Can You Trust Our Online Prices

In the past, there have been complaints regarding issues with the information and data we provide on our website. We decided to make this page to clarify any confusion and shed information on our pricing collection procedures.

Also, we thought that it could be helpful to clarify the reasons why we aren’t 100% accurate, regardless of how we try.

Can You Trust Our Online Prices & Menus.

How We Collect Prices 

At FFMP we’re a genuine group comprised of real people. Because of this authenticity, it’s impossible for us to complete everything on our own.

Of course, we’ll spend many hours doing research, fact-checking, and ensuring that the information that we provide on the website is correct. We do sometimes require help in the process.

This is the point where our audience steps in and guns blazing. We frequently rely on the assistance of regular people that love food fast as often as we do to ensure that we are putting the right information on our website.

Our vast community of contributors spanning all the way from East up to West coastline has proved to be an enormous aid throughout the seven years of the existence of FFMP.

The majority of our competitors make use of computers to build the information on their websites. We believe in the power of human involvement. We could not have achieved anything without our people, and for that, we sincerely thank you.

How Prices & Hours Are Set At Franchises

It is a method of distribution of goods and services locally across a nation or across the globe. Brands belonging to franchises are easily identifiable (think on the arch that is the gold standard that is McDonald’s). This is why customers have specific expectations when visiting different locations under that same brand.

Through franchising, a lot of things are set in stone that they have in common procedures, standards, items on menus, the branding of their restaurants, the flavor of their food as well as the design and style of their establishments. There are however certain choices that are left to the proprietor of the particular location.

These include working hours and pay rates, as well as the price of food.

That’s why we cannot ensure that the hours of operation and prices listed are accurate 100% of the time. Some owners may change their schedules over the course of a day. This is the reason we rely heavily on you to offer us suggestions when you notice something changes in your neighborhood to ensure that we remain on top of things.

Why We Can’t Be 100% accurate 

With thousands of chains run by a variety of people across hundreds of thousands of places, with the potential of millions of different products… It’s difficult to be sure that we’ve got the exact hours and prices for each place and item that is checked by a human. Also, the owners of the location can alter the prices of their menus and hours of operation in a flash, making it be difficult to keep track of everything in real-time.

To say that we took on an immense project is an understatement.

So instead of searching for possibly thousands of prices for each. Single. Items… We create generalizations. They’re not 100 100% accurate for every place clearly. But they’re fairly close most of the time.

Our community is tightly linked and we rely on each other for accuracy. In the end, we are accountable to provide pertinent information on our website and, naturally. Sometimes, however, things fall through the cracks.

Remember how we are human rather than machines? Although this approach has its positives, however, there are also downsides. We wish you to understand why we’re not always flawless. We’re all human and we’re bound to slip up.

How We Try To Stay As Accurate As Possible

We strive to be as accurate as possible by enlisting the assistance of our community. We ask those who visit our website to supply us with correct data, should they discover contradictions between the information we provide on FFMP and the actual situation. We attempt to make this happen ourselves as best as we can however this isn’t feasible.

The FFMP team is committed to keeping the content on the website updated as often as is possible and is always on the search for news that pertains to the industry of fast food within the US. While we can’t promise accuracy 100 We are certain that you can believe at minimum 90 percent of the information that is available on the site.

If we’re off Contact our team of experts and let us know.