Best Home Meal Delivery Services – 2022

Best Home Meal Delivery Services

When it comes to cooking, many of us want meals that are easy to make and good for our bodies. But in today’s fast-paced world, there is less and less time to cook up these types of homemade, healthy meals.

That’s where meal delivery companies come in. When you want an easy, gourmet meal that’s not takeout, you can opt for a meal delivery kit instead.

Whether you’re a working professional, a parent trying to manage your family’s busy schedules, or you’re just not a great cook – these services have an option for everybody.

All you have to do is pick one of the companies below, choose your meals, and your kits will be delivered right to your door.

As long as you can follow directions, you’ll have a healthy, delicious dinner ready in no time! Not sure which service is right for you? Here are the 11 best meal delivery services.

Best Home Meal Delivery Services

Best Meal Delivery Services

Home Chef

Home Chef is a fantastic food delivery service for those who don’t have much or no time. With options from oven-ready recipes to traditional 30-minute recipes that you can adapt your meals according to your daily routine. 

Are you planning on arriving home later than normal? Make a meal that’s already portioned for you to put right into the oven. 

Are you looking to make the most of your free time on Wednesday evening? Take advantage of the delicious Tuscan tomatoes and scallops risotto, or it’s the Huli Huli chicken rice bowl from the classic Home Chef menu.

If you’re just beginning to learn about cooking in general Home Chef also allows you to create a “taste profile” to help you find meals that are more suitable to your preferences. .

Another benefit of this program is the possibility to make smoothies (yum! ) and 5-minute lunches. fast recipes as well as salads. Do you have a gluten-free diet? It’s not an issue. 

Dairy-free? There are options! Do you not like meat? You’re covered. Whatever your food preferences are Home Chef has got you covered. Simply specify your preferences in the menu options.

While all of this is wonderful, the best aspect of Home Chef might be their tools. ” The Table” is Home Chef’s own blog, with articles about what’s available, the latest trends, tips, menu ideas, and entertaining articles about everything from how to store your herbs to selecting the best gourd. 

If you’re a novice at cooking – and so new that you’ve got no cooking tools and cooking tools – you can purchase them in Their cookware section.

Some of the sample meals they serve from their current menus include steak along with broccoli lo mein cajun sausage stuffed peppers with Remoulade sauce, a seafood sampler protein pack and sweet chili pork meatballs that are ready to bake served with teriyaki-flavored rice and snap peas.

Prices: Starting at $7.99 per serving and includes options for up and four meals. Free shipping on all orders of more than $45 or pick up at select Kroger stores.

Service Locations: Nationwide

Hello Fresh

Maybe it’s due to the fact that they do such an excellent job of marketing via celebrities – for example, shout out to Jessica Alba – but Hello Fresh is undoubtedly the most popular food delivery service available. Maybe it’s because they’re one of the most simple to utilize. 

Their recipes are simple to follow, with just a minimum of six steps and all ingredients are already portioned including the herbs as well as you can have everything cooked in just 30 minutes. Every parent knows that cooking for a family with more than one child isn’t easy. 

From one child’s dietary preferences to another’s growing spurt Hello Fresh’s family-style meals make it easier to plan your daily meal prep. There’s also a unique option for you fitness-conscious people. 

In addition to being able to select low calories as your preferred option as well as pick “fit” meals that send you three of the most nutritious meals available on the menu. 

If you’re worried about the best wine to drink with your meal, don’t worry. Hello, Fresh even provides suggested wine pairings with each dish which could be the most appealing thing about them.

The only negative aspect of Hello Fresh is the limited vegetarian choices. Also, how quickly the food goes to waste. However, you’ll see that when you eat fresh food. 

This is how you can tell it’s genuine food! They also allow you to sign up for a subscription membership where your food items will be delivered weekly regardless of whether or not you modify your menu.

This could be a positive or negative aspect depending on the way you use it. With their easy-to-use and intuitive website and their easy-to-use website, it’s simple for you to skip weeks and cancel your subscription. Make sure to complete the process at least five days prior to the date of your delivery!

A few of the dishes on their menu currently include hot and spicy meatballs from firecracker flatbreads made of yellow squash, poblano, and pork tacos as well as spinach ravioli with chicken sausage.

Prices: Starting at $7.49 per serving or $60 for a week. This price covers three meals for two servings and shipping.

Service Locations: Nationwide

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is the grandfather of delivery services for meals but now it’s quite a bit of a challenge. It’s not easy to surpass Blue Apron at their own game, especially if you’re a huge advocate for helping to save the earth. 

Blue Apron’s chefs Blue Apron collaborate with local farmers to develop meals that are based on sustainable farming practices and reduce wasted food. 

Every ingredient comes with its own story, so you don’t need to think about where your food comes from. Blue Apron is also an excellent choice when you’re vegan or vegetarian. 

It is possible to choose meals delivered with Beyond Meat, a meat alternative, or choose an alternative that doesn’t contain meat. Are you looking to shed some pounds?

Blue Apron teamed with Weight Watchers to offer a variety of menu choices that allow you to stay healthy.

The wine thing is back in the news However, Blue Apron knocked Hello Fresh out of the park with this offer. We’ve given you two words wine subscription and it’s all straight from the vine. 

It’s a monthly service that includes a package that contains 6,500 ML of wine as well as tasting notes and the history of each wine. You can get all these items for just $65.99 per month, which includes shipping. This is about $10 for a bottle.

The idea of saving the planet is wonderful and all however if you’re trying to reduce time, you might prefer to move your business to a different location. Although Blue Apron’s recipes appear easy enough for a child to make them, they will take around 45 minutes to cook.

Some of the sample recipes on their menu of the moment include chicken Milanese with spiced salmon, garlic yogurt coconut vegetable curry the white cheddar beyond burger as well as the curry pitas.

Pricing:$60 per week for two servings

Service Locations: Nationwide

Sun Basket

In Sun Basket, nothing is more important than the ingredients they use. The produce is organically certified and their meat is not treated with antibiotics as is all the seafood caught wild straight from the sea – just as it ought to be. 

The packaging too is made of recyclable materials that are 100% recyclable. Sun Basket allows you to choose your own diet within their menus including vegan, paleo, Mediterranean, diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, you name it you want, they’ll create it.

With breakfast as well as lunch, snacks, and dinners, you’ll be able to feel confident about what you’re putting into your body, and less time buying and cooking, as well.

Every meal is Dietician-approved, bursting with flavor and, despite being simple to prepare, they’re also innovative too! Imagine telling your friends that you cooked pork chops and caraway cabbage and fig agrodolce to eat for dinner. 

They’ll be thrilled and your taste buds will be, too. The only downside to Sun Basket is the lack of service in four of the states, but this only applies when you reside within one of those four states. If you don’t, lucky you! Benefit from this eco-friendly, healthy food delivery service.

The current sample meals on their menu include sesame-crusted salmon, the salad of roasted and orange carrots, Thai chicken lettuce cups, and turkey tacos topped with red pepper salsa roasted along with queso fresco.

Prices:$72 per week for three meals, 2 servings each.

Services LocationsNationwide but not included New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and Montana

Martha & Marley Spoon

If you’re into cooking pop culture, or even pop culture in general, you’ll recognize Martha &Marley Spoon’s original founder, Martha Stewart. She and the renowned German food manufacturer Marley Spoon created this meal delivery service with the idea of making dinners for the week easy and delicious. 

Each week, you are able to choose from a variety of dishes straight from her cookbooks, with the option to create gluten-free, low-carb, and dairy-free. 

One of the most appealing things that I love about Martha & Marley Spoon though is their delicious meals and side dishes. Steaks are just that of an ordinary steak and when it’s served with roasted parsnips or green beans the result is a 5-star dinner. 

It’s also possible to visit “The Spoonful,” their blog to read about everything and anything from the latest seasonal offerings to grilling tips and much more!

This is among the more expensive options, but you will get what you pay for and with this particular option you will get top-quality ingredients. The beef is grass-fed and seafood is caught here in America and every ingredient is purchased from small food companies. It’s up to you to decide whether you think it’s worth the extra cost.

In a different way, Martha, as well as Marley Spoon, may not be the most suitable choice for vegans or vegetarian readers since the majority of meals are focused on seafood or meat. 

While the majority of meals are focused on meat (this is quite a surprise and we’re not going to let it stop us from it!) Instead, they allow some of the other important actors to become the lead. The point is that certain of recipes can be easily made without meat.

The current sample meals on their menu include skinny chicken parm Moroccan roast pork tenderloins roast gnocchi, roasted gnocchi, creamed spinach, and garlic butter steak.

Price:$8.20 – $12 per serving

Services LocationsAustria, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Nationwide not including New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and Montana

Every Plate

We’ll cut straight to the point. Each Plate offers the most affordable food delivery service for those who are on a tight budget. 

The basic plan is around $5 per serving. the serving sizes vary from two to four however, if you’re in a group of just one, you can make use of the leftovers from every meal to eat lunch or dinner later in the day.

The price is a significant benefit of this service in the event that you’re one to be picky about food. Contrary to some of their rivals, Every Plate only offers approximately eight menu options per week. 

Also, they don’t offer a variety of options to customize your meal for those following particular diets. To keep their costs down they do not offer any specific diets. 

If you are a victim of an allergy it is possible to check the information on allergens in the ingredients. 

However, it’s hard to beat their prices, especially when you take into account the possibility that you could cook a healthy and nutritious dinner for less price and perhaps a bit more effort than a complete lunch at McDonald’s. 

And for students, you can enjoy 18 meals for only $2.50 per meal! It’s a bargain. We’re contemplating going back to college to take advantage of the price.

The current sample meals on their offerings include spicy honey pineapple, pork, and chicken rice bowls, meatloaves glazed with soy, and hotel butter steaks with Brussels sprouts.

Pricing:$39 per week for three meals, 2 servings each, including delivery fees.

Services LocationsMost in the Continental United States

Daily Harvest

If you’re spending time on Instagram even a little bit, most likely you’ve been able to see Daily Harvest splattered all over your feed. Their aesthetically pleasing packaging makes them hard to miss. Daily Harvest is a simple and delicious way to take the most of your vegetables and fruits. Each recipe is entirely organic, plant-based, and free of the dreaded dozen. 

They offer cup options for smoothies that are pre-made and Harvest bowls, soups bites, oatmeal bowls lattes and chia bowls which help you maintain nutritious nutrients within your diet despite a hectic schedule. All you need to do is choose the number of cups you would like to receive along with the frequency of delivery, as well as the particular recipes you would like delivered to your door.

Beware that you require an appliance to blend these cups, as they’re frozen. Then it’s up to you to pour in the liquid and mix it all up. If you decide to purchase one of the bowls for harvest, you’ll require a microwave or stove.

The current sample cups on their menu include peach and strawberry smoothie as well as cauliflower rice and pesto harvest bowl wild rice and sweet potato hash bowl, zucchini, and tomato minestrone and apple cinnamon and oat bowls, cacao nibs, and vanilla bites.

Cost:$6.99 per cup

Service Locations: Nationwide


If you’re not fond of cooking – not at all – but are still looking to eat more at your own home, you’ll need to look into Freshly. It’s the one service for meal delivery which doesn’t require cooking. However, you’ll still need to cook your food. It’s not a matter of preparing, cutting measurements, sauteeing or cutting but it’s not a problem! 

The meals are cooked and ready to enjoy in just three minutes. Are you confident enough to handle it? As opposed to other fast-cooking meals that are frozen. However, the recipes are healthy as will the food items. 

There’s no stress, guilt, or hassle required. And unlike the other brands, it comes with meals that are packed and come with options for adding the number of meals to up to 12 every week. 

You are free to add desserts and snacks as well! Each meal is gluten-free and rich in protein, without refined sugars, and is completely natural. In their own words, the food they serve is “ready in minutes, delicious, and nutritious.”

As previously mentioned, Freshly only offers individually packaged meals, so if searching for a family meal package, Freshly might not be the perfect fit for you. The menu is also changed each week, so If you’re really enjoying any of their offerings there’s a good chance you’ll not be able to revisit it. This is a good thing for you if you’re a curious foodie.

The current sample meals on their menu include steak peppercorn accompanied by cooked carrots, french green beans, and sauteed onions Sicilian-style parm chicken with broccoli buffalo chicken stuffed with cauliflower and sausage-baked pasta with sauteed zucchini and spinach.

Price:$50 per week for one person and four meals. Different plans are offered.

Service locations:48 states. Click here to find out whether yours is among them.

Green Chef

At this point, you may be thinking “what on earth does this meal kit do differently than the seven above?” The answer is easy. Contrary to those seven, all of the ingredients that are used in Green Chef’s meals are certified organic. 

In the event that this doesn’t sound like something that you like, you can skip into Bistro MD, but if you do, then you’re likely to be interested in reading this.

Green Chef plays a lot on Green Chef is a lot like the “you are what you eat” quote. That’s why each ingredient is 100% natural organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free. without growth hormones or antibiotics, USDA certified organic and is sourced from sustainable, traceable sources. 

This is why there is “green” in the name. The whole idea was to create a company that was based on green innovation. Beyond the ingredients packaging, it is recyclable, compostable, and, yes, recyclable. While they don’t give specifics they say that they offset 100 percent of the carbon emission they generate.

However, there are more than just organic ingredients available when you order dinner with Green Chef. It’s also an excellent option to adhere to your diet since they offer choices organized by type of diet like paleo, keto balanced living (also known as meals with healthy proportions of veggies, meats, and fats), and even food that is powered by plants.

Menu samples from their current menu include roasted seed-crusted grilled chicken sausage, sausage with cheese-laced butternut Mash, pesto panko fried chicken with mozzarella, and cranberry BBQ chicken Burgers.

Price: Starts at $9.99 a meal

Service Locations: Nationwide

Bistro MD

On first look at first, at first glance “MD” in Bistro MD may appear to be a bunch of letters with no meaning that isn’t connected to the actual name. Perhaps you’ve realized the meaning behind them but we did not. It’s important to note that the MD in the title isn’t just for fun and laughter. 

It’s because every item in the menu was selected by a team of medical professionals (MDs) along with chefs, to give those struggling to adhere to the right healthy diet assistance. These are people who have to adhere to a diabetic, menopausal, healthy, heart-healthy or gluten-free diet however Bistro MD was made for those who need assistance with losing weight.

What’s cool about this service is that once you’ve placed your order the food items, dieticians from Bistro MD’s Bistro MD team will create an individual menu plan that is based on your requirements. 

You can choose certain tastes preferences, select breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and also add the Essential as well as Tasty Snacks (EATS) snack program. 

What else could you want? With over 150 meal choices per week, you can be sure that your meals will never be boring. You can be healthier without eating an unhealthy salad.

There’s a major drawback to this particular one – or a pro depending on the way you see it, and that’s that every meal is frozen. The benefits of this are that they don’t require cooking, and even no sautéing the vegetables that are already cut. 

All you have to do is to put it into the microwave and place it into your mouth. It’s great if you are having trouble sticking to your food schedule, don’t have any additional time or any cooking expertise. If you prefer your meals cooked with fresh ingredients then we recommend some other option.

The current sample meals on their menu include bagel sandwiches featuring cheddar and turkey sausage pad thai chicken crepe with dark chocolate chips with pork sausage and blackened chicken served with a creamy smoked paprika sauce.

Prices: Between $6.42 and $9.00 per serving

Services LocationsNationwide Only Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Eagle River in Alaska

Diet to Go

Diet To Go is pretty similar to Bistro MD except for the fact that it is delivered to specific locations such as New Jersey, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Baltimore. The concept is pretty similar. When you use Diet to Go, you’ll input your personal information, including age gender, weight as well as amount of physical activity you’re doing. 

This data will be combined with the BMI scale to design an individual meal plan. Meal to Go tracks your calories automatically and takes the hassles of eating healthy. The site lets you modify the menu choices to help you change out your meals or pause it if you’re looking to cut back on it for a whole week.

One of the main reasons for this particular one could be that the meals are frozen, with no possibility to purchase individual meals and the packaging isn’t recyclable and there are none of gluten-free, vegan, or vegan alternatives. It offers vegetarian options or low-carb diabetic diets that do not feel as if they’re diet-style foods. 

The site also provides free access to a group of dietitians, health coaches, and nutritionists that are accessible at any time via telephone or email.

The current sample meals on their menu include waffles made with apples and peaches in syrup the Black bean chicken wrap baked salmon with herb along with Turkey Reuben sandwich.

Prices: Starts at $7.52 a meal. Shipping is $9.99 regardless of the size of your order.

Service Locations: Nationwide

Purple Carrot

Are there any plant-based eaters searching for a vegan meal delivery service? Then look at Purple Carrot. Purple Carrot is a completely vegetarian and vegan meal delivery service with distinctive recipes that go far beyond the grilling of vegetables. 

Each box is packed with easy recipes, pre-portioned and pre-measured ingredients, and seasonal recipes that incorporate fresh vegetables and herbs. You can also choose “additional extras” such as cereal bowls, oatmeal with peanut butter overnight to add spice to your morning routine.

Granola bowls and vegetables are wonderful but what we appreciate more than that there’s a food delivery service specifically for vegans is what Purple Carrot stands for. The whole business is based on making users conscious about their options, reducing the quality of their lives, and saving the planet through the potential of plants.

Fun fact: Did you realize that by eating a single less burger per week, you could cut down on equivalent to 332 miles of carbon emissions? The quickest way to decrease your carbon footprint is to eliminate meat? We didn’t even know this until we read our “why plants” page, but we’re sold.

The current sample meals on their menu include hazelnut-barley pilaf, avocado Quinoa burgers, spicy sambal stir-fry Mexican black beans skillet, and roast the aloo gobi. We told you these meals made of plants were anything but boring.

Prices: Ranges between $11.99 per serving for 3 meals per each week (feeds 2,) as well as $7.99 for each serving when you have two meals per month (feeds 6, 6).).

Service Locations: Nationwide

How to Choose the Right Meal Delivery Service

With all the options available that are available, it is difficult to select the best food delivery service that meets your requirements. Each business has its particular pros and cons, and the process of gathering information about every one of them is a daunting task. For you to make an informed choice it is important to determine what you require from a food delivery service.

You’ll need to determine if there are any restrictions on the diet that you cannot break. You’ll then have to determine what are your objectives. Are you concerned about the impact on the environment, or are you trying to shed weight? 

Are you interested in eating organic? Are you considering switching to an organic diet? Do you want to cook? Or prefer to make a meal in the microwave?

After you’ve determined the details, you’ll be able to decide what amount you’d like to spend and select the plan which best meets your specific needs.

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