Big Mac Price and Nutrition – Fast Food Menu Prices 2022

Big Mac Big Mac is a burger that comes from McDonalds which was first introduced in the year 1967. It is among the most popular burgers offered by McDonalds and the industry of fast food in general. In this article, we’ll examine Big Mac’s price and nutrition. Big Mac price and nutrition.

Big Mac burger Big Mac burger consists of two 1.6 1 oz. 100% beef patties. American cheeses, the thousand island sauce, iceberg lettuce onions, and pickles. All of it is presented in a distinctive 3-part sesame seed bun.

About The Big Mac

Jim Delligatti, who was one of the first McDonald’s franchisees in the Pittsburgh area, created The Big Mac. The famous burger was not initially known as”the” Big Mac; instead, it had two names: The Aristocrat as well as the Blue Ribbon Burger. Both of them ended up being extremely unsuccessful.

The third and last name that was chosen,” the” Big Mac, was crafted by Esther Glickstein Rose. She was 21 at the time and was employed as an advertising secretary at the McDonalds Headquarters located in Oak Brook, IL.

When it first came out in 1967 at McDonald’s establishments in Pennsylvania in the United States, it was available at a cost of 45 cents. It became so well-liked that McDonald’s included it on their menus across the nation shortly following, in the year 1968.

We now know some of the histories behind Big Mac, let’s look at its history. Big Mac, let’s take an examination of its cost and nutritional value.

Big Mac Price

As mentioned above at the time it was first launched when it was first released, The Big Mac was only 45 cents! It isn’t likely to find this price at any McDonalds restaurant at the present.

The current Big Mac cost is slightly higher than the Burger King’s version of the Whopper Burger. The prices can vary based on the area you’re located however, the typical price of a Big Mac is about $3.99 for the burger, and $5.69 to eat the entire meal that comes with medium French fries, as well as an alcoholic medium drink.

It’s easy to believe that $3.99 is too much for an eat-fast burger However, it’s actually a decent price. It’s packed with flavors and you’ll be amazed by its size. If you take into account that it comes with two beef patties made of all beef, a variety of vegetables, and cheese, it gets really attractive.

Big Mac Nutrition

After we have figured out what it costs to buy the Big Mac costs, what do we know about its nutritional value? It is said that the Big Mac has 550 calories and isn’t at all bad for a fast-food hamburger. It’s around 80 calories lower than Burger King’s Whopper.

Below is the complete nutrition table of The Big Mac burger.

Calories 550
Protein 25 g
Fat 29 g
Carbs 46 g
Sodium 970 mg
Calories from Fat 260
Saturated Fat 10 g
Trans Fat 1 g
Cholesterol 75 mg
Dietary Fiber 3 g
Sugars 9 g
Vitamin A 230 IU
Calcium 270 mg
Iron 4.5 mg
Vitamin C 1 mg


As you can see, with just 555 calories The Big Mac is not a bad option if it’s your sole item in your meal. If you begin adding fries and a drink it can become too fattening. So try to limit any other food items.

If you think you must put yourself aside then we suggest McDonalds Apple Slices, which are found on the McDonalds dollar menu.

If you’re not an avid fan of The Big Mac sauce and think you’re able to do with it out, then you’ll be saving approximately 90 calories, while you’ll find that your Big Mac will only be about 460 calories. If you cut out all cheese from your Big Mac, you’ll be saving another 50 calories. However, we are aware that it will affect the famed Big Mac taste.

In general, you’ll be okay with a normal Big Mac as long as you don’t purchase any extra beverages or side dishes.


In reading this article you’ll be aware it is true that the Big Mac is a legendary hamburger served by McDonalds which is affordable, but it’s also very satisfying. With 555 calories it is a great choice for a calorie-conscious diet. Big Mac is a better option over comparable burgers at other fast-food establishments.

Although you’re not going to find a Big Mac for 45 cents like it was initially sold, however, you ought to be able to get one for about $3.99. Depending on where you live you could pay an extra dollar or less.

Be looking at Big Mac specials. McDonalds regularly offers specials where you can purchase the one Big Mac and get a second one for just a penny. We wouldn’t recommend eating two Big Macs in a single location, though.

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