Applebee’s Careers – How to Get a Job at Applebees

Applebee’s Careers – How to Get a Job at Applebees

From servers to cooks to hosts bartenders to managers It takes a whole team to ensure that Applebee’s Bar and Grill is successful. Being an extremely renowned chain restaurant around all of the globes, Applebee’s continuously seeking skilled and enthusiastic employees to join their team. If you’re looking to be part of the Applebee’s team we’re here to assist you with all the steps – from job descriptions, applications for interviews. Check out our Applebee’s Careers Guide below!

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Applebee's Careers

Applebee’s Jobs

Applebee’s is in every city across America this is good news for job-seekers. Where do you begin? Take a look at the Applebee job descriptions to decide what job is an ideal fit prior to you applying online (more on this later).

Host Job Description

As a host, or hostess at Applebee’s You will greet guests as they walk in, sit them down at tables, and serve them with menus. Hosts communicate with servers in order to notify them when guests have arrived. They also answer phones and take orders for takeaway. Once a carryout order is placed and accepted, the host will enter the order into the computer and assist the kitchen staff put together the take order. Another benefit? Tips for carrying out are given directly to your host!

Host in Applebee’s can be a temporary occupation.

Cook Job Description

The Cook at Applebee’s is accountable for the preparation of each food order when they are received. After a server has entered the order of their client the cook will be given an electronic ticket from the kitchen stating what they need to cook. The recipes are ones that cooks will need to master upon being hired. They will also cook meals for take-away and assist the hostess or host to wrap them in bags for customers. Cooks can work part-time or full-time in Applebee’s.


Servers at Applebee’s are responsible for caring for customers regardless of whether they are responding to questions regarding the menu, taking orders, or bringing table silverware or other condiments. They must study the menu, understand the ingredients for every food item and work with bartenders to satisfy customer needs. 

Servers can also help with cooking dishes within the kitchen area, as well as cleaning or bussing tables. Applebee’s management seeks applicants with prior working experience in the restaurant, in addition to an individual who is reliable as well as friendly and efficient. Servers may be full-time or part-time depending on the requirements of the restaurant.

General Utility

The General Utility employee at Applebee’s is accountable for cleaning dishes, removing the garbage, and ensuring the kitchen is kept clean throughout the day. They assist cooks and servers on the restaurant’s floor as well as in the kitchen if necessary. The typical utility worker is employed part-time.


A bartender job at Applebee’s is among the most sought-after jobs. Bartenders are responsible for making drinks – alcohol-free and non-alcoholic. They also serve food for patrons who sit in the bar area in the restaurant. Applebee’s management seeks Bartenders who are outgoing and sociable as well as people who have previous experience in working in bartending or service. Bartender positions are available both full-time or part-time.

Prep/Line Cook

A Prep Cook is the person who prepares all the ingredients for the menu items at Applebee, while Line Cooks Line Cook would be the person who prepares the meals in accordance with Applebee’s recipe and standards. To be successful in both of these positions, you must be able to follow instructions as all food items need to be prepared in a certain manner. Applebee’s management seeks applicants with prior experience in restaurants, especially as a cook.

It’s normal for the line cook roles to be put together to form one position.

Assistant Manager

The role of Assistant Manager at Applebee’s requires a determined professional, dedicated, and skilled person to lead the team. Applebee’s usually only hired Assistant Managers who have a high school diploma (or equivalent) in addition to an individual with prior experience in the field. When you are hired, you’ll have to undergo Applebee’s manager-in-training program.

While on the job Assistant Managers are able to delegate duties as well as train new employees and offer feedback to assist employees who are trying to enhance their performance. They also oversee the restaurant, making sure that daily activities, as well as closing and opening procedures, are carried out in a timely manner. 

They also handle complaints from customers and inform the Restaurant Manager when there are issues or complaints. One of the main tasks that Assistant Managers are required to perform is performing table touch-ups to make sure that customers are happy with their services. A Manager Assistant can work part-time or full-time.

Restaurant Manager

The Applebee’s Restaurant Manager will be the one who runs the show. They must coach team members, establish goals and then implement the objectives to achieve those goals. They also have to drive customers to their establishment through local marketing and establish connections with their customers within their local community. 

Restaurant managers must be able to delegate day-to-day tasks to their team members and be proficient in problem-solving and providing customer service. Applebee usually hires Restaurant Managers with between two and three years of relevant experience in the field. The position of a Restaurant Manager is usually full-time.

Corporate Careers

Applebee’s provides opportunities outside of the restaurant as well. The restaurant chain is located at Glendale, California, where the corporate headquarters of the company is situated. In the corporate office, there are opportunities for career advancement within Franchise Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Menu Development, and Innovation and MultiUnit Operations.

A holdings company known as Dine Brands Global (DBG) is the owner of Applebee’s (IHOP as well! ) You will find that all their corporate careers, as well as jobs, are posted on the company’s site.

How To Get A Job At Applebee’s

Applebee’s is always hiring, it’s simply a matter of finding the best job and the right place for you. Once you’ve read through the descriptions for the jobs now is the time to look into the best ways to find jobs in your region.

Applebee’s Job Opening

Jobs at Applebee are available through Applebee’s website and on sites such as Indeed as well as Glassdoor. The Jobs website will greet you with their warm and welcoming message, “You Belong Here,” encouraging users to look through the opportunities for employment and the company’s values: Stability People, Opportunity, and The Comfort. On the top of the page, you’ll find the jobs posted along with buttons to apply for them. Apply Now Buttons.

If you’d like to find out the other Applebee jobs go to the Explore Corporate Opportunities button.

Applebee’s Jobs Near Me

Are you not seeing any jobs in your region? Make sure you type your zip code or city of residence under Select the Location. After you click Find Opportunities, the job open positions near you will appear on the screen.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Applebee’s?

It is necessary to be at least 16 years old to be employed at Applebee’s. Most often, those who are 16 are given entry-level jobs like dishwasher, host/hostess, or cooking prep.

Applebee’s Online Job Application

Applebee’s online application for jobs is quite easy to fill out. When you click the “Apply Now option on the job listing page You’ll be directed to a web page where you are asked to create an account with a third parties talentReef. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to log in and begin your application. 

You are free to save the application and then finish it in the future if required. After you’ve submitted your application online an Applebee management representative will contact you to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for the position.

How Much Does Applebee’s Pay?

Applebee’s employee pay is depending on their job title, level of skill, and level of seniority. While each location of Applebee’s will vary in how much the employees are paid and what they pay them, here’s the typical salaries for each job function:

Host –$10/hour

Cook –$12/hour

Server – $4/hour plus tips

General Utility –$10/hour

Bartender – $6/hour plus tips

Prep/Line Cook –$13/hour

Assistant Manager – $43,000/year

Restaurant Manager –$14/hour

How Much Does Applebee’s Pay 16-year-olds?

Applebee’s offers 16-year-olds a salary of around $10 per hour, based on the job they are performing. They typically hire teenagers in entry-level positions where the pay starting point is less.

Other Benefits

Benefits offered at Applebee’s vary based on the job you are in, but some of the benefits that offer the restaurant include:

  • Discounts on food and drinks
  • Free drinks during shifts
  • 401(k) Full-time, full-time employees
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation and Holidays)
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible Hours

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