25 Restaurants Open On Easter in 2022

25 Restaurants Open On Easter in 2022

Restaurants are open on The Day of Easter We mightn’t get together with our family members this year however, there are plenty of us who have an entire family to look after. There are numerous ways to dine out including honey-glazed ham, deviled eggs, to the sweet potato however, there’s not a way to remain normal in these times.

If you don’t feel like cooking a whole meal , we’re going to judge on you for not finding opportunity. You can find a myriad of restaurants which will be open for Easter in 2020 . These include fast-food chains as well as higher-end options such as Bonefish Grill, Red Lobster as well as Benihana.

Restaurants such as Boston Market, Ruth’s Chris and Cracker Barrel are even serving cooked Easter Meals to-go. Happy Easter! (and eating! )!

Fast Food Places & Restaurants Open on Easter Sunday


Don’t forget a meal cooked at home. McDonald’s are open Easter Sunday in regular hours for dining at all places. You can pick up the Big Mac at the drive-thru and curbside pickups, take-out or have it delivered through Uber Eats.

Texas Roadhouse

All over the world is buzzing about Texas Roadhouse since the time they launched their steaks that are ready to grill and are now available in participating eateries.

If you think that a Ribeye strip sirloin, filet or Ribeye strip would be a great choice for holiday weekend of Easter, Texas Roadhouse has you covered. They also have other dishes in their menus obviously.


A large portion of Applebee’s locations are open for the Christmas season, meaning you can enjoy a tasty Quesadilla Burger.

Customers can make orders for delivery to a takeaway and curbside pickup. delivery through Grubhub, Postmates, or DoorDash.


Do you require of an extra espresso to overcome the Easter egg hunt? Starbucks is open on Easter Sunday. However make sure to check with the neighborhood coffee shops to verify their times of operation since they might change because of events celebrating Easter. You can take advantage of your coffee via the drive-through, or through delivery options from Uber Eats this year.

Notice Did you see Starbucks Easter and spring drinks?

Burger King

Burger King will remain open to fulfill your requests for a Whopper over the Easter weekend. You can change the hours according to the location you’re. Purchase a meal at the drive-through, and it will be taken home, or picked up through Grubhub.


You don’t have a need to feel ashamed if you choose to take pizza for Easter weekend or any other day, to be honest.

Domino’s has been destroying delivery through their method of making pizzas that are completely inaccessible after your pizza goes baked the pizza will not be connected to anyone until you get it home at the restaurant or even your doorstep. In addition, Domino’s offers a variety of local deals that are currently in effect. Make sure you find your nearest Domino’s outlet.

Red Lobster

Are you anticipating the best seafood dinner for holiday season? Red Lobster will be open every through the Easter weekend and is ready to serve you and your family an ideal meal to celebrate the season.

There are plenty of family meals available for purchase including a selection of various meals, side dishes and, obviously, Cheddar Bay Biscuits. If dining out is not an option currently, it’s possible to place orders for delivery or delivery on their website. Red Lobster website.


Snacks and sandwiches aren’t the best idea. Get all of your favorites at Panera every Sunday. Hours of operation are consistent across all locations.

Don’t forget that Panera offers food items to ease the food shortage in several shops. If you’re looking for basics like bread, dairy products, vegetables and fruits during the season of the holidays, be sure to check out the items Panera sells.

P.F. Chang’s

2020 has been an amazing year of many surprises already . You may want to reconsider your plans for the Easter dinner you’ll be having. P.F. Chang’s has been popular with customers since the beginning. So your family is sure to enjoy switching from the green beans with chicken lettuce wraps.

Cheesecake Factory

One advantage of not having to go to the local Cheesecake Factory right now? The long wait times are averted.

Delivery or take-away it is possible to sit at home to enjoy your preferred foods. A majority of Cheesecake Factory locations will be open on the day Easter falls. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of being able to cook the whole day.


Denny’s is open all day, every day and never closes during holidays, and this Easter is no exception. There are typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus on Sunday, so whether you’d prefer to serve pancakes with breakfast, have the hunt for Easter eggs or even serve cheeseburgers as lunch, you can make it happen by visiting Denny’s.

Take note that Denny’s Restaurant provides takeaway with delivery included. Bonus: Denny’s just added the new Shareable Family Meal Packs to their menu. It’s the perfect way to feed the whole the family on Easter!


Similar to Denny’s, IHOP is usually open all day and serves the best brunch and pancakes. It is possible to purchase take-away or take-away at IHOP during Easter time , and it’s something everyone can take pleasure in.

Outback Steakhouse

Outback is well-known for its Easter brunches. If you usually visit the steakhouse around Easter, it is best to go to have it delivered or picked up at the curb.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wings may not be the ideal choice for your Easter dinner however, they’re not the best to include. You can buy B-Dubs in order to deliver or takeaway.

Honey Baked Ham

If you’re planning to host an alternative to traditional Easter lunch, Honey Baked Ham is the best choice. Honey-baked Hams that are made to order and sides are just equally good, if not more so than home-cooked dishes. They’re packaged in containers that you are able to cook with, so you don’t have to clean up. We enjoy this kind of celebration.

There are many alternatives there. The whole or quarter Easter Hams come cut into spirals and then cooked, so all you have to bake is once it’s time for dinner. It is possible to take it to your home or get the food being delivered by Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill will be open during Easter and will offer Easter Family Bundles for just fifty dollars. The package is available to as many as five people. It includes a main dish comprised of Mahi made from wood, as well as Jumbo Shrimp that is that is served along with Citrus Aioli.

The package also comes with the classic family salad, whether caesar-style or house-style along with the classic dishes for the side, such as Garlic Mashed Potatoes, as well as the seasonal veggies. The perfect option to end your meal is to serve freshly baked bread, pesto and fresh tomatoes along with cakes and biscuits.

Boston Market

Boston Market is usually open on weekends. They’ve got the largest variety of seasonal foods that span from Easter all the way to holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. This Sunday guests will be able to enjoy a full menu at Boston Market that includes turkey breast and Ham and mash potatoes gravy creamed spinach, cranberry walnut relish, fresh-baked cornbread, corn fresh-baked mac and cheese sweet potato casserole, and the pecan tart.

There are options for dining for up to 12 guests or 4-6 as well as the option of dining a at-a-la carte. It is crucial to contact ahead to ensure you be able to enjoy your Easter dinner. Boston Market is a hot item on the day of. Order your food to be delivered at your curb or pickup.

You also get 10 percent off Easter dinner applying the Coupon.


Are you craving Italian Do you want to eat Italian? Carrabba’s Italian Grill will be open throughout Easter this year. The restaurant will offer Family Bundles that start at $7.99 per head. Family Bundles consist of Chicken Piccata, Mahi Wulfe, Lasagna, Spaghetti, Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Marsala, Penne Carrabba, Penne Alfredo and Vazzano Salmon. Each bundle comes with bread and salad. Some bundles contain a separate. The meals are served for up to five people You are able to order your meal to be delivered or takeaway.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is another popular alternative for the Easter season. Most bars will remain open for the day and serving meals for takeaway. Customers are able to place orders for Easter-themed dishes such as those from the Heat and’ Serve Ham Dinner to Take, serving up to 4-6 people and even leftovers. It comprises Spiral Sliced sugar-cured Ham as well as honey Yeast Rolls, 2 quart-sized Country Sides.

Available in the Heat ‘n’Serve Family Easter Meal which will accommodate up to 10 guests. It comes with Spiral Sliced Honey Cured Ham Casserole along with three sides from across the nation. Sweet Yeast Rolls as well as Two Buttermilk Pies. To receive 15% off the price for your Easter Family meal, use the coupon code EASTER15. If you’re not keen on eating the entire meal , you can purchase Smokehouse’s Sugar Cured, Ham, by itself and save $10 with coupon Ham10 coupon code.

LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse will be open for take-out, curbside and delivery orders through the Easter season the next season. Should you be planning on feeding many family members this Easter Sunday, consider any of their Family Deals. It includes a shared dish such as sirloin, tenders for chicken and baby back ribs and an enormous salad, as well as four sides. The deal is valid for four persons and costs $9 per person.

They’ve also started selling steaks you can grill at home using their Steak Shop. You can purchase sirloin, filets of ribeye and New York Strip, as together with pre-cooked sides like freshly cooked vegetables, potatoes mashed and pilafs of rice that have been cooked and seasoned.


O’Charley’s is waiting to help you celebrate Easter this Sunday, providing deliveries, curbside services along with deliveries. There are options for family-style meals as well as Easter Essentials Bundle comes with 12 hot deviled Nashville eggs, a family-sized food item with a gallon tea or lemonade along with a full pie.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden never fails to please the whole family If you’re in search of an easy and fast Easter dinner, you’re right here. Olive Garden will be open throughout the season of the holidays and will be serving family-sized meals , with choices including spaghetti, chicken parmigiana and Alfredo chicken along with salad, soup, as well as bread sticks. Don’t be worried about whether you’ll be able to get out of your car and place your order to pick up your food at the curb or delivery.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Are you looking to dress in a costume to celebrate this Easter? Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is another establishment which will be open through Easter, and will serve the best holiday meals for members of the members of the family. Select between Beef Tenderloin and Roasted Prime Rib and then you can choose a steak salad or caesar salad made at home. Choose two sides like garlic creamy potatoes , the creamy broccoli and spinach steamed and sweet potato casserole.

for desserts, each customer will receive a unique cheesecake prepared by the home. Each box contains enough food for anywhere between 4 and 6 persons. Ruth’s Chris Easter menus are available for collect and take away.


Benihana Sushi & Steakhouse will be available on Easter Sunday deliveries and pickup at your curb. They’ll even provide Chicken as well as Shrimp Family meals for two, four, or six guests.

Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao will be open through Easter and would like to help you create the perfect Easter dinner. The restaurant will offer ready-to-grill mains like lamb chops and filet mignon and ribeye. Picha Na as well as Atlantic salmon. They also have sauces and sides like Brazilian Potato Salad Steamed Asparagus with a choice from Mixed Greens or Caesar Salad Pao de Queijo Chilicurri or Mintchurri as well as Rock Salt for grilling.

You also have possibility of including dessert or wine portion to your meal.

Fogo de Chao is available to be picked up or delivered from the curbside.

Which restaurants are closed this Easter?

Be aware that a majority of these establishments are franchises. This means that there are restaurants that aren’t open. However, there are some restaurants that are shut across the country for Easter weekend, including Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, and Arby’s.

If you’re in search of other ideas for family dinners, check out the best fast food recipes that are suitable for the whole family.

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