Arby’s Logo: History and Design Investigated 2021

Arby’s Logo: History and Design Investigated

Arby’s was established in the year 1964. It was founded by Forrest as well as Leroy Raffel in 1964. Over the years it has grown into one of the top restaurants in the world. Arby’s may not have the same fame as Mcdonald’s as well as Burger King, but their tasty sandwiches managed to grab a huge share from the marketplace.

Arby’s can also create a brand identity with their distinctive iconic red cowboy logo. Even though the logo of Arby’s is not complicated but it is distinctive when compared with other fast-food establishments. Arby’s is famous for its famed curly fries as well as its breakfast menu. If people are able to notice their red cowboy’s hat they are aware that great sandwiches can be found at Arby’s.

This cowboy’s cap is the most prominent feature in The logo of Arby’s. It represents an evocative Wild West nature of the fast-food chain. The cowboy hat has evolved into an extremely well-known image. But it’s not just their logo, but also their entire franchise which has helped them create an old-fashioned ambiance.

Changes in Logo Design

The first logo of Arby’s was an ox-faced cowboy hat and the slogan “Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich Is Delicious.” There are still a few branches using the logo, but it’s being replaced gradually by the latest ones.

In 1969 the logo was redesigned into the iconic red hat. It was the first overhaul which The Arby’s brand logo underwent and was well-liked by the general public.

The next redesign of Arby’s logo in 2012 was met with many negative comments. The hat’s top was a little larger than the logo before. Also, the font was modified and all letters were lowercase. The apostrophe was changed somewhat, as was the”s” in the letter “s.”

After the negative feedback, the 2012 logo was subjected to, Arby’s decided to use it for only one year, and then they made a new version of the logo. They changed their logo in a manner that is similar to their previous logos and that was reflective of their heritage. The logo they use to the moment of their current.

Shapes Used in Logos

The shape of the logo was not altered much. The original logo had cowboy hats with the words “Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich Is Delicious” inside the hat. The first style of the Arby’s trademark was on its marquee. In 1969, the logo was simplified and minimalist. Based on the marquee design, their logo was based on the famous red hat many have come to associate with the restaurant.

In 2012 the hat was reduced in size and then turned three-dimensional. However, the change has made it one of the most disastrous changes ever seen by the foodservice industry. The general public and graphic designers have criticized the logo of 2012 for not having a connection to its roots and for being too commercial. But, the logo they’re using at present has been capable of addressing the negative criticism that they received regarding their logo of 2012.

The color of the logo of Arby’s was not changed much in the same way. Of course, it remains an important part of the brand. Certain colors can trigger certain emotions or feelings in people. The logo of Arby’s uses the color red. It can be a symbol of many feelings like strength, power, endurance, or energy. The feelings are evident in Arby’s Wild West setting. It’s an extremely emotional color.

The color red is also associated with hunger. That’s the reason why it appears in the logos of many fast-food chains like Wendy’s, KFC, Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and many numerous others.

Font Used in Logos

The people who founded Arby’s set out to make customers feel an American West atmosphere when they enter the restaurant. This is the reason why their initial logo was a serif font for the words “Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich Is Delicious.” The initial revision of their logo used the serif font, even though the entire text within the hat the original logo was eliminated. In 2012 they changed their font to Futura Bold which received negative criticism from both the public and graphic designers. The logo they have now was well-received by people.


Today, Arby’s is still thriving in the fast-food business. Their brand’s image, which is shaped by their logo is also an important factor in their ongoing growth. It is likely to be for a long time to follow.


What is Arby’s logo supposed to be?

A cowboy’s hat is the primary part of the logo for Arby’s. It represents the Wild West nature of the fast-food chain. The cowboy hat has evolved into an extremely well-known image. But it’s not just their logo, but their entire franchise that has given them a great old-fashioned ambiance.

Is Arby’s logo an oven mitt?

Arby’s unveiled an animatronic character on March 2nd, 2003 named Oven Mitt, who would later become the brand’s new spokesperson… Mitt of the brand. Before the advent of social networks, Oven Mitt made an appearance to provide viewers with an inside look at how sausage — or beef is produced at Arby’s.

What does Arby’s symbol stand for?

It is a chain “Arby’s” is named after the R and B which means “roast meat. The majority of people believe this however, our name is actually derived from the first initials that our founding fathers used to be The Raffel Brothers.

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