Bamboo Bistro Menu & Prices

Bamboo Bistro’s menu and Prices is an American restaurant that serves the best Chinese-style cuisine. The menu includes salads, soups, delicious rice bowls, appetizers noodles, as well as others.

There are a variety of Bamboo Bistro locations across the United States, and their menu prices are reasonably priced. The staff is always friendly while the meals are delicious as well as the experience of dining is amazing.

The tranquil atmosphere is a bohemian charm that offers Indian cuisine with a cosmopolitan flair. Takeaway * Elections for delivery. 

For dinner and lunch for dinner in South Austin and Pflugerville, Bamboo Bistro serves Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. It is a family-friendly restaurant that can be enjoyed by all. Vinegar stripe beef, soy sauce, onions, and a blend of garlic. $18.00. Beef from Caldereta. 

Our famous beef stew helps their parents and provides customers with healthy, delicious food. It also teaches you the ethical principles of the workplace.

Bamboo Bistro Menu & Prices 2021

Food Size & Price

Bamboo Bistro Menu Customer Favorites

Mongolian $9.75
Teriyaki $9.75
Sesame $9.75
Thai Basil $9.75
Spicy Jalapeno $9.75
Thai Basil Fried Rice $9.75
Jalapeno Fried Rice $9.75
Lo Mein $9.75
Pad Thai $9.75
Bangkok Spicy Noodle $9.75
Spicy Ramen $9.75
Jalapeno Pepper Shrimp or Chicken $12.95
Shanghai Steak $13.95

Bamboo Bistro Menu Appetizers

Chicken Wings $5.99
Kimchi $1.99
Pickled Cabbage $1.99
Edamame $2.95
Spicy Edamame $3.75
Tempura Shrimp 4 Pcs – $4.99
Vegetable Spring Roll 1 Piece – $2.29

2 Pieces – $3.99

Shrimp Spring Roll 1 Piece – $2.39

2 Pieces – $4.59

Chicken Egg Roll 1 Piece – $1.85

3 Pieces – $4.95

Vegetarian Egg Roll 1 Piece – $1.69

3 Pieces – $4.55

Crab Wonton 2 Pieces – $2.19

6 Pieces – $5.79

Potsticker $5.99
Canton Spicy Wonton 8pcs – $4.99
Thai Crispy Wonton 6pcs – $4.99
Tossed Green Beans with Bacon $4.99
Chicken Lettuce Wrap $6.99
Thai Crispy Tofu $4.99
Jalapeno Crab Wonton $2.29

Bamboo Bistro Menu Soup

Hot & Sour Soup Small – $1.69

Large – $3.38

Wonton Soup Small – $1.69

Large – $3.38

Thai Spicy Soup Small – $1.69

Large – $3.38

Egg Drop Soup Small – $1.69

Large – $3.38

Miso Soup Small – $1.69

Large – $3.38

Bamboo Bistro Menu Salads

Side Salad $4.95
Teriyaki Tofu Salad $9.75
Teriyaki Chicken Salad $9.75
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Salad $12.99
Seared Ahi Tuna Salad $12.99
Spicy Crispy Shrimp or Chicken Salad $11.99
Grilled Cajun Fish Salad $12.99

Bamboo Bistro Menu Noodles & Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice $9.75
Fried Rice $9.75
Thai Curry Fried Rice $9.75
Thai Basil Fried Rice $9.75
Jalapeno Fried Rice $9.75
Stir Fry Spicy Udon $9.75
Kimchi Noodle Stir Fry $9.75
Singapore Noodles $9.75
Lo Mein $9.75
Pad Thai $9.75
Bangkok Spicy Noodle $9.75
Cantonese Crispy Noodles $9.75
Sriracha Lo Mein $9.75
Udon Miso Soup $9.75
Tom Yam Soup $9.75
Tom Kah(with coconut milk) $9.75
Spicy Ramen $9.75
Ramen Noodle Soup $9.75
Kimchi Noodle Soup $9.75

Bamboo Bistro Menu Signature Dish

Mandarin Broccoli $9.75
Mongolian $9.75
Thai Cashew $9.75
Teriyaki $9.75
Kung Pao $9.75
Szechuan $9.75
Sesame $9.75
Sweet and Sour (Chicken or Shrimp recommended) $9.75
General Tso(Chicken or Shrimp recommended) $9.75
Honey Glazed (Chicken or Shrimp recommended) $9.75
Thai Basil $9.75
Thai Red Curry $9.75
Thai Yellow Curry $9.75
Orange Peel(Chicken or Shrimp recommended) $9.75
Spicy Jalapeno $9.75
Steamed Bowl $9.75

Bamboo Bistro Menu Chef’s Specials

Spicy Mt. Fuji Chicken $11.95
Jalapeno Pepper Shrimp or Chicken $12.95
Spicy Crispy Shrimp or Chicken $12.95
Seared Ahi Tuna $15.95
Shanghai Steak $13.95
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon $13.95
Grilled Cajun Fish $12.95

Bamboo Bistro Menu Kid’s Menu

Sweet & Sour Chicken $4.85
Honey Glazed Chicken $4.85
Chicken Fried Rice $4.85
Chicken Lo Mein $4.85

Bamboo Bistro Menu Side Dishes

Kimchi $1.99
Steamed Noodles $1.99
Rice $0.99
Side of Sauce $0.99
Steamed Vegetables $1.99
Extra Crispy Noodle $0.50
Naan Bread $1.99

Bamboo Bistro Menu Beverages

Thai Iced Tea $3.99
Bottle Drinks 16oz – $1.99
Iced Tea $1.69
Hot Tea $1.69
Dasani Water $1.69
Coke Mexico 500 Ml – $2.25
Fanta Orange de Mexico $2.25
Juice $1.99
Gatorade $1.99
Monster Energy Drink $2.25
Jarritos $1.99

Bamboo Bistro Menu Desserts

Chocolate Cake $5.99
Fried Cheesecake $4.99
Green Tea Ice Cream $3.95
Vanilla Ice Cream $2.95

Bamboo Bistro FAQ

What time will Bamboo Bistro open?

Bamboo Bistro opens at 10 30 a.m. Monday through Sunday. Visit their website to check their hours of operation, according to your location.

What is the time that Bamboo Bistro closes?

Bamboo Bistro closes at 10 at 00 p.m. Every day from Monday to Sunday.

Do I have the option of ordering on the internet using Bamboo Bistro?

You can place an order on the internet at Bamboo Bistro. Bamboo Bistro is also offering deliveries in both the south and north Austin locations.

Do you know if Bamboo Bistro has a catering menu?

Yes, Bamboo Bistro does have a catering menu.

What is the time of delivery for Bamboo Bistro?

The time for delivery of Bamboo Bistro is from 10 30 a.m. until 9:45 p.m.

Do you know if Bamboo Bistro has gift cards?

Sure, Bamboo Bistro offers gift cards with values of:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $75
  • $100

What’s this egg drop soup served at Bamboo Bistro include?

Egg drop soup contains eggs, corn, and green onions that are cooked in chicken broth.

What exactly is Tom Kah noodle soup include?

Tom Kah noodle soup includes Vermicelli Noodles Thai Chili Soup, Shitake Mushrooms, and white Mushrooms, Basil, Lemon Grass, Lime Juice and Cilantro with Coconut Milk