Battle of the Beef: Culver’s, Freddy’s or Steak N’ Shake?

Battle of the Beef: Culver’s, Freddy’s, or Steak N’ Shake?

Battle of the Beef: Culver’s, Freddy’: Let’s be honest for a moment Let’s get real, will we? If we’re asked who has the best burger we’re not asking an address for the place which was the closest to your home from childhood, the place you frequented on a regular basis and would always go to when you’re in the mood for nostalgia or fast food. 

We’ve uncovered the real deal in this restaurant that serves burgers with the finest beef.

So, kick back and relax. Then, prepare your stomach to start gurgling as we prepare to watch the Battle of the Beef.

Battle of the Beef: Culver’s, Freddy’ Steak ‘N Shake

Steak ‘N Shake is a different restaurant that was founded in the 1930s.

It’s obvious – the classic shakes and burgers are the most popular and other top-selling items include grilled cheeses and signature drinks such as The Mint Oreo Slush. But, in comparison to the praise Freddy’s and Culver’s receive, Steak ‘N Shake seems to be trailing in the competition.

Top-Seller: Fresco Melt

Our score: 6/10

We’ve reviewed it:

First, their burgers tend to be greasy. Then, they’re equal to the sodas they offer with their food. We’re not complaining about the taste of the burgers. We’re simply calling them very…average.

Some are tempted to consider Steak ‘N Shake a drunk food, which is oily enough to satisfy, however, it is only delicious when being drunk.

It’s not ideal for three orders to be satisfied. What do you have to buy three of?

It’s the Fresco Melt. All this slamming of Steak ‘N Shake has made us forget the most famous menu item that is a beef patty topped with melting Swiss along with American cheese and thousand island dressing and a sauce that isn’t known,

Between two toasty pieces of sourdough bread that have been buttered up. It’s a mouthful to be precise, but once you’re stuffed with mouthfuls there’s no need to worry.

Overall, Steak ‘N Shake is decent. It’s a good choice for those looking to eat something delicious and oily however it’s not the same as Culver’s and Freddy’s (don’t be a jerk at us.)

Battle of the Beef: Culver’s, Freddy’ Culver’s

Culver’s is a steak burger restaurant that was founded in 1954. Without any formal experience in the restaurant industry, the founders of the restaurant established the restaurant based on their own recipes from home for butter burgers as well as frozen custard. Culver’s claim is that they utilize only freshly-cut Midwest beef and buns which are lightly toasted with butter.

Top-Seller: Cheddar Butter Burger

Our score: 7/10

We’ve reviewed it:

Culver’s was called “The Mid-West Chain That’s Better than In-N-Out” according to Business Insider, and while we enjoy a delicious Double-Double, there aren’t many things that can be as satisfying as eating a Cheddar Butter Burger and a Culver’s Root Beer. It’s true Culver’s has its own root beer.

Culver’s comes with its very own recipe for root beer in its soda machines which is delicious with a few of their custards made of vanilla.

Why is it superior to Steak Shake We’d like to think that it’s because of the time spent in preparing the hamburgers? 

Although it can cause hungry customers to be irritated having to stand or stand around with a blue card in your palm it’s worthwhile when a Culver’s employee arrives at your table or car with the Midwest beef patties along with that Wisconsin cheese that beats its west coast rival. As far as authentic regional and local ingredients go for the fast-food world We believe that Culver’s beef may be as good as you can get.


Freddy’s also has a frozen custard restaurant and steak burgers which is a testament to the past and values of the family. It was established in the 1950s and soon became one of the most renowned steak burger establishments across the country.

 Combination meals are their most renowned revenue generator however they also offer an excellent veggie burger that is the most popular item at Freddy’s. For Culver’s, a lot of customers have switched to Freddy’s because their menus are cheaper and more delicious.

Best-Seller One Steak Burger as well as Hotdog

Our score: 8/10

The Review

Aren’t you annoyed the moment you’re having your cookout and the grillmaster will ask your “Hamburger and hot dogs?” As if you could actually choose between them.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steak Burgers recognizes the struggles and provides a winning combination.

Every Freddy’s steakburger comes prepared on a per-order basis So you’ll probably have an extended wait, just like you’d experience at Culver’s.

However, the result is just as good as Fresh and hot hamburgers served to you from one of the top teams of customer service. While Freddy’s burgers may be more delicate than Steak And Shakes,

They’re so delicious that you’ll forget about it (plus your toppings will be proportioned and won’t compete with the taste of the patties). The fries? Crispy and thin making the perfect hot dog or hamburger.

The most appealing thing about it? After you’ve consumed one or two burgers (we don’t care) then you can clean your palate by sipping a glass chilled Freddy’s custard. Nothing is better.

The reality is that you simply cannot go wrong when you get a steaming hot, oily burger at all of these quick food outlets.

Once you’ve figured out the position we’re in with regards to”The Battle of the Beef, it’s your turn to tell us who wins the “W” Steak ‘n Shake, Culvers or Freddy’s?

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