$3 Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC with New Spicy Bowl 2021

$3 Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC with New Spicy Bowl

KFC rolls on the red carpet for its return to the Famous Bowl special for just $3 this is a significant discount when compared to the initial pricing of $5. The Famous Bowl is cheaper than usual and more affordable, but KFC offers a Spicy Famous Bowl, too. KFC will offer this Famous Bowl deal available for the duration of a few days and customers are showing their appreciation on Twitter.

One person wrote “KFC offers The Famous Bowl for $3 and it comes with a spicy flavor.. I am aware of what I will be getting for dinner tonight.” Another user tweeted, “My new year’s resolution is to devour that $3 spicy bowl from KFC next week.”

KFC Famous Bowl KFC Famous Bowl special is available in two flavors, traditional and spicy, for those who prefer the extra kick. Additionally, Original Famous Bowl consists of a portion of creamy and rich sweet corn, mashed potatoes and pieces of crispy chicken, and homemade gravy with cheese on top.

$3 Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC with New Spicy Bowl 2021

The Spicy Famous Bowl is comprised of the same ingredients however instead of Crispy Chicken, this version includes Nashville hot sauce. This isn’t the only time that KFC offers the Famous Bowl $3 promotion. In January, the restaurant announced discounted bowls and urged customers to receive cut-off haircuts for their bowls in celebration of KFC’s famous bowls. KFC Famous Bowls. Famous Bowls.

The nutritional details regarding KFC’s Famous Bowls by KFC are as the following: 710 calories 31g total fat as well as 2450 mg of sodium. KFC offers customers the $5 Fill Up, which is one of the least expensive and most popular menu items. Anyone who wants to get more information should visit their website to see the available promotions as well as nutritional information and much more.

KFC Has Brought Back Its Fan

It’s not easy to get back on track from the high that you experience at the end of the year, particularly when you finally examine the credit card balance. However, many places have great deals that will make the process less stressful on your wallet. It’s true, KFC will be back with an oldie but a goodie sale that’ll get you ready to get your coat.

Chicken chain revived its Famous Bowls for $3. Famous Bowls and, you know what, it’s an excellent bargain. It comes with mashed potatoes, crunchy chicken, and gravy with cheese sprinkled on top. And it’s cheaper than the majority of drinks you can get at Starbucks. You can also get the Spicy Bowl (drizzled with KFC’s Nashville Hot) and only cost $3.

Are you still not convinced that a three-dollar meal will give you a full belly? It’s a full pound of food and it’s a lot of food… Also, it is pre-arranged which means you don’t have to be concerned about getting the chicken out of the box or opening the potato mash container, etc., etc. You already have it! Thank goodness.

KFC Welcomes Back $3 Famous Bowl Deal

KFC has been running a limited-time sale which allows you to get every Famous Bowl for $3 at participating restaurants across the country for a short period of time.

The renowned Bowls are back with 2 classic flavors: Hot Original and Spicy original.

The Original Famous Bowl features creamy sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken, all layered together, drizzled with homemade gravy. The bowl is topped off with three kinds of cheese that are shredded.

The Spicy famous bowl contains mashed potatoes tender chicken and gravy made from home. It is then garnished with three kinds of cheese and drizzles of Nashville Hot sauce.

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