies, for only $5.99. These Double Dozen Shrimp meals will only be available for a short period of time and will be removed from the menu on the 26th of April.

Captain D's Double Dozen Shrimp

Customers can also sample their hand at the Double Dozen Shrimp alongside battered fish in the Double Dozen Shrimp & Fish Meal. It includes 24 pieces of Fried Shrimp and 2 Signature batter-dipped Fish pieces as well as two sides and hush puppies at $8.99.

If you’re looking for something less hearty, diners can choose for the Grilled white fish and shrimp skewer, which includes rice, two side dishes, and breadsticks. To get even more variety during the Seafood Season, customers can select one of the following: Seafood Gumbo, Fish & Shrimp plate, Supreme Platter, or the Deluxe Seafood Platter.

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Captain D’s Serves Up New Double Dozen Shrimp Meals

Captain D’s is announcing 2020’s Lenten Season with the introduction of a brand new Double Dozen Shrimp from April 26 to April 26, 2020.

The brand new Double Dozen Shrimp Meal includes 24 shrimp lightly battered and served with two side dishes and Captain D’s Hunch Puppies.

For people who enjoy fishing The chain is offering the newly launched Double Dozen Shrimp and Fish Meal that includes the plate of 24 shrimp served alongside two portions of signature Batter-Dipped Fish and your choice of two sides and Hushpuppies.

Prices may differ based on the location, my closest Captain D’s is offering the new Double Dozen Shrimp Meal for $5.99 while the newly-released Double Dozen Shrimp & Fish Meal goes for $8.99.

If you’re the type of person who prefers seafood that is grilled on fire Captain D’s offers the Grilled White Fish and a Shrimp Skewer that is served on rice, with the option of two sides, and warm breadsticks.

Finally, Seafood Gumbo will also be available at participating restaurants from now until the end of Lent.


How much is the double dozen shrimp at Captain D’s?

Captain D’s is showcasing a new menu item to celebrate Seafood Season, the Double Dozen Shrimp dinner A large meal that comes with 24 shrimp fried, served with two sides, and hush puppies. All for only $5.99.

What kind of specials does Captain D’s have?

Fourteen Pieces chicken Family Dinner $23.99 Chicken tenders with breading with two family-style sides as well as eight Hush puppies.

Family meal of Fish and Chicken $24.99 6 pieces of batter-dipped fish six chicken tenders that are breaded and two sides that are family-style and eight Hush puppies.

Did Captain D’s change their fish?

The menu is also changing. Captain D’s revamped its long-running fried fish item it launched new items resembling fish sticks and started to offer broiled and grill choices.

The chain also upped the quality of its menu with higher-end options, including salmon and steak.

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