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Bakers Square Menu 

Within the United States, the Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery is a casual restaurant franchise. It is a casual restaurant franchise. Bakers Square is well known for its pies and its whole menu comprises breakfast, lunch, and dinner. American Blue Ribbon Holdings owns the Bakers Square chain. 

Restaurant Growth Services, LLC was founded in 1969. Pillsbury was not even a small baking expert, bought the restaurant and constructed restaurants like this. Restaurants are expanding and the fame of our cakes is growing. 

At present, Restaurant Growth Services of LLC is the owner and manager of Baker’s Square. Bakers Square is home to thirteen Illinois restaurants, the most well-known of which is Des Moines, Iowa. Three Minnesota sites are situated in Bakers Square. It had 39 sites as of January 2019, and thirteen Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Ohio sites will manage the business by March 2021.

Remember to select CURBSIDE as the type of order when placing your order for pie on the internet. The entire bags that have been purchased online can’t be picked up or delivered at the store. 

Tickets can be collected at the restaurant during a walk and availability is contingent on the type. This guide to eating healthy will help you create… Bakers Square Restaurant Sweet chicken salad Lunch honey Mustard (No Bread, No Dressing). 

Bakers Square was a wonderful place to eat for reasonable prices. In the breakfast and cakes sections, they were more than average (served all day).

About Bakers Square

Americans love a mobile lifestyle. This means that they want to be able to eat on the move but still have the same quality food their grandmothers made. There are hundreds of fast-food restaurants, delis and fast-casual eateries that offer this combination of delicious food, affordable prices, and on-the-go convenience. These restaurants are a result of Americans’ desire to live a mobile lifestyle.

Bakers Square is one of the most popular fast-casual restaurants in America. Bakers Square’s affordable prices are a great match for the delicious American food and beverages.

Bakers Square was originally a Mrs. C’s restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa. It opened in December 1969. Pillsbury bought the restaurant, renamed it Poppin’ Fresh Pies and opened additional locations. The restaurant was well-known for its pies. In 1983, VICORP bought the Poppin’ Fresh Pies chain from Pillsbury. VICORP, which was also the owner of Village Inn restaurants in the area, renamed the bakery square.

Their Famous Moments

This chain is well-known for its extensive selection of American classics, both breakfast and lunch. It is a favorite among businessmen and students who are always on the go. The restaurants also offer to dine-in services, so customers can linger over their food and snacks while they enjoy the friendly atmosphere and fast service.

Why Eat Here?

Bakers Square has a variety of delicious, nutritious American classics in large portions. While the dishes have a modern touch, they still adhere to traditional traditions. Although sharing the meals is possible, it’s unlikely that you will want to.

These menu items can be ordered in addition to others:

  • Bakers Square’s signature dishes are scramblers and skillets, for good reason. Every bite evokes breakfast served in the best way: the eggs are cooked to your liking, the bacon strips are crisp-fried, and the vegetables are cooked al dente. You can choose from buttermilk pancakes or toast, English muffins, an English muffin, an English muffin, or a biscuit to accompany each dish. This category includes the Ultimate Skillet, which contains bacon strips, sausage links, and Yukon Gold potatoes. The Chicken-Fried Steak Skillet has chicken-fried steak, gravy and diced onions. There are also two egg scrambles with cream cheese and a variety of vegetables.
  • You can choose from a variety of breakfast menu items, including fresh fruit, hash browns, buttermilk pancakes and toast. You will never regret ordering one of these breakfast items if you visit the restaurant in the morning. There are three options: Ultimate Meat Lover’s Breakfast, which includes two eggs and hickory-smoked bacon strips; Rise and Shine, with two eggs in whatever style you choose; and Classic Breakfast, which includes two eggs and bacon strips, sausage patties and sausage links.
  • Strawberry crepes with cream cheese, fresh strawberries and whipped cream are some of the desserts available. There is also a French Toast combo that includes four pieces of French bread and two eggs in your chosen style, and a buttermilk pancake combo or Belgian waffle combination. Bakers Square has a dessert menu that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Also available are omelets and frittatas. These can be served with fresh fruit, hash browns, or your choice of biscuits, toast, English muffin, bakery muffin, or buttermilk pancakes. There are two options: Eggs Benedict and Pepper Jack Benedict.

These breakfast items are not only for breakfast. You can have breakfast at any hour that Bakers Square is open. Also, you can order soups, salads, and burgers. We love The Works Burger! The Works Burger comes with crispy bacon strips, American Cheese slices, grilled mushrooms, and garlic-grilled onions and is topped off with the chain’s signature sauce.

Bakers Square accepts reservations, particularly for groups. They also offer takeout and dine-in services. Catering services are not yet offered. The casual dress code at the restaurants is a compliment to the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Your waitstaff are friendly and efficient, but they also take your orders.

The facilities, including the bathrooms, are child-friendly so even if you have children, it shouldn’t be a problem. The family groups will indicate that this chain is one of the most family-friendly in town.

To learn more about Bakers Square or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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We are the family restaurant leader. You will always receive delicious, tasty meals in a clean, comfortable restaurant that offers fast, friendly service. It is our mission to remain the family restaurant that you can rely on for all the essential joys in your life, including satisfying your hunger. Declaration of Mission. We are the family restaurant leader. We offer fast and friendly service. Our mission is to provide delicious meals in a clean, convenient environment. Our mission. We are a technically-oriented company that supports our clients in developing, manufacturing, and selling more bread products. We are going to do it. You can find more menus on our website, which you’re welcome to share with friends. For more menus, keep checking our website.

Bakers Square FAQ

[1] How much is Bakers Square’s 4-Square Breakfast?

4-Square Breakfast – $9.89

[2] How much is a Veggie Omelette* at Bakers Square?

Veggie Omelette* – $11.83

[3] How much are Ham Steak & Eggs at Bakers Square?

Ham Steak & Eggs – $12.51

[4] How much does Bakers Square’s Big Breakfast Cost?

The Big Breakfast – $35.99

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